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Thread: Unofficial Mod Overview (last update: Nov 29th, 2013)

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    A total conversion mod of M2TW set in the classical era, starting in 272BC

    Hoplitai Epilektoi (Elite Greek Hoplites) - source

    Welcome! to this fan-based and unofficial mod compendium presenting the much anticipated M2TW-mod Europa Barbarorum II.
    Please keep in mind, that EB2 is still under construction, so naturally all content presented or linked here is Work In Progress unless stated otherwise.

    Below is an announcement from the EB2 team from October 2013 - so rest assured: EB2 Is Coming!:
    "Today we have an incredibly exciting announcement to make: We are close to making an alpha release of our mod."
    If you want to support the mod and the dev team, then grap an EB2 signature banner from here.

    This is a free-to-use / open-source thread
    To all TWC and EB2 team members: this thread is now "free-to-use / open source"!
    March 10, 2013: I hereby declare and make this thread "open source". So from now on any TWC member or EB2 team member may use the contents of this thread or the thread itself - partially, moddified or fully as he/she/they see fit. Eg. you may use/copy-paste any section or the entire thread. The only conditions are:

    [A] you don't use any of my work to make a profit/money
    [B] post/state in this thread that you (= the TWC member or EB2 team member) are using and/or implementing parts or all of this thread
    [C] give me credits in your thread and provide a link to this thread in your thread

    PS: Be aware that at lot of the content of this thread is the work of the Europa Barbarorum 2 mod team and The Creative Assembly. That said, any of my work may be used unfettered.

    PPS: Also view this post.
    Changelog - last update: November 29th, 2013

    November 29th, 2013
    - added more images in section 2
    - some minor changes, mostly cosmetic

    November 28th, 2013
    - added info on release in section 9 and intro
    - added updated unofficial map plus tiny official mini-map (both with starting positions) in section 3
    - added new images and links to new images in sections 2 and 4
    - added official antique campaign map in section 4
    - added link to interview with V.T.Marvin in section 7
    - added info on scripted invasions playing as Taksashila in section 5
    - general update stuff, to keep this thread up-to-date
    - structural/cosmetic changes

    - changed title from "[UNOFFICIAL] Mod Overview" to "Unofficial Mod Overview (date)"

    01 - Introduction
    02 - Screenshots & Images
    03 - Factions
    04 - Campaign Map
    05 - Gameplay & Features
    06 - Videos & Soundtrack
    07 - All Previews & Interviews
    08 - Signature Banners & Co. (go to external EB2-signature thread)
    09 - Release Info & Keeping Up To Date
    10 - The Team & Helpers
    11 - Link Collection

    Basics of Europa Barbarorum 2

    • a total conversion of M2TW:Kingdoms set in the Hellenistic period, Roman era
    • start date: 272 BCE
    • end date: 14 CE
    • 4 turns per year: with one winter season and overall greatly expanded effects of seasons
    • a large campaign map covering Europe (except the far north), North Africa and Asia (as far as north-west India)
    • 199 provinces
    • 30 playable factions: for the initial release 'only' 28 factions are confirmed so far
    • the city-castle dichotomy of M2TW will be used to represent nomad camps in provinces that were largely nomadic at game start
    • customized battle maps with new generic settlements and nomad camps
    • enhanced and very complex settlement development, incl. choosing government for provinces
    • enhanded and very complex unit recruitment depending on region, government buildings, local culture buildings etc.pp...
    • enhanced and very complex traits and ancillaries system
    • many scripts to enhance the gameplay and realism
    • many many more features...

    Translation of "Europa Barbarorum II - Quisque Est Barbarus Alio"
    Translation of "Europa Barbarorum II - Quisque Est Barbarus Alio"

    This is, to my knowledge, the translation for title and motto:

    'Europa Barbarorum' = Europe of the Barbarians / The Barbarians' Europe
    'Quisque Est Barbarus Alio' = Everyone is a barbarian to another/to someone

    So together it then reads: "Europe of the Barbarians II - Everyone is a barbarian to another (to someone)"

    A thread discussing the linguistics of that sentence can be found here.
    Origin and Philosophy of EB2
    Origin and Philosophy of EB2

    Europa Barbarorum 1 (short: EB or EB1) is a highly respected and already released RTW modification made by the same team, that is now working on Europa Barbarorum II (short: EBII or EB2). A link to the EB1-mod for Rome: Total War is here.

    Statement from the EBII FAQ
    Europa Barbarorum was started to more accurately represent the barbarian factions in RTW as more than unwashed hordes, but quickly expanded into accurate representations of all of the factions. Over the X years that EB has existed, EB has completely remade the RTW game with the goal of historical accuracy and fair representations of all factions. With the completion of Europa Barbarorum Version 1.1, the team has moved on to the M2TW engine to recreate the Roman Era with the new features available therein.

    - from the official Europa Barbarorum II FAQ
    Statement from the official EB1 website
    Contrary to popular opinion, Europa Barbarorum is not solely focused on barbarian factions (though the name was derived from the roots of the project when our desire was to portray barbarians more accurately). Europa Barbarorum goes to great lengths to portray all factions correctly, including Rome.
    The Europa Barbarorum project started in January 2004 as a team with the intent of informing The Creative Assembly about the historical nature of the "barbarian" factions in RTW. Our aim was to gather as large an amount of historical information as we could and pass it on to the Creative Assembly, prior to RTW's release, in order for their portrayal of the "barbarian" factions in the game to be more accurate.
    Later, the team expanded their aim to also correcting the ahistorical representation of Egypt, and several other aspects concerning other factions. As it became clear that CA would not use this sort of information in RTW, the group decided to transform the project into a modification. Our effort has grown from this starting point to become what is possibly the largest RTW mod project in development.

    - from the official EB1 website hosted by the mod team
    Reception of EB2's predecessor: EB aka Europa Barbarorum 1
    Reception of EB2's predecessor: EB aka Europa Barbarorum 1
    Statement by Creative Assembly
    Back in the Rome days, Vercingetorix created tools that were absolutely key to the explosion of Total War modding; tools such as the CAS exporter and the unpacker. You were happy, we were thrilled and some fantastic mods (such as the breathtaking Europa Barbarorum) were born, and enjoyed by thousands, us included. We’re still in awe of what people achieved with Rome and Medieval II’s engines.

