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    Default The Illustrator ~ 4th Edition!

    The Illustrator Team welcomes you, our most beloved readers, to the 4th edition of TWC's very own art and graphics publication!

    Before we get on with the edition, a sincere apology is due: the Illustrator Team is deeply sorry for the delays inflicted upon the publication, and it was truly not our intention to keep it away for this long. As a measure, we recruited a few new faces and saw the return of old, known members - which will be introduced below - for this edition.

    Louis Lux returned, and to him we feel necessary to direct a very special gratitude for his work in bringing about the Freebie of the Month.

    We also wish to thank Finch and Sniper_LTUfor reinforcing us, helping with the Competition Rundown.

    So, as we move on into the publication itself, please sit back, relax, read, and thank these two members for their contribution to the Illustrator and the TWC Graphics Community as a whole.

    Thank you,

    Illustrator Director

    Illustrator 4th Edition Staff
    Aanker | Artist's Lounge, Art News & The Creative Quill
    Finch | VOTM & Graphics Competition
    Killerbee | Graphics Competition contributory
    Louis Lux | Freebie of the Month
    Sniper_LTU | POTW & UESW

    Table of Contents
    1. Competition Rundown
    2. The Artist's Lounge
    3. The Creative Quill
    4. Art News
    5. Freebie of the Month

    1. Competition Rundown
    Click Here to View

    Competition Rundown

    Sniper_LTU, with commentaries from LuckyLewis, are proud to present the glorious POTW/UESW winners since the last publication of the Illustrator below!

    POTW 230 & UESW 133

    "REWIND one hour and the Highlanders we're looking like rather nice chaps in POTW 230. Blissfully unaware that naxzul666 would cut them down within the day. Vive L'Empereur Naxzul."

    Spoiler for POTW 230

    "A brave Frenchman caught the corner of my eye in UESW 133. It was the legendary naxzul666, who raised his sabre against a company of Highlanders."

    Spoiler for UESW 133

    Click here for the winner thread.

    POTW 231 & UESW 134

    ''A burning fog lingered over POTW 231. It was some sort of bizarre super weapon created by theatroN, causing his enemies to quickly flee from such evil.''

    Spoiler for POTW 231

    ''Both sides of warfare took centre stage in UESW 134. Von koh's burning ship on the high seas and Nanny de Bodemloze's band of brothers clearly demonstrated the horrors of war.''

    Spoiler for UESW 134

    Click here for the winner thread.

    POTW 232 & UESW 135

    ''A certain cross blocked out the sun in POTW 232. Neige Noire's crusade for POTW victory had begun.''

    Spoiler for POTW 232

    ''In UESW 135, I noticed something in the tall grasses. Von koh was in cover, waiting to deliver a decisive blow to his enemies.''

    Spoiler for UESW 135

    Click here for the winner thread.

    POTW 233 & UESW 136

    ''From new to old, It was a completely different story in POTW 233. Worm's beast began its onslaught in the most discomforting weather.''

    Spoiler for POTW 223

    ''In UESW 136, new weaponry and armour were discovered. Ltflak gifted us with the first STW2 winning image by providing a lovely swipe.''

    Spoiler for UESW 136

    Click here for the winner thread.

    POTW 234 & UESW 137

    ''We rode to war in POTW 234. Despite not winning for a couple of weeks, TheatroN was back to winning ways with his stunning Shogun snapshot.''

    Spoiler for POTW 234

    ''In UESW 136, the samurai appeared from veg. Naxzul666 led them through the deep fog to war.''

    Spoiler for USEW 136

    Click here for the winner thread.

    POTW 235 & UESW 138

    ''Speaking of records, lets look at POTW 235. TheatroN got his second win in a row as he continues on his journey for gold.''

    Spoiler for POTW 235

    ''In UESW 138, we had a record-breaking 16 lovely entries, the Shogun domination continued with naxzul666's lovely shot.''

