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Thread: [ETF] Oh Mighty Courland- Courish (?) AAR

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    Default [ETF] Oh Mighty Courland- Courish (?) AAR

    Oh Mighty Courland. With your unstoppable militia-armies and your tenacious navy of Brigs and Sloops, with your underdeveloped lands and reliance on stolen technology, you are supreme O Courland, you are destined to rule Europe! Or at least declare war on it...

    (This is a Courland AAR, less-than-serious with a few house rules.)

    1. Must declare war on 1 faction each 5 years (10 turns), bonus points if I can get Poland-Lithuania to join me.

    2. No building or using schools or colleges, must steal all technology from rivals. (Preferably Prussia)

    3. Navy must consist of Sloops, Brigs and Light Galleys.

    4. Never make peace. Ever.

    5. Take priority of destroying their armies rather than take their cities.

    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 
    Weakly defended capital < Nearby large army

    Without further ado, I give you...

    Oh Mighty Courland, Chapter One

    This is Courland. Land of the courageous and the tenacious. We are currently under protection from Poland-Lithuania, but it is really more of a mutual deal. They rely on us to protect them as we do on them. Maybe more.

    Before the year is out, we acquire a new port! Lovely! Now we have to choose... Fishery to encourage growth... Trading Fleet to encourage trade or a navy to harass our foes... Shipyard it is.

    Our mission to infiltrate the Russian Capital is a success. Though we gain nothing of value and all sabotage missions are too risky. So we just keep him there.

    We have also infiltrated Prussia's technological research centers. While the odds of success with this mission is low, the future of the Courish Empire depends on success.


    And an heir is born! Great... Now what? I guess we will have to raise her now. The work!

    As protector of Courland, it is my duty to repel all possible threats to the greatest state on earth. I send Sweden a threatening message, to scare them into giving us tribute.

    Or not.

    Time to show the foolish Swedes who's boss!

    It may look bleak... But Courish tenacity and courage will win the day!

    Battle of Port Malmo

    The Courish Navy is deployed in what we call, the "Distraction-Banana" formation. With the "Tenacity of Oh Mighty Courland", a light Galley, to get the larger ships' attention, before our brigs, the "Oh Mighty Courland" and "Courage of Oh Mighty Courland" do an ingenious pincer movement on their blind side before the "Speed of Oh Mighty Courland" uses it's speed and agility to deal the final blow! An impeccable plan! What is even better is that the Swedish navy in the port have refused to come out of hiding.

    The "Tenacity of Oh Mighty Courland" sails out to meet the poorly-organized Swedish fleet!

    The Swedes take the bait. It is all a matter of execution now.

    So the "Courage of Oh Mighty Courland" and the "Oh Mighty Courland" are a bit slow in coming. We only lost two cannons!

    The "Speed of Oh Mighty Courland" is coming to the rescue! May ingenuity and intelligence prevail over brute force!

    Sad, and sickeningly ironic. The "Tenacity of Courland" has begun to flee. And will soon surrender.

    The worthless crew of the "Speed of Oh Mighty Courland" has also surrendered! Bah! The "Oh Mighty Courland" begins to have a roundabout duel with a Swedish ship.

    So the "Oh Mighty Courland" is cheated out of the prize by outside fire. The "Courage of Oh Mighty Courland" will prevail in the end!

    Or not...

    An embarrassing defeat of the dashing, tenacious and fleet-footed Cours at the hands of the ugly, weak-willed and slow Swedish. We will have vengeance!

    The latter two escaped, but were ordered to burn their ships. They have been officially disowned for their cowardice. We now have no fleet.

    A sad day when a Cour as handsome as that Admiral is defeated at the hands of a lesser. This is not the last they have heard from Courland. Not by a long shot!

    Have no fear! I will continue updating the "Of Austrians and Turks" AAR, just need a break.
    Jingo Eugene
    "A wise man in times of peace, will prepare for war. Peace is boring, and the wise man has nothing better to do with his time." -Anon

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    Default Re: [ETF] Oh Mighty Courland- Courish (?) AAR

    Interesting AAR. By the way, it's not "cour", but "Curonian" or "Kur". By the way, Courland's elan is likely due to their heritage; Before the Livonian Brothers of the Sword forcibly converted Courland (at great cost, even losing a naval battle), they were essentially the Latvian version of Vikings, and even raided Viking settlements. When Vikings tried raiding Curonian settlements, they often got more than they bargained for. Their legacy lives on in the blood of Latvians today (though there is still a tiny group of pure Curonians).

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