    - from the post Official CA comment - Total War: The modding situation
    Excerpt from a PC Gamer article
    1. Rome: Europa Barbarorum

    Fans of historical accuracy will be delighted with Europa Barbarorum, easily the most well researched of the mods on this list. Five new factions have been added to diversify the barbarian forces, and all of the vanilla factions have been rigorously reworked to bring them closer to what modern scholars know of the era. This is an essential download for history buffs, or for anyone looking to get a more detailed and challenging experience from their copy of Rome: Total War.

    - from 10 essential Total War mods a PC Gamer article from late 2010
    Excerpt from the EB1 wikipedia article
    Europa Barbarorum was featured and reviewed in a number of video game magazines. It has been reviewed in PC Gamer (UK) twice, in March 2005 and February 2008.The 2008 review was overwhelmingly positive, saying that "EB feels like a whole new Total War game", and going on to praise the modification's "stunning" scope and the "striking" extent of the differences between it and Rome: Total War. The review was somewhat critical of the modification's graphical user interfaces which "[occasionally]" had a "home-made" feel to them, as well as its lack of accessibility and steep learning curve, although it adds that the second point is not a large problem as the modification is largely a "master's challenge for accomplished Rome players". The review finished on a positive note, summing Europa Barbarorum up as a "superior game". (...)

    - from the 'Europa Barbarorum' Wikipedia article (October 2011)

    The following pics are only a small sample to give you an impression of what EB2 will look like.
    Please keep in mind that EB2 is still WIP and that these pics don't necessarily represent the units, models etc. of the initial release.


    HQ Unit Images

    HaParasim HaQdosim (Carthaginian Noble Cavalry)

    (form this post)

    Roman Commander

    (from Preview: The Generals)

    Boii General (East-Celtic)

    (from Preview: The Generals)

    Indian Standard Bearers: Noble (left), Kshatriya (center) and Simple (right) standard

    (from Preview: Taksashila (Mauryan Satrapy))

    Indian War Elephant

    (from EB2 Dev Blog post #3)

    Haghar Hyr (Southwest Arabian Noble Townsfolk)

    (from Preview: Arabia)

    Iberian Light Cavalry Iberi Equites Scutarii

    (from Preview: The Areuakoi)

    Macedonian Peltastai Makedonikoi (Hellenic Heavy Mobile Assualt Infantry)

    (from the Febuary Preview!)

    Epilektoi Hoplitai (Elite Greek Hoplites)

    (scaled down to 80% / from this post)


    Battlefield Screenshots

    Click on images to open large versions!

    Arabian Units (Sabaean and Nabataean faction)

    - - -
    Light Infanty --- Closeup of melee --- Sabaean Noble Townsfolk --- Nabataean Horse-Archers

    Areukaoi Units (Celt-Iberian faction)

    - - -
    Light Cavalry --- Heavy Infantry --- Skirmishers --- Slingers

    Boii Units (East-Celtic faction)

    Light Infanty

    Qarthadastim Units (Republic of Carthage)

    - - -
    Libyan skirmishers --- Liby-Phoenician Infantry --- Sacred Band Infantry --- Officer

    Romani Units (Republic of Rome)

    - -
    Camillan Hastati --- Camillan Triarii --- Camillan Equites Romani

    Sauromatae Units (Scytho-Sarmatian faction)

    Noble Horse Archers (x2)

    Sweboz Units (Germanic faction)

    - -
    Light Horsemen (x2) --- Light Infantry --- Slingers

    Taksashila Units (Indian faction)

    - - -
    Spearmen & General --- Macemen --- Longbowmen --- Light Cavalry


    New Generic Settlements

    Greek Temple

    (from this tweet)

    Roman Building with Graffiti

    (from this tweet)

    "Barbarian" Settlement - Tier 1

    (from the Settlement Mini Preview ; post #8 of the Areuakoi preview)

    "Barbarian" Settlement - Tier 2

    (from the Settlement Mini Preview ; post #8 of the Areuakoi preview)

    "Barbarian" Settlement - Tier 4

    (from the Settlement Mini Preview ; post #8 of the Areuakoi preview)

    Aedui assaulting an Arverni oppida

    (from this tweet)

    Permanent Steppe Settlement

    (from EB2 Sneek Peeks post #18)

    Sarmatian Building for Nomad Camp

    (from this tweet)


    Campaign Map Images & Models

    Southern Italy & Sicily

    (source: Twitter?)

    Western Anatolia

    (source: Twitter?)


    (from EB2 Sneek Peeks post #12)

    Eastern Steppe

    (from State of the Mod Adress, Fall 2013: We're Almost There)

    Northwest India

    (from Preview: Taksashila (Mauryan Satrapy))

    Roman Huge City Model

    (from the Romani Preview)

    Semetic Huge City Model (Carthaginian)


    "Barbarian" City Model

    (from the Sweboz preview I)

    Large Permanent Steppe City Model (Sarmatian)

    (from Preview: The Sauromatae)

    Spices Resource

    (from the Resources Mini Preview ; post #9 of the Areuakoi preview)

    Quarry Resource

    (from the Resources Mini Preview ; post #9 of the Areuakoi preview)

    Land Trade Icon

    (from this tweet)

    Miscellaneous Images

    Unit Card Image of Hepteres Fleet

    (from the EB2 Sneak Peeks thread)

    Links to more Images and Screenshots
    Links to more Images and Screenshots

    EB2 Sneak Peeks feat. miscellaneous images (incl. generic settlements, battle screenshots...) - regularly updated!
    EB2 Dev Blog feat. miscellaneous images

    EBII on Twitter (and the EB-Twitter updates Discussion-thread) feat. miscellaneous images - regularly updated!