    Spoiler for UESW 138

    Click here for the winner thread.

    POTW 236 & UESW 139

    ''Humble horses took centre stage in POTW 236 too. TheatroN galloped forward to avoid a SHAMEEFUUL DISPLAAY.''

    Spoiler for POTW 236

    ''In UESW 139, There was no SHAMEFUUUFL DISPLAY. TheatroN's Horsemen rode to waaar.''

    Spoiler for UESW 139

    Click here for the winner thread.

    POTW 237 & UESW 140

    ''From Shogun to Rome, POTW 237 was back to its roots too. The Worm Warrior led from the front as he scaled up the walls with city burning to the ground.''

    Spoiler for POTW 237

    ''In UESW 140, We were back to the classics. General Brittanicus's Mountainous warfare was simply beautiful.''

    Spoiler for UESW 140

    Click here for the winner thread.

    POTW 238 & UESW 141

    ''POTW 238 was conquered by the famed screenshooter. TheatroN continued his impressive run with a beautiful shot with a horsemen engulfed by the sun's powerful rays.''

    Spoiler for POTW 238

    ''In UESW 141, a newcomer to the competition provided us with a unique yet clever shot. Uraikol's lone warrior stood idle as the bune cut through the calm Japanese waters.''

    Spoiler for UESW 141

    Click here for the winner thread.

    POTW 239 & UESW 142

    ''POTW 239 looked like it was a lush, vibrant world to me. MaxMazi quickly silenced any hope of ruining it by striking down his rival.''

    Spoiler for POTW 239

    ''UESW 142 had a little bit of a Napoleonic feel thanks to. General Brittanicus's army of matchlock samurai on a dark night.''

    Spoiler for UESW 142

    Click here for the winner thread.

    POTW 240 & UESW 143

    ''POTW 240 saw a devastatingly accurate swipe of the Katana. TheatroN takes the top spot on the POTW leaderboard, no one has won more than him now.''

    Spoiler for POTW 240

    ''UESW 143 was trapped under a constant bombardment. Naxzul666 led the way as they bravely pushed through the golden fields.''

    Spoiler for UESW 143

    Click here for the winner thread.

    POTW 241 & UESW 144

    ''POTW 241 was drowning in the bleak rain across the battlefield. Worm delivered a bloody stab of the spear to one of his rivals, winning a crackin' tie.''

    Spoiler for POTW 241

    ''UESW 144 was simply too close to call. Rawr. General Brittanicus showed us some of his archery mastery while MaxMazi fearless horseman appeared from the scorching flames.''

    Spoiler for UESW 144

    Click here for the winner thread.

    POTW 242 & UESW 145

    ''POTW 242 basked in the heat like a lounging cat. MaxMazi led his elite army, spearheaded by his loyal cavalry as headed out to expand the Empire of MaxMaziman.''

    Spoiler for POTW 242

    ''UESW 145 was just lovely. Naxzul666's Oda Samurai charged under banzai with their magnificent katanas.''

    Spoiler for USEW 145

    Click here for the winner thread.

    POTW 243 & UESW 146

    ''POTW 243 was blooming with the colour Japanese foliage. MaxMazi gets his second win in a row with his majestic warhorse.''

    Spoiler for POTW 243

    ''UESW 146 was..crowded..with...arrows? I only know from this result that one must fear the glorious Don9504.''

    Spoiler for USEW 146

    Click here for the winner thread.

    POTW 244 & UESW 147

    ''In POTW 244, we all watched as a certain Danish fellow stood behind the low sun. TheatroN was back with a bang with a lovely example of his great style and technique.''

    Spoiler for POTW 244

    ''UESW 147 was simply a symbolic yet powerful capture. Don9504 was the lone survivor of a fierce UESW competition.''

    Spoiler for USEW 147

    Click here for the winner thread.

