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Thread: Installation Help plz

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    Default Installation Help plz

    Hello - sounds like a great mod. Can someone give me detailed directions on installing? I've never installed any mods into my RTW game.

    I tried to install twice. First time, after download was complete, my OS didn't recognize it and asked me to select an app to open it with. I tried Winrar but I got an "unrecognized/corrupted file" message.

    The 2nd time, I downloaded the mod from the "bigupload" site directly into my Rome Total War folder (i.e., "program files / Activision / Rome - Total War.") I'm using RTW 1.5. But when I started the game, everything was the same, no new map or skins or anything. The game works fine, just no mod.

    I've re-intalled RTW and re-updated w/ 1.3 and 1.5. I'll try again, but can anyone tell me exactly what I should be doing? Thanks!

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    Default Re: Installation Help plz

    1. Uninstall Rome, make sure all traces of it are gone. This means that the Rome-Total War folder should be deleted.
    2. Reinstall Rome. Then update the patches accordingly.
    3. After you have installed 1.5, install TE 3.0 and it should work then.

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    Default Re: Installation Help plz

    If you Os isn't recognising the file, rename it and add .exe on the end, then run it, it should bring up the installer for my mod.
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    also if your using firefox it may not recognize it. if you are just download on internet explorer.

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