    Settlement Mini Preview (post #8 of the Areuakoi preview) feat. battle map images of new generic settlements
    Resources Mini Preview (post #9 of the Areuakoi preview) feat. campaign map images of resources

    Preview: The Generals feat. generals
    Feburary Preview! feat. Greek and Hellenistic units

    EB2 Graphic Enhancement side-mod feat. battle map images (mainly of terrain and flora)
    State of the Mod Adress, Fall 2013 feat. campaign and battle map images

    Section 4 "Campaign Map" of this Mod Overview feat. links to images of campaign map screenshots, city models, agent models etc.

    note!: the pics in some of the below linked posts are expired or currently not available

    Qarthadastim units (Carthaginian)
    Sweboz units (Germanic, inside the spoiler)
    Taksashila units (Indian)
    Arabian units (ie. Nabataean and Sabaean)
    Boii units (1), Boii units (2) (East-Celtic)
    Pritanoi units (Brito-Celtic)
    Getai units (North-Thracian)
    Areuakoi unit (1), Areuakoi units (2) (Celt-Iberian)

    Development Process of Units
    Development Process of Units

    Here are links to previews or posts concerned with how the units for EB2 are made:

    • The steles #4, #5, #7 and this sub-post of the Taksashila preview give some insight into the process how the EB2 units are created.
    • The development process of a slinger model can be found in this sub-post of the Sweboz preview, scroll to the spoiler "Making of the Sweboz sling infantry".

    And here images of bare models from the EB twitter account (most recent image at the top):

    Saka elite + mount #1, #2, #3 (tweet)
    Sweboz archer (tweet)
    Iberian unit (tweet)
    Helmet (tweet)
    Carthaginian Sacred Band #1, #2 (tweet)
    Casse unit #1, #2 (tweet)

    Note: Skilled and interested modelers and skinners who want to help or join the EB2 project can find all information how to do so in the recruitment thread here.

    Starting Positions

    Unofficial and merely approximate starting positions using a map of EB1 (not EB2):

    click on map to open large version

    Two official pre-alpha maps:
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    mini-map from an image in State of the Mod Adress, Fall 2013:

    click on image to open upscaled version

    partial EB2 campaign map - given to us by team member Moros in the thread here:

    Faction List

    Europa Barbarorum II will feature 30 fully playable factions, however not all 30 factions will be in the initial release. There will be no emerging factions. Factions new for EB2, compared to EB1, are marked "new":

    01) Aedui -- Gallo-Celtic faction
    02) Arche Seleukeia -- Seleucid Diadochi Kingdom
    03) Areuakoi new - Celt-Iberian faction -- preview1
    04) Arverni -- Gallo-Celtic faction
    05) Baktria -- Hellenistic Graeco-Bactrian Kingdom
    06) Boii new -- East-Celtic faction -- preview1 preview2 preview3 video1 video2 video3
    07) Epeiros -- Hellenistic West-Greek Kingdom
    08) Getai -- North-Thracian faction -- preview1 preview2 video1 video2
    09) Hayasdan -- Armenian faction
    10) Kimmerios Bosporos new -- Hellenistic Crimean Kingdom -- short announcement
    11) Koinon Hellenon -- Alliance of Greek Cities
    12) Lugiones new -- Baltic faction -- preview1
    13) Lusotannan -- West-Iberian faction
    14) Makedonia -- Antigonid Diadochi Kingdom
    15) Malkűtâ Nabâta new-- Nabataean-Arabian faction -- preview1
    16) Massylia new -- Numidian faction -- preview1 video1
    17) Pahlava -- Scytho-Parthian faction
    18) Pergamon new -- Attalid Diadochi Kingdom -- preview1
    19) Pontus -- Perso-Hellenistic Anatolian Kingdom
    20) Pritanoi -- Brito-Celtic faction -- preview1
    21) Ptolemaioi -- Ptolemaic Diadochi Kingdom
    22) Qarthadastim -- Republic of Carthage -- preview1
    23) Romani -- Republic of Rome -- preview1 preview2 video1
    24) Saka Rauka -- East-Scythian faction
    25) Sauromatae -- Scytho-Sarmatian faction -- preview1
    26) Saba/Sb' w-gwm -- Sabaean-Arabian faction -- preview1
    27) Sweboz -- Germanic faction -- preview1 video1
    28) Taksashila new -- Indian faction -- preview1 video1
    Eleutheroi -- Independent Peoples (rebel faction) -- North Africans

    Have a look at the faction descriptions of EB1 to get a rough idea of some of the yet unpreviewed factions.

    The campaign map for EB2 will feature numerous changes, both large and small, from that of EB1. These changes include borders, ownership, province names, different cities, different ports, and amalgamation, removal and addition of provinces. - from the Qarthadastim preview
    Antique map of EB2:

    click on map to open large version / from EB2 Sneek Peeks post #13

    The Provinces

    The Provinces
    Information on EB2's provinces:

    • The mod will feature 199 provinces; 198 'playable' provinces plus Eremos, the unconquerable wilderness.
    • Each province will have it's own unique Province building contaning a detailed text description. A direct link to such a description for the Getia Koile province is here.
    • Each province will have one or more Populace buildings that represent the local inhabitants and their culture.
    • An early preview on the provinces can be found here.

    Miscellaneous Features

    Miscellaneous Features
    Some of the features the EB2 campaign map will offer:

    • The map will feature a navigable Nile-Red Sea canal, to allow moving ships from the Mediterranean to the Red Sea and Indian Ocean, as confirmed by XSamatan here.
    • The permanent stone forts (PSF) will be used to...
      (...) represent other important settlements in a region, which will generate small amounts of money for whoever controls them, (...) we intend them to just as hard to capture as the main settlements are (...). They just plans right now though, and probably won't be in our first release. - from the post here
    • The campaign map will get a new EB2 look...
      Campaign map just got itself a complete new look w/ new trees, volcanos, roads, grounds and many more. ~Tux - from this tweet

    Changes compared to EB1

    Changes compared to EB1
    Some of the changes to the campaign map compared to EB1:

    • The map will cover much the same territory as in EB1. But due to the introduction of a new Indian faction in northwest of the Indian subcontinent, it will be extended a few tiles further to the east.
    • For changes in the area controlled by or near to Carthage view the Qarthadastim preview here, scroll to the section "Mini-Preview: Map Changes in Europa Barbarorum".
    • For changes in the Eastern Sahara and the Chersonesos-area see here.
    • Also Arabia will see quite some changes:
      The old Arabian map from Europa Barbarorum contained many errors. This because the map was not designed at the start to have a faction in it, and as our dedicated historians of the EB I Sab'yn faction left, the map never got a historical overhaul. One of the major points of change thus became the Arabian map. Many settlements or regions had Latin, Greek or for other reasons incorrect names. Some were not in the right place or were of no importance during the Hellenistic period. - from the Arabia preview

    Screenshots & Images of Map, Models and Icons

    Screenshots & Images of Map, Models and Icons



    • Roman Culture: Romani cities in the first and second Romani preview here and here.
    • Nomad Culture: camps and cites in Massylia and Sauromatae preview here and here.
    • Semetic Culture: direct link to a model of a huge Carthaginian settlement here.
    • Barbarian Culture: Barbarian settlements in the Sweboz preview in this sub-post here.