    POTW 245 & UESW 148

    ''In POTW 245, the sun rays took advance of a gap in the clouds, breaking through them to set light upon the glorious settlement. Following his gold medal win, theatroN shows us yet again why he got it.''

    Spoiler for POTW 245

    ''UESW 148 - Zombified Takeda on the left. gasp in horror. Naxzul666 took a shot of me looking devilishly handsome.''

    Spoiler for UESW 148

    Click here for the winner thread.

    POTW 246 & UESW 149

    ''In POTW 246, the crusade was on. 'God wills it' shouted theatroN as the cross moved forward.''

    Spoiler for POTW 246

    ''UESW 149 showed us an iconic climb. It was MorganH. and his company of crafty ninjas.''

    Spoiler for UESW 149

    Click here for the winner thread.

    POTW 247 & UESW 150

    ''In POTW 247, the thunder struck deep. The loyal and much loved General Brittanicus showed us might by dealing with Lewis, the filthy ill-prepared 'ninja' pig.''

    Spoiler for POTW 247

    ''As it was the 150 UESW, one of those pesky little POTW points were on offer. It was Don9504 who claimed the point. Where man lies still, nature prevails.''

    Spoiler for UESW 150

    Click here for the winner thread.

    POTW 248 & UESW 151

    ''Following the POTW 248 Tiebreaker that I forgot about, the brilliant TheatroN was proclaimed champion once again. The tie breaker was fierce, the winner kept changing as it progressed until TheatroN crossed the finish line (true story).''

    Spoiler for POTW 248

    ''UESW 151 - Stay frosty San Diego. MaxMazi ensured victory with a swift strike of cold steel on some poor chap. Max the Magnificent.''

    Spoiler for UESW 151

    Click here for the winner thread.

    POTW 249 & UESW 152

    ''POTW 249 Tiebreaker - Rororororomromrome. The amazing naxzul666 had a breath-taking lead a beautiful, yet chilling march through the snowy plains.''

    Spoiler for POTW 249

    ''UESW 152, what a moon. Ltflak on one fresh night began reminiscing about his glorious VOTM medal.''

    Spoiler for UESW 152

    Click here for the winner thread.

    POTW 250 & UESW 153

    ''POTW 250, the special one got the big two-zero, 20 POTW points as a result of this victory (t'was a double point comp). Yes, thats right, uh huh, hell yuhhh - TheatroN provided us with a yet another beautiful shot of his marching legion. FOR WE ARE LEGION.''

    Spoiler for POTW 250

    ''I adored the shot in UESW 153, it was simply divine. General Brittanicus showed off his glorious and engaging samurai, who had rather snazzy and vibrant armour. They were also in the water. Gasp.''

    Spoiler for UESW 153

    Click here for the winner thread.

    POTW 251 & UESW 154

    "POTW 252, Man did I ever say how cool Romans look. That looked cool, becauseTheatroN went back in time and made them look cool and .''

    Spoiler for POTW 251

    ''UESW 154 had lots of fancy shields. Christonikos grasped one of these shields and he struck down all who opposed him. Glory.''

    Spoiler for UESW 154

    Click here for the winner thread.

    POTW 252 & UESW 155

    ''POTW 252 appeared to be under the joy of rain too. It did not distract the hardened General Maxmazi who rode out to deliver pain and suffering to the colossal Sphinx.''

    Spoiler for POTW 252

    ''UESW 155 had such horrible weather. Sanguineus, a skilled captain, guided his ship through the creepy fog and everything.''

    Spoiler for UESW 155

    Click here for the winner thread.

    The outstanding winners of the VOTM competition are brought forward by Finch!

    Hello guys! better get your popcorn and soda ready, sit back, relax and enjoy the show, as I will be presenting to you the rundown of the best and awesome videos for the last 6 months. Before we do that, lets start off by presenting the greatest video ever made for the year 2010, I give to you...

