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Thread: The Last Kingdom - DOWNLOADS

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    Default The Last Kingdom - DOWNLOADS

    The Last Kingdom challenges players to control 13 new factions, including the Vikings themselves, the Saxons, Scots, Irish, Welsh and Norman, and to embark on a campaign to dominate the British Isles. With a wealth of new historical heroes, players can lead a range of new units into battle - including Viking Berserkers, Saxon Huscarles and Fyrdmen - while conducting sieges and epic battles.
    You can conduct the campaign on a new map focusing on North Europe, in the continent, in the Isle of England or Iceland or starting from the Norwegian peninsula.

    I would prefer a historically authentic mode which only substantially follows the history. Unfortunately we don't have capacity for a more serious work.
    So, this mod is also "historically inspired but creatively done" so the work is not perfectly historical...

    Download - the Last Kingdom

    Torrent Download for 'the last Kingdom 3.06 full'
    This download contains the basic installation, patch 3.06 plus the quick fix. Underneath the version history:
    Version 3.06b (10th July 2015)
    - merged all previous installation and patches
    - corrected numerous formatting errors in txt files
    - made mod steam compatible
    Version 3.06a (24th November 2012)
    - corrected error in historic_events

    Simply download and extract the torrent file and run it. The installer is in one file, no confusion here - simply follow instructions.

    Unofficial 4.0 version

    List of changes:

    - added RC/RR submod, which also include:
    * 'Carl the Taxman' script
    * 'Colony-destroying' script
    * 'Christians destroy pagan temples' script
    * decreased cash bonus after battles
    * night battles
    * other minor changes
    - added new music, sounds and unit voices in battles, corrected accents
    - added ability to chose faction heir
    - added Unification of Norway hotfix
    - autosave turned off (causes errors)
    - rebalanced King's Purse for all factions
    - diplomacy improved (you can't improve relations from 1 to 10 by giving 2000 florins)
    - lowered agents limit to 1
    - and other minor changes and error corrections

    - Medieval II Total War with Kingdoms expansion with the newest patch
    - The Last Kingdom 3.06b torrent version.


    Installation: download the 4.0 patch and install it over the clean, non modified 3.06b version of The Last Kingdom. During the installation confirm the removal of the text, sounds and rwm files.

    Attention: the first run will take longer.
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    Default Re: The Last Kingdom - DOWNLOADS

    Main information about the game and some important facts:

    To unite Norway you have to fulfill the following requirements:
    - Occupy the following cities: Niðáros, Selja, Akr, Skiringssalr
    - .... and the kill of the leader of Hordaland/Vestfold faction.
    Its important, that you have to occupy the needed settlements (and eliminated they Faction Leader) before you destroyed the other Norse faction.

    Reach the following conditions for Norman baptised:
    - Occupy the following cities: Cherbourg, Caen, Rouen, Paris
    - At least 30 rounds

    About the Fyrd:
    The Fyrd was solved with mercenary. This means that only the Saxon factions are able to rent mercenary which is cheap to hire but expensive to sustain.
    Fyrd's units:
    Hundradeflocc - Missile/Light, poor units (javelin+axe)
    Geoguthas - Spear/Light (spear+shield)
    Ceorlwerod - Infantry/Heavy (sword+shield)

    About the recruit:
    - We use a Factional Barrack for the factional units (higher than 70% own culture)
    - We use a Reginal Barrack for the regional (AOR) units (regional specific units)

    Some important details:
    - You can't recruit any units in a village. ( e.g: diplomat)
    - We use navigatable Rivers
    - The Bards raise 2 the culture of the region

    Building tree:

    Basic info:


    Starting date: 865 / Finishing date: 1066
    2 turn is one year
    (... one year before the viking invasion of Northern England.)


    Number of regions: 120
    A big English map (with Iceland, brought it closer to the British islands), with the Norwegian peninsula and a bit of Normandy.

    Factions & Cultures:

    Viking culture:
    Kingdom of Denmark, Jarldom of Hordaland, Jarldom of Vestfold, Norman clans (early Norman - mixed Norse settlers, from 911)
    Anglo-Saxons culture:
    Kingdom of Wessex, Kingdom of Mercia, Kingdom of East Anglia, Kingdom of Northumbria
    Gaelic culture:
    Kingdom of Connacht, Kingdom of Munster
    Celtic culture:
    Kingdom of Gwynedd, Kingdom of Alba
    Caroling culture:
    East Frankish Empire
    Norman (late) culture:
    Duchy of Normandy (late Norman - Late period, approx. 1000)
    Viking rebel / Saxon rebel / Celtic rebel / Irish rebel / Fries Rebel

    More info and previews:


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    Default Re: The Last Kingdom - DOWNLOADS

    Known Issues & Bugs:

    - Some settlements and regions contain spelling mistakes and gramatical errors (i.e Scottish settlements)
    We are working to sorting these mistakes.
    - Sometimes when in combat a General will be 'stuck' in combat and remain fighting even if his unit has been withdrawn or routed. This mainly happens with the AI armies, but does happen with player controlled army also. We are hoping to correct this issue shortly, however we are unsure what is causing this problem.
    - The Great Heathen Army, a Danish fleet with various troops, will not attack England as intended. Instead the AI will disembark the troops in Denmark. In the coming patches or versions we hope to have the Great Heathen Army scripted when the Kingdom of Denmark is controlled by the AI.
    - Some of the Accents are a little miss-matched. Such as the Welsh, Irish and AI-Viking Faction.
    - There is a random Menu crash, however this is a Vanilla issue and cannot be resolved. Fortunately, this crash is very, very rare!