    • Here's a glimpse at the new blockade icon #1, #2
    • Here's the new land trade icon
    • Images of the resources (e.g. quarry, mines, wine etc.) can be seen in the Resources Mini Preview (post #9) here.


    Not all features have been revealed by the team, so this section only lists a portion of what you can expect to see in EB2.
    Please also keep in mind that EB2 is still WIP and that features listed here might be changed, totally revamped or perhaps even dumped; and that new features may or will be added for the initial release.

    General Gameplay & Features
    General Gameplay & Features

    For the newest information on the gameplay and features of EB2, check out the EB2 Dev Blog, the EB2 Sneek Peeks and EB2 on Twitter.

    And also visit the EBII FAQ for the more basic stuff.
    Some Specifics of Campaign Gameplay
    Some Specifics of Campaign Gameplay

    Information on EB2's campaing and strategical gameplay in general...
    1.) Miscellaneous Features

    Miscellaneous Features

    Here are links to posts concerned with various other possible features or mechanics of EB2:

    • "Tribal mechanics; competition between tribe chieftains to become the next faction leader; competition between tribes for the supremacy within the same faction - from here

    • Tons of specific historical events, which will test the capability of the player to act in roleplay and not just in grabbing every region at hand - in some cases it will be far more profitable to handover the region to the rebel allies than keep it; etc. All this can be accomplished due to the scripting opportunitie that MTW2K brought about." - jmcr on August 2nd, 2012, from here

    • EB2's descriptions will feature custom, non-vanilla fonts using the CUF Tool described, from here

    • Here are some Various Features considered or ruled out by the team (WIP!):

    Foot on March 5th, 2011, from here:

    • PSF, constructable permantent stone forts - No.
    • Jihads - Perhaps.
    • Guilds - Probably.
    • Kings purse - "Offers lots of oppurtunites."
    • Emerging heros - No.
    • Mercenary ships - Unsure.
    • Landbridges - Yes.
    bobbin on July 15th, 2011, from here:

    • Piety - Will represent management.
    • Chivalry - Will probably represent influence.
    • Dread - Will most likely be removed.
    • Priests - Changed to represent something else.
    • Pope system - Removed.
    • Chose faction heir - Yes.
    • 4tpy - "Effects of seasons have been expanded greatly."
    • Late game to easy issue - "We are looking at ways to make the late game more challenging to prevent run away effects."

    • Many more yet unannounced features and game mechanics not mentioned in this overview. In future previews the EB2 team will reveal more of their excellent work, which will of course then be listed and linked here.

    2.) Government System

    Government System

    EB2 will feature an elaborate Government System. There will be two different types of constructable government buildings, called Authority buildings. The Central Authority building represents what relationship the province has within the faction’s empire, whether the province is simply allied to the empire, or whether if forms part of the core provinces of the faction. Thus it is analogous to the Government buildings of EB1.
    The Outlying Authority building represents the general relationship the controlling faction has with the outlying and autonomous regions in the province. More importantly this building controls the level of overall authority the player has in a province: the more influence the player has over outlying regions of a province, the more authority she/he has to pass policies and construct infrastructural buildings to the benefit of her/his faction.

    • A direct download link to the official pdf on the game mechanics of 'Provinces and Authority' is here.
    • A list of the Romani Central Authority buildings can be found in the second Romani preview here.
    • A list of the Carthaginian Central Authority buildings can be found in the Qarthadastim preview here, scroll to the section "Gameplay" near the end and open the spoiler there.

    3.) Complex Province Identity

    Complex Province Identity

    Every province will be equipped with one (or sometimes two or more) pre-constructed Populace buildings, that will represent the dominant native culture in that province. This building acts as a simple but effective way of controlling and limiting recruitment, placement of Government buildings and other core features of the Europa Barbarorum II mechanics. Working in partnership with the new Province building the Populace building will offer the game a level of detail that is better able to work with the complex mechanics in Europa Barbarorum II. By working together with the Province building, which will modifiy the effects of the Populace building depending on the region it is in, a more complex form of the province's identity will be formed.

    • More information on the Populace buildings can be found in the section "The People" of the People of North Africa preview here.
    • And a link to the Provinces preview featuring the Province building is here.

    4.) Province and Settlement Development

    Province and Settlement Developement

    Q6: For all those who do not know anything about EB II(or EB I), can you explain what the differences will be between them? We would very much like to hear everything you want to disclose about Factions, scripts, provinces, new structures etc.
    Now that is a question and a half! Where to start?

    Europa Barbarorum started as a project to change how history was represented in total war games. We wanted to show people that not only was a finer appreciation of history as fun as the watered down version in Rome TW, but that it could inspire new and exciting gameplay - and so we saw EBIs Governments and our extensive trait system.

    In EBI, however, it was not our goal to change how Total War games were played, and though changes were made, these were piecemeal and not wholly complete. You may notice that alongside our Government buildings, we also had plain old vanilla-style temples (which, while having some quite excellent descriptions, offered bonuses that were wildly exaggerated); that alongside our advanced AOR system, our recruitment was still based around vanilla-style barracks (even if we did try to expand their remit to include all military industries into one building). These areas of the mod were never fully explored because they were never part of our plan - with EB2 they are.

    One of my problems with the Total War franchise is its lack of a consistent viewpoint for the player, and my favourite example of this is the Farm building in the Total War games - what is it trying to represent. The scope and scale of the gameplay suggests that it might refer to control of land in general, but the building description and name all suggest that it refers to the construction of actual farms. That is ridiculous, not least because the plausibility of suitably arable land, populated by a sedentary people, not being turned over to farming already is preposterous - you don’t need a king to decide when and where new farms are going to be established. Another example is that of the Blacksmith: again the description and name of the building suggests that, contrary to all reason, the player-as-king is somehow getting involved with the nitty-gritty of establishing a new blacksmithing enterprise. However, contrary to this perception, the Blacksmith actually has an affect that could not be the result of a single building, as it can equip entire armies with new armour and weapons.