    TWC Video of 2010

    2010 was a great year for the Video of the Month competition as it was the rise of video editing enthusiasts. We are blessed to have this talented video makers representing their fantastic works on any of the Total War Series and Modifications. So what better way to honour that by having a yep, there you have it the "TWC Video of 2010" where all the winning videos of that year face-off and only one will remain standing.

    TWC Video of 2010 Winner

    Taking the crown as the first Video Of The Year winner titled "Battle of Pelennor Fields". Great editing style inspired by the Lord of the rings movie and what better way to represent that than with a Third Age: total war modification. Simply one of the best videos there is, makes you want to shout "Death" with the King Théoden of Rohan before the charge and having a nostalgic feeling to the Lord of the rings movies definitely a must see video. made by none other than MasterBigAb.
    Click on the link for more Info regarding: Winner of TWC Video 2010

    VOTM 9

    Now let's go to this years first video of the month competition which is VOTM 9, the magnificent intro for Darthmod ETW modification and the winner is Nanny de Bodemloze and what a very close competition it was as the winner was determined by a single vote. As the first winner of this years VOTM this video will be entered into the VOTY 2011.
    Click on the link for more Info regarding: Winner of VOTM 9

    VOTM 10

    The Winner of VOTM 10 competition is Theatron. Leaving his competitors behind with this glorious video "La Montée de L'Empire Promo". As you can see the work of this guy is just bloody brilliant. This video will be entered into the VOTY 2011.
    Click on the link for more Info regarding: Winner of VOTM 10

    VOTM 11

    The Winner of VOTM 11 competition is still Theatron with his NTW video "Montage". Another bloody brilliant work i must say, with a very nice music to top it off. He has also won VOTM 6, VOTM 10, and winning for the 3rd time thus a well earned VOTM Bronze Medal. This video will be entered into the VOTY 2011.
    Click on the link for more Info regarding: Winner of VOTM 11

    VOTM 12

    The Winner of VOTM 12 competition is Ltflak with his video "Annihilation:The Battle of Berezina" for NTW. A marvelous representation of a real battle in history. He has also won VOTM 4, VOTM 7, and winning for the 3rd time thus a well earned VOTM Bronze Medal. This video will be entered into the VOTY 2011.
    Click on the link for more Info regarding: Winner of VOTM12

    VOTM 13

    The Winner of VOTM 13 competition is MasterBigAb with his video "Blood of Freedom" for ETW. This video will be entered into the VOTY 2011.
    Click on the link for more Info regarding: Winner of VOTM 13

    VOTM 14
    The VOTM 14 competition vote is now on-going...
    Click on the link for more Info regarding: Vote for your favourite VOTM 14 video
    Vote for your favourite video and give rep to these hardworking guys.

    VOTM 15
    The VOTM 15 submissions thread is now open...
    Click on the link for more Info regarding: VOTM 15 submissions
    Go ahead click on the link and submit those fantastic videos.

    ...and that's a Wrap! for the Video Of The Month rundown with me finch, keep those fantastic videos coming, Have a good one!

    The winners of the Graphics Competition since the last publication of the Illustrator are presented in all their glory below by - once again - Finch!

    GC #114 [Fixed Stock]
    "Now they can't complain about somebody's copying a stock and only cropping it"
    The winner of this theme is Worm with this great piece:
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    Easily the most creative entry for this theme. Worm also managed to blend the woman in very well, and gave it a more dreamy look with the sepia tones. A fine entry !
    Another remarkable entry was Apple's :
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 
    While other entrants tried to go for the real "rock" effect, Apple made a quiet, peaceful image, which really made it stand out.
    Vote thread can be viewed here.

    GC #115 [Sea]
    The winner of this broad theme was Aanker with this piece.
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    Aanker stays in the more fantasy-side of the sea, with this picture showing the struggle of a ship trying to survive the assault of an enormous sea-monster.
    The vector image (by - again - Apple) was the one that caught my attention the most.
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    Very different from the other entries.
    Vote thread can be viewed here.

