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Thread: Which AAR should I choose???

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    Default Which AAR should I choose???

    I am in the process of putting together as much research as possible regarding the Swedish Rus' of the Varangian Guard and their establishment of a state in Kiev. This is going to form the basis of a Viking 'Empire' narrative that would encompass Slavic and Norse cultures of the day...

    However, now that "The Last Kingdom" mod has been released I also have a desire to use a great deal of material I have regarding an AAR based upon the Northumbrian struggle against the Vikings and a subsequent quest for expansion across the Saxon kingdoms.

    Both AAR's excite me greatly, but both would need to be a solitary project with totally devoted attention.

    I can't for the life of me choose so I'd like people to offer suggestions...and this time, I promise I'm finishing it!!!!

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    Default Re: Which AAR should I choose???

    It's a difficult choice. Assuming that you have equal interest and are equally knowledgeable about the time period, so in other words you can do both at the same level of professionalism, I would go with the Northumbrian one, simply because of the new mod. (Which mod would the other use?) A new mod could bring in people interested in something different. A good example is Maximinus Thrax's tale.

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    Default Re: Which AAR should I choose???

    What Radzeer said. A cool new mod, interesting story, a great period of history.

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    Default Re: Which AAR should I choose???

    Same, in fact, when my current AAR is done, I plan on doing a tLK AAR also.
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    Default Re: Which AAR should I choose???

    Just a word of warning, the Last Kingdom release at the moment is still just a beta, so expect there to be changes in the future. It may be worth you waiting a little while before the next version is released. It would be annoying for you to get started on an AAR only for a new version to come out with some new features/units/whatever giving you the dilemma of whether to abandon the aar, or not play the new version.
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    Default Re: Which AAR should I choose???

    The Northumbrian story sounds most interesting. I guess The Last Kingdom is a MIITW mod?

    If you're into the era, Viking Invasion II (for RTW:BI) + the Dominion of Britannia patch is a very enjoyable and rather stable mod. Very enjoyable. Ruthless AI and all the right factions present IMO.
    So, if The Last Kingdom is not a definite choice, check it out.

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