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    Default Level of Assassins

    Hello, fellows.

    What is the criteria to raise level of Assassins? The number of Assassinations, the Level of their victmis, the kind of unit or a mix of all this?


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    I believe it is 1 kill for level 1
    2 more for lvl2
    4 more for lvl3
    8 more
    16 more and so forth

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    I have seen assassins raise in skill after killing several lvl 1 characters, but generally;

    Ambassadors are the easiest,
    Then Bishops/Alim
    Then Inquisitors
    Then Generals
    Then members of a royal family

    In each case, the more stars they have, the hader they are to kill and the more likely they are to advance your assassin. The more difficult ther kill the more likely your assassin will advance.

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    Thanks a lot, guys.

    Another question in the same theme: I have some assassins who grew up to level 4, but when they reach level 5, soon as possible, in the next mission even with 80% or more chance they are catched and killed. This happened 4 times.

    I tried to order kills only in my own lands, but the victims run to other provinces that I supose had a Border Front.

    Is this bad luck or you can help me anyway?

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