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Thread: Prophesy of Pendor WB FAQ (Last Updated: 2/11/11)

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    Default Prophesy of Pendor WB FAQ (Last Updated: 2/11/11)

    Greetings Everyone,

    I'm MP, and the following is a compendium of the most Frequently Asked Questions about our mod, to assist you in finding the answer to most questions about POP 3, WB. Please keep in mind, if you’ve read the other POP FAQ, that there are similarities between that FAQ and this one, because a lot of that information is still relevant for the Warband port as well. I will detail in this FAQ where PoP 3, Warband differs from PoP 3, V 1.011. Please also note that from now on in this FAQ, I will refer to POP as “POP 3: WB” to prevent any confusion with the Original POP for M&B. In conclusion, I’d like to give special thanks to the following contributors of this FAQ since a lot of this source material is from the original POP for M&B V1.011: Fawzia Dokhtar-I-Sanjar, Griefer, Treebeard, Abyss, Achilla, M0rdred, Talon Aquilla, Chiksika, Gerhart, SCGavin, thethiefofdarkness, and Saxondragon. Here is some important information.

    1. Important Legal Notices concerning POP 3: WB

    You may not use PoP 3: WB music with "_lic.ogg" in its title in any mod but PoP 3: WB or for any other purpose whatsoever. It is licensed for PoP 3: WB under paid non-commercial distribution licenses and copyrighted by its composers and Shockwave Sound.

    may not use any non-OSP model or mesh in PoP 3: WB without explicit written permission from Saxondragon.

    Before using any non-Native feature, or something attributed specifically to another modder or mod found (ie. a great many things!) in PoP 3 WB in a mod, you'd be very wise to consult Saxondragon for permission. There are enormous amounts of original voices, artwork, codes, models, writing, meshes and other copyrighted work in PoP 3 WB.

    2. Prophesy of Pendor 3.2xx: WB is made for M&B: Warband V 1.134 and above

    PoP 3: WB is designed for experienced M&B WB players. If you just began playing Mount and Blade: Warband, you may want to develop your fighting skills in Native or easier mods before trying PoP 3: WB, but we welcome all comers if you are like us and just want to get right into the fire and take your beatings as you play. Whatever the case, be advised that you have been WARNED.

    3.My game crashed, what’s going on!!?

    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 
    Be advised that this is not a technical support thread, so do not expect major answers to your hardware issues here. This FAQ for POP 3: WB is going to be more about actual game play than anything else. If you need assistance on technical matters, please visit our Official PoP support thread located:

    4.Game Breakers and Cheats you should be aware of

    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 
    1) Do not alter the codes in any way. PoP 3: WB has been extensively recoded and you will cause many bugs or experience crashes if you combine PoP 3: WB’s codes with tweaks designed for Native, or even tweaks from other mods because so much has changed. Bugs caused by your tweaks to the code are NOT supported.

    2) If you alter the items file to make items available to you or to increase their stats/hp, remember that all your enemies who use that equipment will benefit from your tweaks. All the armor, horses and weapons are in use in the game, many by your enemies. If your tweaks cause bugs, (which they probably will) those bugs are unsupported.

    3) Do not add anything to the items file. We are maxed out. Your game won't load or will crash if you do. Please don't report this as a bug.

    4) If you cheat, you will get two warnings about it. After cheating three times, you will get the Cheater’s Achievement Award. That award, (different from the PoP 3 , V 1.011 version) will disable all the rewards you would have gotten from your Achievements for the duration of that game, even though you still get the Achievement Awards themselves.
    This is not a bug. Save before you use a cheat. The only cheats that trigger the cheater’s achievement are ctrl+h in battle to restore health and ctl+shift+f4 in battle (Hand of God) If you use these cheats, than the Cheater’s Achievement WILL trigger. The trigger ONLY happens with those two cheats specifically. It does not matter if you have cheats enabled in the game or not - the Cheaters Award triggers from those two key combinations. (Be careful with horse rear – key combination ctrl+j – you may hit ctrl+h instead by mistake. The only way to remove the record of that first warning is to revert to a previous save game.)

    5) Do not add any other mods to PoP 3: WB. Doing so may crash your game.

    Reminder from MadVader:

    Common Native cheats/hacks you don't need because they are in the game:
    1. Make cattle follow you
    2. Disable companion complaints
    3. Talk to village elders from a village menu
    4. Change your banner
    5. Make more cattle available in late game
    6. Allow inventory/party/player hotkeys in menus during sieges and joined battles
    7. Prisoner price varies with their level
    8. Weekly cost in party screen shows all your costs including garrisons

    5. Griefer’s Guide to POP WB Strategy and Tactics:

    Campaign tactics

    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 
    The Campaign AI is brutal and relentless and with formations enabled Vicky really shines (read - beats you down and passes you around like the last pack of smokes in a prison yard) in larger battles between Lords. In Warband you're going to find the mid-late game is even tougher than the early game. Don't get frustrated, get smart. If you're having a hard time stop a moment, zoom way out and start putting a plan together. Formations only work against organized enemies like lord’s armies, not against disorganized groups like bandits.

