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Thread: [RELEASED SUBMOD] Enhanced 0.53 (New Version (01.04.2012))

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    Default Re: Unoffical Westeros Submod

    great mod, but i'm getting an unspecified error when i click on the end turn on turn 50 with the Starks, it's a bit of a pisser because i've taken Casterly Rock and Lannisport, married Robb to Asha Greyjoy, allied with the Arryns and about to march on Harrenhal but then it crashes

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    Default Re: Unoffical Westeros Submod

    Quote Originally Posted by CptTripz View Post
    Nice, hope u enjoy.

    @Balerion: I added an alternative download. Hope this one will work for everybody having problems with Rapidshare.
    Thanks man, I still had to use firefox...internet explorer didn't like it for some reason. Sorry for being such a pain

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    @Balerion: Np

    @jose fookes: That blows, i was pretty sure i had eliminated all off those. Did you get a character named " , " in that campaign? Did u reload the game that turn? Might help to figure out why it crashed. I had the same prob in the past but my last few games worked well.

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    Yah spelled Ironborn wrong

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    Default Re: Unoffical Westeros Submod


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    Do i just rename my original westeros folder to say westeros1, and place the new folder in my mods folder? And then if i want to play "Vanilla" WTW i just rename it back to Westeros, correct?

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    Yep, thats the way.

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    Cheers for the help, im off to play it now.

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    I have to say that submod looks ever more appealing to me; Might even install the alpha version again for it.

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    There was a rebel army that didn't have a name, but aside from that all the chracters and armies have had a name. the error had happened a few turns previous so i loaded the game file that was a couple of turns previous and was able to avoid it the second time round. But this time i saved the game file on the turn of the crash so both the autosave and game file are on the same turn. Hope this helps

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    CptTripz, Id like to ask you the permission to implement some of these features to our War of the Usurper submod Think it possible?

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    @khatmar: Ofc, just go ahead. I am happy if you are able to put my work to further use

    @jose fookes: Ok, i think this a problem with the export_descr_ancillaries.txt. I'll upload a fixed version in a couple of mins (at least i hope it's fixed, i just "played" till turn 100 and everything was fine). Ironborns will also be fixed

    @Lordinquisitor: Just go ahead but wait for the new upload.

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    Hey I love this mod and this sub mod is like alpha .6 for me. The religions and no rebel settlements make the mod more fun to play while simultaneously being truer to the books. I haven't played that long but did you remove the outrider spy agent? Because its not showing up in the recruitment scroll, so far I've tried Stark, Renly, Arryn, Stannis, and Lannister. Did you mean to take it out or should i try just reloading the mod?

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    No its meant like this. For myself i just dont like the idea of to much agents in the game and i think that scouting should be a job for light cav. So Spys are out and all the other agents are very limited in number (you can only recruit assassins from the guilds for example).

    Edit: The fixed version is now online.
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    Thanks for the quick reply, thought i was just missing them or something. I also noticed you renamed the light cav "scouts" from the .53 to outriders, should have taken that hint lol. I see your point however, spies getting into your city and opening the gates is rlly upsetting, and makes it too easy when you are on the offense.
    A little off topic though, are the guilds safe to use now? I remember a warning somewhere that said to be wary about using them as they are unstable. If only some of them are could you give a list of those that are? thanks

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    He changed the scout units to outriders? Guess what we did for the 1.0 version, too.. His submod could indeed be considered a 0.54 version of the alpha.

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    @Enferfeu: The Guilds should be safe to use. Atm there are Poor Fellows, Warriors Sons, Sellswords, Assassins, Horsebreeders, Swordsmiths, Outriders and Merchants if i didnt miss one. I planed to implement Alchemists too but Nafatun or what they are called just look to alien to put them into any other faction then Martell imo.

    @Lordinquisitor: Thx for the positive feedback. I am rly looking forward to 1.0 and i hope that this submod helps everbody to make the waiting more bearable

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    Very good Alpha 0.6 !
    I install it and will try it soon !

    I know that it's not you fault but one thing annoy me, it's when you are asked to adopt a 15 y old child, when your King is 15.... Don't know if you could remove this or instead of beeing a child, it's a General like in Shogun TW.

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    Default Re: Unoffical Westeros Submod

    could employ him instead of adopt him, as a lesser noble or such.

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    Afaik there is no way to implement something like a minimum age for adoption. I planed on removing adoptions at all if i would know how. The only thing that you can change is the age of the person beeing adopted which i put as low as possible. If anyone knows how to remove adoptions from the game feel free tell me how

    @all the people who allready dled the mod: Make sure you got the Westeros24-08.rar file. The other version looks buged and might cause a CTD late in the game which is pretty annoying since ther is no savegame compatible way to fix that.

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