    GC #116 [Dance]
    The winner of GC #116 is Worm with this beautiful artwork and as you can see it is quite alluring to top it off with Worm's signature editing style. clearly favoured by everyone to win the dance themed competition, which also reminds me could this be inspired by the Step up movie.
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    there's also another artwork that gained my interest during this competiton a submission from Louis Lux. depicting another type of dance the ballet.
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    Click on the link for more Info regarding: The Winner of GC #116 Dance theme

    GC #117 [Comedy]
    The winner of GC #117 is Ishan with this submission. Clearly dominating the Comedy themed competition with some sort of a dance from one of the funniest comedian around Mr.Bean.
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    and another submission that gained my interest for this competition is from Legless Lannes with this funny depiction of Sun tzu's Art of War.
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    Click on the link for more Info regarding: The winner of GC #117 Comedy theme

    GC #118 [RPG]
    The winner of GC #118 is Guy with his dark and gritty version for the Worlf of Warcraft rpg. what a tight competition it was as it went to a Tiebraker.
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    and the one who submitted the tiebraker entry was non other than Cedric37 with his version of the classic rpg Dungeons and Dragons.
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    Click on the link for more Info regarding: The winner of GC #118 Rpg theme

    GC #119 [Photography]
    The winner of GC #119 Sniper_LTU with this excellent piece of photography. very detailed and really gives you that dark and gloomy atmosphere mystery enthusiasts dwell into.
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    another entry that caught my attention is from Boustrophedon with his Blue Mosque in Istanbul photo.
    The ambience is just amazing wouldn't you say.
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    Click on the link for more Info regarding: The winner of GC #119 Photography theme

    GC #120 [TWC Minecraft]
    Voting is still going for the "TWC Minecraft" themed competition.
    Click on the link for more Info regarding: "TWC Minecraft" vote thread.

    GC #121 [The Night Sky]
    Submissions for "The Night Sky" theme are still being accepted.
    Click on the link for more Info regarding: "The Night Sky" Submissions thread.

    2. The Artist's Lounge
    Click Here to View

    "[...]I ignore
    where I am
    from the
    end and the
    beginning, I'm
    just a simple
    Presentation of a workshop/artist ~ Cedric37
    Welcome to this issue’s Artist’s Lounge section! This time around, we’ll take a look at one of the real graphics workshop beasts, a true TWC community member who has contributed to a wealth of mods and spent a great amount of dedicated time to help and develop new artist talents around the forums.

    In this issue’s Artist’s Lounge, we’re going to take a look at Cedric37.

    Before we jump right into what makes Cedric37 such a great member of the TWC board, we must delve into the deeper meaning of his mysterious name. While admitting that his name is “no Hannibal or other original pseudo, I quite lacked imagination on this feature”, Cédric does happen to be the first name of the artist and means “warlord” in Old Saxon - quite fitting for a forum dedicated to Total War games!

    Cedric37’s inspiring avatar offers a glimpse at the warlike background of his member name.

    While Cedric37 started out quite humbly on TWC – he was merely a Medieval 2: Total War player at the time of his introduction to the board, and browsed the forums searching for answers on certain aspects of the game – his first graphics project on the site was for the esteemed Call of Warhammer modification. Speaking of this early project of his, Cedric states that “when I look back at it now, I find that I have made a long way, both in self confidence and skills”, but also reminds us of the fact that “the road is long to perfection and may never end in my life time and I ignore completly where I am from the end and the beginning, I'm just a simple traveller.”

    Cedric37 is a member who progresses gradually as his experience mounts. From the beginning of his TWC career, Cedric37 recalls his development as an artist: “I think I learned to focus on the goal more than the means to reach the goal”. Further explaining this, he adds that “when I started I was throwing as much as details as I could, to the risk of making all my work too busy and barely useable as an interface. Now I tend to make the UI the more clean as possible, keeping in mind it's an interface. Then I try to give an overall feeling.”