    In Europa Barbarorum II we want to deal with this issue head on, and for that reason we are developing different types of buildings, that maintain a consistent scope in their description and affect. You will still be able to build single buildings, known as Civic Buildings, which will represent Palaces, Theatres, Royal Stables, Temples, and other such awesome buildings commissioned by the Governor of that settlement. These Civic buildings will affect the acquisition of traits and ancillaries (for example, if you build a Temple, you will be more example to get traits and ancillaries for generals in that settlement relating to religion). These buildings will be limited in number for each settlement, and will be prohibitively expensive, so that you will be able to create unique identities for your settlements.

    Following from this, the main building type with be the Infrastructure Buildings. These will represent the control and manipulation of industries and means of production that impact the economic assets of the province. These Infrastructure Buildings will cover a number of concepts, not simply the presence of a particular building, but the control of land, the appropriation of trade networks and storage for the benefit of the controlling faction. The Farm Infrastructure building, for example, will represent the control of food production and trade, and even the ownership of land. The latter is of particular interest as this also becomes a political tool, and can be used by the player to introduce foreign nobility and colonists into a province, altering recruitment and administrative options for that faction, but at a cost.

    This clearer distinction between building types, which will also include the Populace and Authority building types, will, we hope, produce a clearer and more accurate campaign than EBI. Each building type has its own demarcated zones of influence: Populace buildings affect recruitment options, while Authority buildings represent government options, affecting Public Order. There will be cross-over between all four building types, but these more complex interactions can be ignored by the player should they not wish to be bogged down in the minutiae of the campaign.

    As you can see, even just one of our responses to the vanilla campaign in the Total War campaigns is quite a hefty answer in and of itself. We are truly creating a total modification, where each area of the campaign and battles are being looked at and revised to ensure that we produce a consistent, engaging, historically accurate and enjoyable experience.

    - from the September 2011 Eagle Standard Interview with Foot
    5.) Wonders and Unique Buildings

    Wonders and Unique Buildings

    Many provinces will have pre-constructed wonders or unique buildings, with actuall gameplay effects such as public order, income or recruitment bonuses and underlaid with texts giving the player detailed background information regarding those special buildings. Possibly some wonders or unique buildings may be constructable by the player.
    And in some cases demolishing such a building for the sake of gaining a mundane (but large) amount of cash, may cause unexpected repercussions for the player as stated here.

    • Here's a link to the EB2 Wonders Project, where you can post suggestions for wonders and unique buildings.

    6.) Nomad Camps replace Castles

    Nomad Camps replace Castles

    There will be no Castle settlements in EB2. The City/Castle dichotomy of M2TW will be used to represent nomad camps in provinces that were largely nomadic at game start for factions like the Saka Rauka (East Scythian steppe faction), Pahlava (Parthians) or Massylia (Numidians). To fully settle a province later in the game, the nomad faction will have to convert the nomad camp to a permanent settlement. This will open up an entirely new set of building options and change the appearance of the settlement both on the campaign map and on the battle map.

    • Some more information on this topic can be found in the "Nomads Camps" section of the Massylia preview here.

    7.) Economy


    As in EB1 we can also in EB2 expect a diverse and more realistic economy system, which will be none less than a total conversion of the all too simple vanilla ways; and most probably the construction costs and the turns to construct the economy buildings will be noticeably higher than in vanilla M2TW (this will most likely also apply to other building tiers such as barracks etc.).
    8.) Agents

    EB2 will be using modded versions of the vanilla diplomats, spies and assassins. If and how the other agents will be used is not yet clear. A post by a team member on this issue is here.

    So far a Roman diplomat and a Makedonian Emissary have been announced (on twitter, late Feb 2012).
    9.) 'Socio-political Types' replace Religion

    'Socio-political Types' replace Religion

    The M2TW Religion system will be repurposed for something different. It will most likely be used to represent the different socio-political types of ancient statehood, as this quote form the Gaza Campaign description seems to suggest:
    You will also be introduced to the first of the four socio-political types, the city-state type, and how city-state factions spread their influence and culture into a province through the use of military or trade colonies.
    Although the team might have new or different ideas by now.
    10.) Cultures


    The seven cultures, controlling things like the user interface (UI), family member portraits, used campaign map models for settlements and so on, are not yet disclosed. But most likely they will be identic or at least similar to the ones in EB1 which are:

    • Roman
    • West Hellenic
    • East Hellenic
    • Semitic
    • Eastern
    • Nomad
    • Barbarian

    From the FAQ:
    We will use the religion mechanism to represent socio-political affinities, which are in competition in varying degrees in any given settlement. This competition may end up in civil unrest, if a culture gets closer in importance to the dominant one. Certain factions will need to evolve to another culture, which will certainly trigger unrest throughout the territory, and that transition will be harder if the player wants to do it too fast. The cultures are:
    - Arid Nomadism
    - Steppe Nomadism
    - Eastern Imperial
    - Eastern Tribal
    - European Tribal
    - Forest Tribal
    - Western Mediterranean Polities
    - Hellenistic Polities
    - Indian Tribal

    11.) Recruitment System

    Recruitment System

    EB2 will feature an area-of-recruitment (AOR) system that will be interlocked with the new government system with it's authority buildings. Of course also factors such as the player's faction, the actual province with it's province and populace buidlings, constructed military-industrial-complex (MIC) buildings, the M2TW-religion/culture levels (probably used to represent ancient statehood styles in EB2), occurred military reforms and maybe other factors will define what units can be recruited.

    • Some early, and perhaps out-dated, ideas by the team on recruitment in general can be found in Stele#2 here.

    12.) Military Reforms

    Military Reforms

    As in EB1 also EB2 will feature at least rudimentary military reforms for all factions; and quite a few factions will even have unique and complex reforms with perhaps several stages. Possibly not all reforms (or all reform stages) will make it into the initial release. If so they will most likely be implemented in later, ensuing releases.