    Early game

    -Take advantage of one-sided battles. Jump into them to grab a little renown. You can also pick up little bonuses in relation to the lords involved for fighting on the same side together.

    -Don't just pick up troops willy-nilly. Have a plan and idea of what sort of force you're building. In the early game focus on quality mounted troops. Go for Adventurers. Rescuing a Huscarl may seem like a good opportunity but in the early game he will have little impact compared to an Adventurer or Jatu Mercenary.

    -Be realistic in fights you pick and tournaments you join. Don't throw away expensive troops for the sake of a meaningless victory or waste money betting on yourself in tournaments you're unlikely to win.

    -Save money. Invest in properties. Do village quests. Lay groundwork for the mid-game.


    -Recruit and train troops for a pre-planned purpose.

    -Find and recruit companions aggressively. Tailor their skills towards what you need and consider what faction you want to join. Remember that leaving a faction resets your relations with the faction as a whole but leaves your relations with individual lords intact.

    -Scout out relative faction power and success. It varies from game to game. Choose where you want to start your empire. Think about how you want to do it. Look for properties that change hands often. They are great targets because they'll have weak garrisons. Get more aggressive in tournaments and investments; you need to build up large reserves of cash and renown for what comes next.

    Late game

    -With the Campaign AI at 'Good' and difficulty set to 100+ it may not even be possible to win the game without intelligent empire management and good Lord management. It will be less than 3 real-life minutes from the time you take an enemy castle to the time that the faction you took it from shows up to siege it with 1500 troops. Even if you survive the siege, they will be back very, very quickly, frequently with reinforcements. After a few game days, 2 or 3 lords with 500 troops may attack you just after you survived the first 1500+ horde.

    -Have a starting plan. The first 30 days are critical and it's far easier to start out by taking a property and joining a faction to protect you than going it alone.

    -Be a master-recruiter or rescuer. If you're going to go the recruitment route build high relations (+30 or more) with every village you can in the faction you want to recruit troops from. This will get you more troops faster.

    -Build a Sheriff in your villages and create patrols. Help the patrols against enemies and try to let the patrol release prisoners to add to its army. This will make it bigger and stronger. These patrols will chase off bandits that harass your farmers. More farmers getting to and from towns = better economy for villages and towns. Do quests for your friendly villages whenever you have time. This raises relations with them and you'll get more and better recruits when you visit them.

    Going the King route in the late game

    -Collect Lords and make companions lords.

    -Set timelines for yourself. 'By X days I want to have X troops and X allied Lords in position to take X city'. You don't want to get caught totally unprepared for a siege, either attacking or defending, suddenly finding your empire destroyed while you were hunting Qualis Gems for a Rune Axe.

    -Despite the temptation, don't grant fiefs and towns indiscriminately. Give 1 or 2 lords the lion’s share of domains. Be sure each has a couple of villages, have 2 or 3 lords with a castle, too, but one or two that have a town, a castle or two and some villages. This drastically affects the size of the army the lords will have and how quickly it regenerates. Make on of these lords the Marshall of your kingdom. Then you will have time to chase Qualis gems, do quests and recruit troops. This will also give you a solid ally to take with you to larger sieges. They'll bring a 300 troop army that refills quickly. If you pick up a Lord who has some interesting unique units in his army, that's a best man to choose. You can even give them some soldiers from time to time to keep them buffed up. It is also a good idea to improve the towns and castles a bit before you give them away, because that will give your lords more money and better troops from them.

    -The bump and drop of relationship points for granting/not granting fiefs isn't very serious. You'll get a +1 bonus for every battle you fight together. The easiest way to manage your lord relationships is to gather them and go curb-stomping with them. Attack enemy Lords, minor faction armies, etc. As soon as the battle is over, talk to everyone. You'll get a +1 relation.

    -Don't hog the Marshall position. If you appoint an aggressive Lord as Marshall, he will ensure your Lords stay busy while you're occupied recruiting troops or attending to other things.

    -Don't be stingy with troops for allies. Dropping 100 Ravenstern Rangers into an ally’s army will cut your monthly expenses and improve the power of your empire as a whole.

    -There are towns with garrisons of 1000+ troops, quality troops, and you’ll need to bring a good 1500+ of your own troops to siege and take it. Expect a very bloody battle with high casualties. Have an overall strategy for how you intend to destroy each particular faction and build your army and your allied armies towards that goal.

    -Manage your empire as an entirety; ensure all your peasants are protected from bandits and raids and their lands are prosperous and improved. Keep your Lords busy patrolling or conquering even when they're not following you. The enemy VI never sleeps. Don't let it catch you dozing.