    Feeling is something that Cedric37 is especially able to build through his work. Clear examples are his Second Age: Total War UI pieces:

    Spoiler for Warning, large image
    There is admittedly a lot of detail, but it all blends together in a way that doesn't feel like it is obscuring the overall impression. It helps keep the work consistent and accurate on the theme, giving it an appropriate 'elven atmosphere'.

    Our artist isn’t a simple UI conveyor belt, however. In all his works, Cedric37 has a demand for self-satisfaction. “Auto-satisfaction first, then end users satisfaction” is his work approach: “because I like what I'm doing, I can put the best of me in it”. This doesn’t pose a hindrance to the design excellence of the end product though, as Cedric37 makes sure that he tries “to make it good for others so it tempers a bit [of] my tendency to put [in] too much details and colours”.

    Since Cedric37 grows progressively better, he tends to prefer his newest works before older pieces. Currently holding the title of his most loved project is his Shizoku no Senso work, but not only because of the fact that it happens to be one of his most recent creations: “I have thrown a lot of my passion for Japan in it as well as a desire to let something to [the] TWC Community”.

    Some stunning examples of his Shizoku no Senso toil (and excellence) can be seen below.

    Spoiler for Warning, large image
    The attention to detail, the clear and well-defined style, and the atmosphere help create an excellent UI that is easily one of Cedric37’s best.

    Working with Shizoku no Senso, Cedric37 wasn’t only limited to making UI pieces, however. He threw in his texturing abilities as well, helping create units for the modification:

    Spoiler for Warning, large image
    The attention to detail here is enormous, and keeps an inspiring Japanese atmosphere about the units.

    While Cedric37 is mainly known for his UI work, his drawing and photography skills are sadly overlooked. His great talent in the first of these both areas is best shown through this excellent rendering of a crocodilian-humanoid fantasy creature:

    Spoiler for Warning, large image
    Excellent use of color and light helps create a feeling of magic and mystery. The character has depth, an advanced concept to handle as an artist.

    As for photography, Cedric37 has caught both landscapes and animals with his camera, and a picture that especially emphasizes how well he manages to portray wildlife can be found below:

    Spoiler for Warning, large image
    The leaf of grass, the water droplets, the bright blue colours of the dragonfly... All combine to make an image that simply impresses and inspires the viewer. It captures the beauty of miniscule nature in a fascinating way.

    All in all, Cedric37 is an inspiring and driving part of the Graphics Workshop community, helping drive the TWC art forums forward by helping and inspiring its members. His UI footprints are many across the TWC modding arena, and hopefully, he will continue to leave more for mod players to explore and see.


    3. The Creative Quill
    Click Here to View

    The Creative Quill

    April 27, 2011

    It has come to my attention that the activity in the Graphics Workshop has waned slightly over the weeks – this is most easily noticeable in the gradually falling number of competition entries in the Graphics Competition – and as one of the contributing members of the GW community, one must ask the inevitable questions of “how did we get here?” and “what can we do to improve our situation?”.

    Prior to and during Christmas, the Graphics Workshop enjoyed a comfortable amount of creative frenzy fizzing up through the board. A number of new workshops opened, and most of the more famous contributors to the area were very active in the competitions. The high water mark of engagement was reached when the ‘photography’ GC was launched – the number of participants was simply stunning – but a significant number of competitions followed which all could boast a decent amount of participation.

    Naturally, activity decreased (but to a worrying extent) as there was less time to spend in the GW following the vacations, but it remained low even throughout the Easter holidays, sparking the question of where all the previous fervor and inspiration had gone. Additionally, the number of new workshops that opened during this period of time, and the inflow of new members into the area, were both small. The most fitting explanation would simply be that a sizeable portion of the drivers of the Graphics Workshop had simply gone to work on other projects, such as mods, or were not able to work inside our corner of TWC.