    • Romani Reforms: The Romans for example will get the Polybian and Marian (and possibly even the Imperial) military reforms.
    • Celtic Reforms:
      As in EB1 there will be 3 reform periods that will take place for the Celtic factions. When these reforms happen certain units within the factional rosters will, in essence, upgrade to a more powerful and deadly (also more expensive) version. Among these chronological changes come new helmets for certain units (such as Montefortinos giving way to Port or Agen style helmets on some units), the amount of leather and chainmail armor they use, and even the bosses upon their shield will progresses from smaller bosses to large ones in the later La Tene period which is represented in the last reform. These sweeping changes, however, will be restricted to certain noble units and some widespread units from the middle class. Archers and other low end units will not change in appearance. In addition, during these reforms certain units will appear that were not encountered before within your kingdom, denoting changes within the inner workings of Celtic society as it transitions from chiefdoms and monarchies to semi-feudal societies governed by nobles and senators, the magistrates and constitutional law, and the mighty uergobretoi. These leading men, in turn, are supported by their ever increasing number of vassals and men-at-arms both on foot and on horseback which can signal the slow decline of the free middle class. - from the first Boii preview

    13.) Campaign AI

    Campaign AI
    The team is working on a custom tailored EB2 CAI to ensure the best possible campaign gameplay.
    14.) FMs and the Traits & Ancillaries System

    FMs and the Traits & Ancillaries System


    • The Teutonic family system will perhaps represent the Romans and some of the other factions, as stated here.
    • The player will be able to choose the faction heir, as stated here.


    • As known from EB1 there will be an interactive and highly sophisticated Traits and Ancillaries System. Here's a statement from Foot on certain buildings influencing FM's traits and ancillaries:
      These Civic buildings will affect the acquisition of traits and ancillaries (for example, if you build a Temple, you will be more example to get traits and ancillaries for generals in that settlement relating to religion).
      Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 
      Quotes from the team's twitter account concerned with religion and generals:
      Working on the temple system and associated traits for the governors. Worshipping the Gods may sometimes give bad traits... ~JMRC
      Just finished a major overhaul of the generals' religious beliefs, which give pos and neg effects and produce greater immersion. ~JMRC
      A carthaginian FM became worshipper of a lusitanian deity. He gets a penalty VS barbarians and now is losing loyalty and getting bad traits.
    • A hint on one specific trait can be found in this post by team member bobbin here.
    • As reference a link to information and files on EB1's traits and ancillaries system is here.

    15.) Roman Office System

    Roman Office System

    A compelx office system for the Romani (Rome), with offices such as Tribunus Militum, Quaestor, Tribunus PlebisConsul etc. will be implemented in EB2. Read more on this topic in the first Romani preview here.
    16.) Voicemods


    EB2 will have voicemods for a variety of factions. A recent post by a team member on this issues is here*. And a short notice can he found in old Stele#4 here.
    17.) Permanent Stone Forts

    Permanent Stone Forts

    The PSFs, permanent stone forts, will be used to...
    "represent other important settlements in a region, which will generate small amounts of money for whoever controls them, (...) we intend them to [be] just as hard to capture as the main settlements are (...). They just plans right now though, and probably won't be in our first release." - from the post here
    18.) Scripted Invasions

    Scripted Invasions

    Playing as Taksashila and declaring independence from the Mauryan Empire will trigger scripted invasions of strong Mauryan forces, as stated here and here in the team's twitter.

    Speculative!: Players occupying the most eastern provinces of the EB2 campaign map may face scripted invasions by e.g. the Indo-European Yuezhi. A vague hint on this feature by a team member can be found here.

    And iirc a team member once stated, that there won't be any scripted "invasions" or the like for events that start off within the EB2 campaign map (e.g. Cimbrii & Teutones, Hannibal Barca's invasion...). Probably because, in 99.9% of all EB2 campaings, their historical preconditions would not be meet.
    19.) Settlement Renaming Feature

    Settlement Renaming Feature

    Maybe there will be a kind of automatic settlement-renaming feature for some factions, that changes the starting/default names of conquered settlements to the version a specific settlement historically had under the rule of the conquering faction; for more information see here (the comment of a team member is further down)
    20.) Re-emerging Factions

    Re-emerging Factions

    There will probably be a script for re-emerging factions, as stated here by bobbin.
    Some Specifics of Battle-Map Gameplay & Units
    Some Specifics of Battle-Map Gameplay & Units

    Information on EB2's real-time battles and tactical gameplay in general...
    1.) Battle Gameplay

    Battle Gameplay

    Here's a selection of features that you can expect to see in EB2:

    • The team is working on it's own unit animations for Slingers, Phalangitai, Hoplites, Horses etc. to ensure an authentic battle feeling.
    • The team is planning to implement the Germanicus BAI.
    • The mod will offer well-balanced and thoroughly tested unit stats.
    • The various types of units will have destinctive capabilities. Expect mobile and hard-running skirmishers, steadfast spearmen, hard-hitting shock infantry, flexible medium peltasts, fast and hard-charging light lancers, barely to heavily armoured missle cavalry, powerful but less mobile heavy cavalry and catapharcts etc.
    • Battles will last longer compared to vanilla M2TW, as units will not get killed or rout as quickly.
    • Hoplites and quite a few other units will get the shieldwall ability and/or overhead spear animations.
    • Phalanx units will of course get the phalanx formation, although their secondary weapon will most likely have to be removed due to limitations of the M2TW engine.
    • Low-tier 'barbarian' units will not be represented by the horde formation.

    • The EB2 units will to a certain degree be comparable to the units of EB1. A link to EB1's unit descriptions is here.

    2.) The Battle Maps (incl. settlements)

    The Battle Maps
    (incl. settlements)
    Some information on the features of EB2's battle maps:

    • The team is working on new generic customized battled map settlements. More on this topic in this Settlement Mini Preview (post #8 of the Areuakoi preview). You can already view some images in the "2 - Screenshots & Images" section in this post.
    • There will be no unique custom battle-maps for cities such as Rome, Athens, Carthage, Persepolis, Babylon, Alexandria etc. for the reasons mentioned in this post.
    • The team is working on new water, soil and grass textures, as mentioned here and here.
    • Also there's the optional EB2 Graphic Enhancement side-mod aiming at giving the battle map a more realistic look and feel, here.

