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Thread: Economic development with Cimbrii....

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    Default Economic development with Cimbrii....

    .... And the need for Garrison troops for settlement happiness on a overall scale.

    Since seeing a history channel documentary on Rome Ive decided to play the Cimbrii while taking a break from my roman campaign. I'm wondering how many Cimbrii, or any other barbarian players develop booming economies.
    So far it seems ive built as much trade, and farm buildings as available but even with tax 1 in every settlement (all at high tax, 8k+ citizens) I don't seem to have enough money to support a stack of top end units. I havent built 'economic regions' because i would have to spend a turn not building anything and I can't allow that. Despite a massive 26,000 produce from
    My capital, the upkeep of 2 armies of light swordsmen and spears, seems to leave me a mere 8k or so a turn.

    My other question stems from an overall observation: once settlements become far enough from the capital, they seem to require a number of garrison troops to be 100% with low tax and virtually all happiness and law buildings.(sometimes 19 units and a governor!) Is this just how it is, or does over time the population accept rule and calm?

    I even performed a Stalin like great purge to replace governors with bad traits(which ironically ruined my bloodline, as it has 1 son and 3 daughter.)
    Do people just switch the Capitol to a more central area? Thx

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    Default Re: Economic development with Cimbrii....

    YOu will have to witch your capital, something more central is needed. Depends on where you will expand.
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    Default Re: Economic development with Cimbrii....

    Well as far as cimbri go, their economy is quite fine. By fielding armies 4 slingers, 6 archers, one general, 4 naked fanatics, 3 amberones heavu spearmen and 2 light cimbri swordsmen times 2 ive been able to capture multiple settlements, including the Boii capital and a few free nation towns with good mines. Also some how my capital has started making 54,000 denari a turn. Ive taken this opportunity to amass 3 stacks at the captured Boiian capital, where i intend to use spies and assassins to remove generals and such before stomping the Boii out.

    Basically the solution is to use the lighter troops to win battles and scout out lush settlements and pwn them.

    Further discussion is welcome.

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