    Please feel free to come forward with any bugs or issues you find regarding gameplay! It makes our lives much easier and the issues will get resolved quicker!

    The Last Kingdom - Bug (Reports) & Technical problems & Support

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    Default Re: The Last Kingdom - DOWNLOADS

    Team and Credits


    daNova - Idea, Conception, 2D art, Skin & Modell
    Gigantus - Map, Coding & Scripting
    Csatádi - Coding & Scripting & TecHelp
    GatorMarine1833 - Coding & Scripting
    Celtichugs123 - Testing & Research, PR
    Ulfhednins - Historical research & Scripting

    Former members and Supporters:

    AlexanderPrimus - Research & Descriptions Text
    Dansk viking - Map
    dome - Modell & Consulting
    Gonxas - 2D works & Test
    k_raso - Descriptions Text & Research
    King Yngvar - Research & Scripting (Viking culture)
    NagatsukaShumi - Research
    Ruire - Irish Research
    Socal_infidel - Coding & Scripting
    The Northern Marches - Research
    uanime5 - Descriptions Text & Research
    Yelü Dashi - Skin & Modell
    Alex1987 - Scripting & others
    Asgath] - Music
    Echuta - Scripting & others
    raziel_eire - Scripting & others
    MasterBigAb - Trailer, Splash movie ...

    Special thanks:


    any Testers...
    ... and many-many more!

    (I'm so sorry if i forgot someone, please drop a PM in this case!)


    Cities-Towns model - New Cities Strat Models, v 1.0 - for Agart
    Ships model and some portraits - 1066 mod
    Custom battle place - 1066 mod
    Battle AI - XAI
    Magyars (battle and campaign) - Magyar Mod
    Some model heads - Lithuania Mod
    Some model's attachments - Rusichi Total War
    Magyar's Horse - Rusichi Total War
    RealHorses - ArgentUsher
    Some campaign elements and info - Viking Invasion II Team
    High Quality Sky Textures Project 1.0' - Hereje

    (I'm so sorry if i forgot someone, please drop a PM in this case!)

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    Default Re: The Last Kingdom - DOWNLOADS

    Forgot i something?

    Yes, this is the end and produce of my last three years! This was hard but i did it...!
    Thanks everybody and please enjoy!

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    Quote Originally Posted by danova View Post
    Celtichugs123 - Testing & Research, PR
    Haha! Awsome! That's me! That's me!

    Edit: Everything looks perfect now mate! Congratulations on your amazing and hard work! Hope I've been of atleast some help and I hope to remain member of the team! A team that has done some amazing work here! Well done all!
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    Default Re: The Last Kingdom - DOWNLOADS


    Congratulations, Last Kingdom team!

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    Default Re: The Last Kingdom - DOWNLOADS

    Amazing I am downloading now. I am sure the mod will be a credit to all of your hard work. And I thank you in advance.

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    Default Re: The Last Kingdom - DOWNLOADS

    Just.... awesome .

    Thank you guys!!
    Im doing Hotseats and Lets Play Campaigns,
    check me out on youtube:

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    Default Re: The Last Kingdom - DOWNLOADS

    Downloading now. Big thanks for Danova and the entire team. Been waiting for this for a while now and its very nice to see the release. Congratulations guys!

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    Default Re: The Last Kingdom - DOWNLOADS

    duh gonna drink all day! xD
    btw: such few poeple been working on mod?? i expected like three times more xD
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    Default Re: The Last Kingdom - DOWNLOADS

    Downloading now. Thanks for the mod. You are the best
    German Medieval: 2 Total War Freak and Modder

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    Default Re: The Last Kingdom - DOWNLOADS

    Thank You for Your great job!

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    Default Re: The Last Kingdom - DOWNLOADS

    awesome!! didn't expect to see this when i opened my browser!! hurray!!!
    thank you very much for all your hard work
    "By the blood of our people, your lands kept safe."

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    Default Re: The Last Kingdom - DOWNLOADS

    Wow!!!! Congratulations for the release and thank you so much Danova and Team for 3 years of hard work

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    Default Re: The Last Kingdom - DOWNLOADS

    Didnt believe it when i came here, so happy, well done lads

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    Default Re: The Last Kingdom - DOWNLOADS

    Congratulations on your amazing work!

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    Default Re: The Last Kingdom - DOWNLOADS


    btw may i suggest a torrent version for those who don't want to download in their browser?
    Quote Originally Posted by trance View Post
    I might have inherited the stature and alcohol consumption of our ancestors, but Vengur got the ruthless, psychopathic bloodlust.
    Quote Originally Posted by s.rwitt View Post
    New rule: -one player each session will be designated the "Vengur Handler". It is like a dog handler in real life but you have to also pay attention to where his weapon is pointed at all times, make sure he does not have access to a parachute while in a chopper, keep him from running into buildings which the rest of the squad is currently suppressing, etc. An AGM/ACE compatible leash has been added to VAS.

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    Default Re: The Last Kingdom - DOWNLOADS

    Speechless! Really well done, downloading now....congratulations!!

    EDIT: is the donate button on the download site for the team or the site? I was going to have a look but just wanted to know it would go to the people who really deserve it.
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    Default Re: The Last Kingdom - DOWNLOADS

    congratulations, and thanks for the hard work i think we have been all very pleased to see the download link this morning!

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