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Thread: Stainless Steel Video Corner

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    Default Stainless Steel Video Corner

    Hi everybody,

    so we have a Post your Empires! and a SS Screenshot Thread - but what about your videos?
    In this topic I ask everyone to post the best videos they have created, seen or otherwise stumbled upon concerning Stainless Steel. I'll start with a few examples I found:

    The classic main menu music from earlier versions:

    Showing off the abilities of the Siphonotores in siege defense:

    A video AAR - Mongols vs Khwarezmian

    A (inofficial) faction preview of the Holy Roman Empire SS 6.1

    Post away, I will rep the ones I like and most likely even those I don't

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    Default Re: Stainless Steel Youtube Corner

    Nice one, that's something we've been missing.

    SS 7.0 - The work continues

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    Default Re: Stainless Steel Youtube Corner

    good idea, unfortunately no videos on my laptop (my $1500 laptop that was supposed to be a gaming machine but decided it would crash every two hours and freeze when gaming....;( now i have my desktop which is what i should have bought originally!)

    but yeah anyway uh video may appear in a few days then
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    Default Re: Stainless Steel Youtube Corner

    Quote Originally Posted by Pope Gregorius I View Post
    video may appear in a few days then

    In the meantime here is the Stainless Steel intro movie (it already is in the release post, but why not)

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    Default Re: Stainless Steel Youtube Corner

    awesome! ill try and work on some vids to post for you all!

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    Default Re: Stainless Steel Youtube Corner

    that clip about the greek fire defense is that from an older version? i remember my Siphos only being capable of shooting 4 - 5 times until they run out of fuel and a single salve was enough to decimate the entire enemy unit. so it felt kinda wasteful while i was watching.

    anyway good work

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    Default Re: Stainless Steel Youtube Corner

    (made by me )
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    Default Re: Stainless Steel Youtube Corner

    Just curious if someone could tell where to get the old main menu music and a quick description on how to add that to the campaign music playlist because it sounds really great

    King Agamemnon of Mycenae

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    Default Re: Stainless Steel Youtube Corner

    Both can be found be searching the main ss forum, I rather not have this topic derailed by discussing this here. Just do a search on how to change the music and on the main menu music, this is actually mentioned on the youtube site. So one less search for you (It's the The Last of The Mohicans - Trevor Jones)

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    Default Re: Stainless Steel Video Corner

    New videos by Suppressingfire

    Stainless Steel 6.3: The Kingdom of Jerusalem vs Fatimids

    Stainless Steel6.3: The Teutonic Order vs Lithuania

    Stainless Steel6.3: The Battle of Levounion 1091

    Stainless Steel6.3: The Siege of Damietta 1218-1219 1/3

    Stainless Steel6.3: The Siege of Damietta 1218-1219 2/3

    Stainless Steel6.3: The Siege of Damietta 1218-1219 3/3

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    Default Re: Stainless Steel Video Corner

    can i ask what mod or other way you have your screen set up different that default
    in the your mini map is upper right corner and hides/show etc


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    Default Re: Stainless Steel Video Corner


    To hide the mini-map, controls, and units you should press F5, F6, and F7 respectively. The first time you press them, they will disappear. The second time you press they won't appear but if you place the mouse where they should be they will pop up. Lastly, if you press them a third time they will reappear as default.

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    Default Re: Stainless Steel Video Corner

    where can i download it?? i mean the first version

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    Default Re: Stainless Steel Video Corner

    An old video...

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    Default Re: Stainless Steel Video Corner

    Hi all. I thought we could do with more videos of SS (can never have too many as it is), so I've decided to start uploading some live action battles from my Seljuk campaign (and experiment with some more cinematic fun in the process ). My system can't handle perfect graphics, but I feel it does the job. Anyway, this battle made me realize what it must be like for my Turkish rivals every time I play the Byzantines... pretty much no hope. But they fight on anyway! Hope you can enjoy!

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    Default Re: Stainless Steel Video Corner

    The crusade is finally over! Here are my highlights. I never realized how beautiful Mesopotamia was; haven't got a whole lot of chances to fight there until now.

    EDIT: Finally defeated those nasty technical hiccups! Enjoy.
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    Default Re: Stainless Steel Video Corner

    2010 july when it was 600 years anniversary of battle of Grunwald, I made this one.