    Upon closer inspection, however, it seems as if this isn’t the entire truth. A lack of drive in the workshop area might explain why inspiration was low, but most of those thriving in the Graphics Workshop are fairly self-sufficient in terms of imagination and confidence. Furthermore, the inexistence of an increase in members within the GW cannot be the direct result of the absence of ‘key contributors’.

    It seems more likely, looking at the facts at hand, that the reason for new members not joining the Graphics Workshop of TWC is that they simply do not know enough about it.

    This is an unnecessary and unfortunate state of matters: the Graphics Workshop is the ideal place for 2D artists across the board to develop their skills and exchange ideas and thoughts on anything from signatures to UI panels for mods. A striking example would be Cedric37, who regularly consults fellow artists on his own mod interface and other 2D work. There is also a great supply of tutorials and other activities around the workshop (including the excellent Graphics Competition). The GW obviously has an attractive set of characteristics that should be found appealing to the average newcomer interested in anything creative.

    We have now reached the point where it is important to, as a sub-community of TWC, work together so that the vigor of the Graphics Workshop can be restored to its former enjoyable atmosphere. Just like the case with mods, using signatures – something everyone in the GW is good at - to bring in more attention might prove decisive in improving our current situation.


    All thoughts and opinions expressed are solely those of TWC member Aanker.

    4. Art News
    Click Here to View

    Art News

    Hello, and welcome to the news section of the 4th issue of the Illustrator publication! Here, we’ll treat some of the new things going around in the Artist’s Workshop, and highlight the works of newcomers and old veterans alike.

    While the Graphics Workshop has seen a decline in the amount of activity over an exteded period of time, things are steadily improving again, as some new members have come to join the ranks of the TWC artistic community. Among these, we find the workshop of Skyn0s (June 8), Finch (June 4), B-DizL (April 18) and his models, as well as Cleg (May 28) along with his maps and photography. It also seems as if the Graphics Competition is picking up competitors after a shortage of entries throughout the first two quarters of the year, with entirely new combatants entering the fray to claim honour and glory! Please welcome these new members heartedly and hope they feel comfortable in the GW setting!

    Many of the veterans of the Graphics Workshop have been paying attention to projects outside the Artist’s Workshop, but Cedric37 (featured in this issue’s Artist’s Lounge section) has been offering a taste of his UI work lately, while Narf has been busy taking avatar requests from various members across the board.

    The Community-Driven Comic has been going forward slowly as of late, but the plot is progressing. Check out the latest events here!

    That’s all for this issue,

    ~The Illustrator Team

    5. Freebie of the Month
    Click Here to View

    Freebie of the MonthThis edition's freebie is a set of unique vintage paper textures that can be used as backgrounds for graphic pieces or UI elements. If you liked these textures check out to find an enormous free texture library.

    That is all for the 4th edition of the Illustrator Art Publication! We sincerely hope that you enjoyed the read,

    ~The Illustrator Team

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    Awesome I really liked the competitions pieces! Good to have such an overview of winners etc Great job fellas!

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    Great issue guys, nice to have you back

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    Great issue mates.
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    Yay excellent edition again! Just one note: the spoiler of Cedric's crocodile man drawing doesn't work.

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    Default Re: The Illustrator ~ 4th Edition!

    Very well done mates

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    Default Re: The Illustrator ~ 4th Edition!

    Excellent work again!

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    Default Re: The Illustrator ~ 4th Edition!

    Jolly Good!

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    Default Re: The Illustrator ~ 4th Edition!

    Very nice edition guys

    @Fin: it works for me (when you right click on the small picture icon it displays the full image)
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    Great issue!!! I love it!

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    Default Re: The Illustrator ~ 4th Edition!

    As allways:Brilliant ! Loving it,thanks guys.

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    Good job everyone.
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    Default Re: The Illustrator ~ 4th Edition!

    Great read

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