    Here you can find all EB2 videos that were made and presented by the team - in order of their release.
    Please keep in mind that EB2 is still WIP and that these videos don't necessarily represent the units, animations etc. of the initial release. Many issues - as holding shields incorrect etc. - have already been fixed!

    Watch the Videos here and now
    Watch the Videos here and now

    EBII - Phalangitai (2:21) -- September 2008
    The armies of Makedonia and the Ptolemaioi meet on the field in EB2. This video showcases the great new work being made for EB2.

    EBII - Helmets (1:07) -- October 2008
    An upclose look at the models and textures of some of the hellenic helmets, and the reasearch that informed them. Part of Stele #7.

    EBII - Shields (1:22) -- October 2008
    A look at the some of the evidence used to create the hellenic shield designs in EB2. Part of Stele #7.

    EBII - Linthorax (1:07) -- October 2008
    An upclose look at the models and textures of some of the hellenic linothorax. Part of Stele #7.

    EBII - Animation (2:16) -- October 2008
    A closer look at the new animations for archers, slingers, hoplitai and phalangitai appearing in EB2. Part of Stele #7.

    The Hoplite (2:04) -- February 2009
    Video showing the description and various renders of the Hoplite infantry unit. Part of the February Preview.

    The Thureophoroi (1:54) -- February 2009
    Video showing the description and various renders of the Thureophoroi infantry unit. Part of the February Preview.

    The Peltastai Makedonikoi (2:00) -- February 2009
    Video showing the description and various renders of the Peltastai Makedonikoi infantry unit. Part of the February Preview.

    The Oxybeles (2:13) -- February 2009
    Video showing descriptions, renders and animations of the first siege engine for Europa Barbarorum II: The Oxybeles. Part of the February Preview.

    EBII - The People of North Africa (3:17) -- July 2009
    A closer look at some of the new North African units appearing in EB2. Part of The People of North Africa Preview.

    Boii vs Getai on EBII (9:27) -- March 2010
    More than nine minutes of battlefield action featuring some of the Boii (Celtic) and Getai (Thracian) units. [No audio]

    The Getai in Battle (7:11) -- March 2010
    Featuring the Getai battling against the Boii, two of the more than 25 factions in Europa Barbarorum II. [No audio]

    Boii Units Preview (2:06) -- April 2010
    This video shows 4 Boii military units that will appear in Europa Barbarorum II, two of which have 3 different stages concerning their equipment. [No Audio]
    Cast (in oder of appearance):
    - Acus Eporedoi Late (Medium Cavalry)
    - Acus Eporedoi Middle
    - Acus Eporedoi Early
    - Londo Epatoi (Light Cavalry)
    - Kombaragoes Early (Heavy Infantry)
    - Kombaragoes Middle
    - Kombaragoes Late
    - Klappagnetoi (Slingers)

    The Boii in Battle (9:01) -- April 2010
    A further video featuring the Boii battling against the Getai. The units showcased on this video are the Klappagnetoi (Slingers), Eponados (Light Cavalry), Acus Eporedoi (Medium Cavalry), and the Kombaraguones (Heavy Infantry). [No Audio]

    The Romani (2:01) -- June 2010
    Intro video of the Romani faction, that shows the Roman legions of the camillan period (272-200 BC aprox) against a group of invading celts.

    Europa Barbarorum II Sweboz Preview (1:47) -- May 2011
    EB2 Sweboz preview movie - by MaxMazi.

    Taksashila Preview Movie - Europa Barbarorum II (6:30) -- July 2011
    Preview movie presenting some units of the Taksashila faction in Europa Barbarorum II - by MaxMazi.

    External Links for Videos
    External Links for Videos

    EBII - Phalangitai Sep 08
    EBII - Helmets Oct 08
    EB2 Soundtrack
    EB2 Soundtrack

    The EBII Soundtrack Playlist on youtube.

    Here's the link to the thread All the Previews in one Thread.... All as yet released previews and interviews in order of release date; plus other posts or articles with preview-like character:

    Regularly updated official threads
    Regularly updated official threads

    EB2 on Twitter
    EB2 Sneek Peeks
    EB2 Dev Blog
    Official Previews
    Official Previews

    Stele 1 Aug 07
    Stele 2 Aug 07
    Stele 3 Nov 07
    Stele #4 Mar 08
    Stele #5 Apr 08
    Stele #6: Pergamon May 08
    Announcement: The Gaza Campaign Sep 08
    Stele #7: Making the models Oct 08
    February Preview! Feb 09
    Preview Provinces Apr 09
    Preview: Mamla'ha biMassylim May 09
    Preview: The People of North Africa Jul 09
    Preview: The Romani Aug 09
    Preview: The Getai Oct 09
    Preview: The Sauromatae Nov 09
    Preview: The Boii Mar 10
    Preview: The Getai (part2) Mar 10
    Preview: The Boii (II) Apr 10
    Preview: The Pritanoi Apr 10
    Preview: The Romani - (II) Jun 10
    Preview: The Qarthadastim Nov 10
    Preview: The Lugiones Dec 10
    Preview: The Generals Jan 11
    Preview: The Boii (III) Apr 11
    Europa Barbarorum 2: Sweboz preview I May 11
    Preview: Taksashila (Mauryan Satrapy) Jul 11
    Stele 8: release time... Oct 11
    Stele 9: another old name: XIDX Oct 11
    Stele 10: Missing pieces of the UI puzzle Dec 11
    Preview: Arabia Apr 12
    Preview: The Areuakoi Dec 12
    Settlement Mini Preview (post #8 of Areuakoi preview) Dec 12
    Resources Mini Preview (post #9 of Areuakoi preview) Dec 12
    State of the Mod Adress, Fall 2013: We're Almost There Oct 13
    Interviews with team members
    Interviews with team members

    Eagle Standard Interview with Foot Sep 11 Interview with JMRC Apr 12 Interview with Red_Devil (English version in second spoiler) Dec 12
    Interview with V.T.Marvin Apr 13

    You can find signature banners, and partly wallpapers, for specific factions in the respective previews. For convenience all banners, wallpapers and other fan paraphernalia are gathered together in a single thread here.