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    Default Re: Stainless Steel Video Corner

    Naxzul's video looks almost as if these were human actors. One of the best I have seen in that way. I was also impressed by some of the other videos, especially where the AI fights in one coherent force rather than breaking up, as it too often happens in my battles.

    Below is a custom siege of a fortress in SS6.1 with Fraps - apologies for the slow frame rate. The Turks were about twice as strong in florin value, with three separate armies and difficulty I think on hard. Greek fire is not as visually impressive or as devestating as in SS6.3 but on the other hand catapults are probably more accurate. It was basically a study on using stakes, Greek fire and catapults as defenders in a siege. The first five minutes show the units and their positions. Then the fighting begins.

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    Default Re: Stainless Steel Video Corner

    Here are my initial 2 battles in a Portuguese campaign against the Moors, pretty straightforward, not very hard when defending a bridge.
    Cassius: "Our men at arms have secured the city. We've received representatives from all the best elements. The senate is with us, the knights are with us."
    Brutus:"The pontifs, the urban cohorts, the lictors guild..."
    Antony: "Oh, the lictors guild, very good. Only rally the bakers and the flute players and you can put on a festival."

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    Default Re: Stainless Steel Video Corner

    Gul'dursun siege - Stainless Steel 6.1 short Khwarezmian campaign

    The battle AI usually chases your units without any concern about maintaining some cohesion within its army or having much of a plan. Refreshingly, in this battle the AI succeeded in maintaining some focus and making decisions that seemed to be compatible with what other units in the AI army were doing, at least during the initial part of this battle.

    The battle was the campaign's most climactic moment when the Khwarezmian empire had come under Mongol attack. After some 280 turns at 2 turns per year of cunning diplomacy, following the idea of Sun Tzu that the last thing you do to win a war is fight battles, the Khwarezmians practically only needed to stand up to the Mongols to win the short SS6.1 campaign.

    The Mongols turned up in the region south of the Aral Sea and east of the Amu Darya at 1220AD. It was one of the regions that had been heavily fortified. Urgench was conveniently the Hashashim HQ. Both Urgench and Khiva were huge cities with high walls while nearby Konjikala was the most developed citadel in the empire. With enough historical hindsight, all men that could be spared had been gathered in the region. Not only did the Khwarezmians have a bigger army but it was even more experienced, having put down endless rebellions in the 140 years that had gone by. The first Mongol wave of two stacks was in fact overwhelmed in an open battle and Khanzada Aragatai was slain while Khan Subujin was taken prisoner. However, before the Khwarezmian army could be refitted, another three Mongol stacks turned up. Two of them were trapped again east of the Amu Darya. Both river crossings were guarded by a fort on either side and the river crossing itself could be used as a defensive position. Rather than wait to fight the Khwarezmian army in the open, Mongol generals Jebe the Tyrant and Aragatai the Wrathful attacked the fort of Gul'dursun garrisoned by some 900 men under the victor of the previous battle, Nazim Khucendi.

    Gul'dursun is the name by which a historical ancient fort is known that was built in the 2nd C BC in that area. The fort was besieged by the Mongols and was sacked in 1221 AD or thereabouts - but that is about all that is known. In fact it is lucky we even know about the Mongol invasion at all, considering the trail of total devastation they left behind. The 15 centuries of history of Gul'dursun have been lost forever.

    In the campaign, the Mongols attacked with an overwhelming force more than three times as strong as the fort's garrison. The AI would have done well to be careful because the Mongols would have needed these armies to succeed in at least another two sieges before they could capture the nearest settlement, Urgench. But this first siege seemed like a lost case for the Khwarezmians. Judging from the number of the command stars of the two Mongol generals, not to say anything about their nicknames, Nazim Khucendi and his men seemed destined one way or another to die. So they resolved to sell their skin dearly.

    This videoclip is in HD. To watch it in HD click on the gear icon at the bottom of the YouTube videoclip window and select either 720p or 1080p, depending on your connection speed.

    The battle in detail:
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 
    Campaign battle difficulty was on hard.

    The fighting might seem at first random but there was a definite plan. The strategy was to use the sally to deter the ram, a practice that works well in Chivalry II, the Sicilian Vespers and in vanilla. Then destroy the ram with long range artillery fire and retreat back inside the fort to defend the walls against the infantry. Most of the Mongol infantry being archers, there was a chance they would be defeated in melee at the walls, and in that way the fort could be saved.

