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Thread: [SOLVED] Empire total war has stopped working.....???

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    Default [SOLVED] Empire total war has stopped working.....???

    I have the most updated DMUC and the patch installed, running Win7. I downloaded and installed the mod last week and have been playing it ever since with no problems at all... ever, love this mod, til this morning. I started the mod as always and got to the continue campaign button...clicked it, it went to the loading game screen with the little progression bar at the bottom, it got 1/3 of the way on the load screen, when i got this message "empire total war has stopped working", , checked the details button and said it was an app crash, tried 3 more times to load my game..same message each try. Thought about what i could have done different or what has changed...nothin. Checked the forums here and realized i did do something different...last night...i played my other mod ACW 2.6, i loaded that mod a month ago but had not played it since the DMUC was loaded. Read some of the posts here, even checked the steam help site which said something about user script or something like that...then came here to find out more. I am sure its safe to say i am very computer illiterate, and only use mods that self load etc.... these r the only 2 mods i have for empire. i am at a complete loss as to why this has happened, and am too scared to fiddle with files etc due to the fact that i am a computer caveman of sorts. Please, any help would be greatly appreciated, and due to the fact that i am disabled, this is my only true source of entertainment i truely enjoy, so any help is a life saver for me. Ty for taking the time to read this


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    Default Re: Empire total war has stopped working.....???

    Ok, i just tried playing the ACW mod and the vanilla ETW, ACW crashed after 2 turns and Empire would not load up just like DMUC, all with the same error message , well...think the ACW must have messed all this up some how so....guess its gotta go, DMUC is a much better mod, and ACW mod is still working on 3.0...this is a bummer, hope someone can help...ty.

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    Default Re: Empire total war has stopped working.....???

    Hi isdahl1111 - glad you are enjoying the Mod, lets hope we can fix it quick and get you back up and running.

    Generally as you have said a large part "game stopped or no working" generally relates to some form of script issue or conflict.

    The best place to start if this link, which gives the issue and general steps to resolve in most cases, just click the DMUC tab

    Hopefully it is nothing more than a script issue for which this should suffice

    1.Open the DMUC launcher, go to options, and then diagnostics.

    2.Enable advanced diag options.

    3.Reset the scripts

    Let me know if this fixes or not,

    NB - We are always looking for some good AAR's and Screenshots if you are interested
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    Default Re: Empire total war has stopped working.....???

    Ty for your help, option 6 worked for me and my save games were all intact, so i was able to finish my conquest of Spain, and have just taken France by sea invasion and landing on the beaches of Western France, w over 12,000 american troops. This mod is sweet, ty again ,.

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    Default Re: Empire total war has stopped working.....???

    Solved and Locked.

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