    Release Info

    This is an official announcement from the EB2 team - so rest assured: EB2 Is Coming!
    October 2013: "Today we have an incredibly exciting announcement to make: We are close to making an alpha release of our mod."
    But just for all impatient fans... as the team often stated the mod "is done when it’s done". Questions about the release date have been brought up quite often in this forum and are a continung nuisance for the team… so please don’t ask for one. The team is diligently working on the mod - as far as families, friends, pets, jobs etc. allow - and is eager to get it done!

    If you're bothered about the release taking too long or want the mod to be released as soon as possible, please consider offering your services in the EBII Recruitment thread.

    Keeping Up To Date

    Besides reading any new previews, checking some of the other threads and looking into the FAQ now and then... the best way to keep an ear on the ground, is to visit the following threads on a regular basis:

    EB2 on Twitter - with the newest information on EB2 and it's progress plus some images
    EB2 Sneek Peeks - with regular updates containing lots of images plus some information on progress of the mod
    EB2 Dev Blog - with updates from time to time containing detailed information on some of the developments and mod features

    This is a by far incomplete list of the folks working on this eagerly anticipated mod - in alphabetical order:

    alin / Tux
    I Am Herenow
    Tellos Athenaios
    The Persian Cathapract

    ... and many more, who are not yet listed here. Be sure to give them some +rep now and then!

    Europa Barbarorum 2


    EB2 on Twitter
    EB2 on Facebook

    EB2 at

    The 'Europa Barbarorum' YouTube Channel


    EB2 TWC Wiki
    EB2 fan-forum at

    Europa Barbarorum 1

    EB1 here at TWC
    EB1 at


    EB1 online unit list
    EB1 TWC Wiki
    EB1 Fan Wiki

    EB1 Wikipedia article

    Miscellaneous Links

    link-section of

    EB1 bibliography at

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    This should be stickied as some people still ask for what factions have been revealed and all that.

    = - True Love

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    Default Re: Europa Barbarorum II General Overview

    very good thread!

    Edit: you forgot the generals though!
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    corrections in the factions list: it's Pahlava not Partha, Makedonia, and Lusotannan. also, you could order them alphabetically for ease of access. Baktra could be Indo-Greeks. spelling error: "The Gaza Campaing". suggestion time!: you could put in the parentheses for the diadochi factions something like Ptolemaioi (Successor state: Egypt) etc...

    anyway, good job
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    Great one mate!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Casual Tactician View Post

    Campaign Map This is a stylized campaign map of Europa Barabarorum (RTW), but most likely the EBII map will be very similar.

    I have just one note,you must make better map(more precise coasts and borders)from campaign map of first EB,for example Roma Surrectum 2 campaign map is far more precise than RS i hope that the map will be not too much "similar" ,the other thing are great

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    Default Re: Europa Barbarorum II General Overview

    Note: 'Fan-Based'.

    He's just informing us of particular features.

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    good thread!

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    Nice idea!, you have spelt Bosporan Kingdom wrong btw.

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    i m a fan for EB I can't wait for EB II already!!!!
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    Excellent idea! We should keep this on the first page, so newcomers can see it (maybe mention it in the FAQ?).

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    I'll sticky it for you.

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    Perhaps adding a bit about the release date (or lack thereof) would help a lot.

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    Updated the preview (post#1).

    THX to raest and bobbin for finding those spelling mistakes. Added a Release Date section thx to Populus Romanus' idea.

    Oh, it's stickyed.

    ...good! -- that saves me from posting nonesense posts now and again to keep it on the first page.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Casual Tactician View Post
    How to link a specific (informative/useful) post:
    Go to the post and memorise it's date and time -> then click on the poster's name to the left of the post -> then click "View Public Profil" -> then click tab "Statistics" -> under "Total Posts" click "Find all Posts by xx" -> scroll to the post (using the memorised date & time of the post) and then click the smaller italic post name inside the frame -> this should be the specific post; now copy the address in your internet browser and you can use/post it. - Maybe it can be done easier, but this works anyway.
    If it is on the TWC then people can just quote the post like I am doing now, quoted posts have a link to the original by default (it's the little green arrow). For stuff from other forums (ie: the .org) they can just click on the post number, this will provide a direct link to the post in your address bar which can then be copied, it can also be done for the TWC as well.


    Quote Originally Posted by Casual Tactician View Post
    Oh, it's stickyed.
    Indeed, now you have to keep it up to date or I'll unsticky it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bobbin View Post
    Indeed, now you have to keep it up to date or I'll unsticky it.
    It's like being the orderly secretary of chaotic but ingenious modders.
    Will keep it up to date - but (as time goes on) probably only once a week or every second week; unless there is a major announcement by the team.
    Included your mini-guide on quoting/using posts btw - thx for that.

    @ all:
    Oh... nearly forgot -- I did another overhaul of the preview with some new stuff in it.

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    Default Re: Europa Barbarorum II General Overview (Unofficial)

    About the Boii VS Getai video: I posted it to youtube some time ago, so you can link to that.

    And maybe add a link to the recruitment thread?

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    Thank you for this thread Casual Tactician !

    + rep
    EBII fan appeal: The Europa Barbarorum II team [M2TW] is in dire need of YOUR HELP RIGHT NOW! - Dear modders, please get in touch HERE!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Horatius Flaccus View Post
    About the Boii VS Getai video: I posted it to youtube some time ago, so you can link to that.

    And maybe add a link to the recruitment thread?
    Will leave away a link to the recruitment thread as it is stickyed and I don't want the overview to become too crowded.
    [EDIT2: Actually a good idea; if it forwards one or two future team members/helpers it's worth it already. And as I did a special link-section it won't make the overview to crowded.]

    Added the video link - thx.

    Can anyone tell me what the default font (is it Verdana?) and the default font colour for editing posts is? And is size 2 the default size?
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    Nice work man!

    Culture System
    EBII will be using the culture system of the Kingdoms expansion and not the Religion system. The seven cultures are: Barbarian, Roman, Western Greek, Eastern Greek, Semitic, Eastern and Nomadic/Steppe.
    Have they already said something about this? I thought I read something about city-state vs. nomadic "religion" or something similar somewhere, but I can't recall where.

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