    To distract the enemy cavalry, the mounted archers sallied out first, but the Mongol horsemen paid relatively little attention to them. Their ram continued to advance, despite the sally. The Khwarezmian general Nazim Khucedin, despite his lowly one star command level attained in the recent battle against the Mongols, was our best general in the area. Nonetheless, under the circumstances, seeing the Mongols pushing on with the ram, he resolved to charge the ram with his bodyguard. He was countercharged by all the enemy heavy lancers and in the unequal battle that ensued, our heroic leader was slain.

    His charge nonetheless gave time to the catapults to deploy outside the gates, fronted by two companies of militia spearmen. As the Mongol siege tower started to burn, the ram became clearly the Mongols’ best chance of making their way in. So the Mongol cavalry charged the spearmen. The lowly militia spearmen held their ground, nonetheless, and after a while the Mongol horsemen pulled back to let their ram move forward. Unfortunately and annoyingly, the ram survived unscathed several hits by the catapults. And so it reached the lines of the spearmen and once the ram crew got entangled in a melee, the Mongol cavalry joined in. So far the attackers were fighting sensibly, hats off to the AI.

    Overwhelmed by the masses of the Mongol cavalry, the units outside the gates, already decimated by the torrential hail of Mongol arrows and the previous cavalry charges, broke. Two companies of spearmen kept in reserve inside the gates then sallied out to allow the broken units to rout to safety and to repel the Mongol cavalry and take over the ram.

    While this epic struggle was going on, a unit of Mongol skirmishers had managed to place ladders on the northern wall. That was not as bad as it might sound, in fact it turned out to be fatal for the Mongols and even saved the battle. The Mongol infantry consists only of archers. It is their cavalry which poses the greatest threat - and the only way the cavalry could pose a threat would be if they could get through the gates. The Mongol archers, however, had suddenly abandoned any thought of recovering the ram and rushed in one body to the ladders. There were Hashashim on that side that could hold them back for a while on their own, so the spearmen stayed in front of the gate until the Mongol lancers broke off and moved away. That gave the spearmen the perfect opportunity to quickly retreat into the safety of the fort, as all Mongol infantry was now occupied on the northern wall. Not only did they succeed in closing the gates behind them before the Mongol cavalry could get to the gates, but as the Mongol horsemen were retreating, their general, Jebe the Tyrant, was killed by a missile from a trebuchet.

    The ram had been abandoned and the only chance the Mongols might recover it would be if some archer unit routed from the wall, rallied and then picked up the ram. With their ten star general dead, self rallies would now be unlikely. Still there was one way to prevent that eventuality – there were yet some Khwarezmian mounted archers surviving outside the walls who, having spent all their arrows, had run out of sight and out of mind. Now they returned and attacked the Mongol archers at the ladders from the rear. Caught between the Hashashim and spearmen on the walls on one side and the cavalry in their rear, all Mongol foot archers broke. They were cut down by the cavalry, as the Mongol cavalry, left mostly with mounted archers (who had used all their arrows), watched mostly from the distance, failing to respond in a determined way. Once the Mongol infantry was completely eliminated, there was no chance the Mongol cavalry (some 2000 left against only about 500 surviving defenders) could use either the ram or the ladders.

    Unbelievably, Gul’dursun had been saved. The two key river forts were subsequently reinforced, as the Khwarezmian cavalry was being retrained for the final showdown. Even had the fort fallen, the Mongols would have needed to cross the ford against opposition from Khwarezmian infantry and artillery, then take another fort on the opposite side in a second siege, then finally besiege the nearest city – Urgench - if it was the settlement they were after. By then, almost certainly the Mongols would have lost all their infantry. Yes, there was another stack coming from the North of the Aral Sea and the ransomed units under Khan Subujin, but even they would have to take a fort, before they could reach the walls of Urgench. The Mongols could have not made a worse entry than entering Khwarezm east of the heavily defended Amu Darya. The AI had other options, to invade further south. The Mongols had under the circumstances at least the chance to wear out the Khwarezmian army in open battles, which the AI squandered. At the very least they had the better option to do nothing and stay there being a nuisance, as in Kingdoms Crusades.

    Campaign battle screenshots and videos
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