    Battlefield Tactics:

    General unit-type tactics

    -When leading a large cavalry charge (30+mounted units) against enemy archers or infantry, begin by charging the enemy’s right flank, then veer towards the enemy’s left flank so that your entire line of cavalry troops is parallel to the enemy before issuing a 'charge' command. This will spread your cavalry out to charge and maximize their effectiveness.

    -Keep infantry in formation until after the fighting begins. In fact, unless they're fighting a larger enemy force, leave them in formation.

    -Archers can be moved more closely together to maximize their firepower against more compact enemy groups or spread out to make it easier for your cavalry and infantry to advance past them if you're expecting an enemy cavalry charge.

    -Respect the power of polearms. Mixing halberdiers and pikemen into your shield-wall infantry will increase their killing power and survival dramatically.

    -Respect the killing power of archers in melee against other infantry. Armored Longbowmen and Armored Crossbowmen will kill all sorts of pure infantry units. Don't be afraid to order them to charge once battle is joined, if you think the odds are bad. Don't expect a few Huscarls to wipe out a Sarleon archer line!

    Small band of soldiers, less than 50 units

    -Quality is the key here. Companions, Adventurers, quality mounted units will make or break you on this scale. Mobility, the of yourself and your troops ability to hit and run will determine the ebb and flow of the battle.

    -You may want to build a larger army with archers and infantry, but in the small battles, it is unquestionably the number and quality of your cavalry that determines your success and survival.

    Smaller armies, 50-100 units

    -Keep a good 50% balance of archers. Especially in smaller army versus smaller army conflicts, having about half your army as quality archers can be extremely powerful. Rangers, Armored Crossbowmen, Armored Longbowmen, Barclay Sappers, these

    units can decimate the enemy before they close. Each casualty has a measurable impact on your army so play 100% defense. Don't bother with fragile cavalry at this point. Most of the smaller armies you'll be fighting will be sub-factions and not actual Lords, so they will not use the VI but the regular Warband AI. That means they will generally b-line towards your cavalry. Line up your archers, have your infantry form a shield-wall and stand you and your cavalry behind it. The enemy will often just meander towards you and try to push through your archers and infantry to get to you. When they scatter, attack with your cavalry and clean up. Do NOT use this approach if you're fighting an enemy Lord! The VI will behave very differently.

    Mid-range armies, 100-200 units

    -As you start to hit 150 or more troops and get into battles with 200 and more enemies, the composition of your army needs to change. 50% archers is no longer effective; the VI will lead enemy cavalry into vulnerable sections of your archers, who will be spread in a long line. They will be numerous enough that cavalry charges will hit your archer line and start chewing them up. Enemy cavalry will attempt to flank you and draw fire on the move while enemy infantry advances. At this point archers should be around a third of your army size and cavalry becomes far more important. You may also find it better to get aggressive, advancing your infantry ahead to soak arrows with their shields while your archers advance behind protected by your cavalry. Battles of this size are rarely one-sided unless one side is drastically larger or superior than the other. Do not lead your cavalry around to flank early because they will likely be isolated and destroyed. Keep them back to meet enemy cavalry charges. After your infantry engages, move them around to flank and destroy enemy archers before attacking enemy infantry.

    Large armies, 200-400 units

    -Here is where tactics really start to shine, both yours and the VI’s. If you don't take the time to intelligently manage your troops and their movement and position on the field the VI is going to demolish you. Even if you win it's going to be very, very bloody. Use asymmetric formations, keep your infantry all up behind one side of your archer line and your cavalry behind the other. Consider separating out faster 'shock' infantry like Gladiators and put them past the left or right flank of your archers. That way you can command them to advance a few times and charge to move them past the enemies flank after battle is joined.

    -Watch out for cavalry forces moving to flank your infantry and cavalry to get at your archers. When attacking aggressively, be careful of traps - the VI will try to lure your cavalry into a charge and then ram them into a tight infantry formation of pikes and spears who will kill even Hero Adventurers before you realize what happened. If you have the best infantry, advance them ahead of your archers - if the enemy runs out to meet them, great. Move your archers to a flank and let them do their work while your cavalry flanks the enemy to destroy the enemy archers. If they don't, just ram your infantry into the enemy line and then command it to charge. Keep your cavalry on the move so they don't get caught flat-footed. Be aware of where enemy reinforcements will spawn from so that you don't get caught trapped between retreating enemy troops and advancing enemy reinforcements. Don't get lured into chasing retreating enemies back into enemy reinforcements. Reform your troops or the enemy reinforcement charge can do you a lot of damage. Have your archers hold fire until the enemy is close, actively manage your ranged units to conserve ammunition or you'll be facing a wave of fierce and fresh reinforcements with empty quivers and wounded infantry.

    Huge battles with multiple lords on each side, 400-2500 units

    -Don't just leave your allies to it. Regardless of their tactics you have to stay on the move to support them. Hang together or you will surely hang apart. Move immediately to a flank and expect to be on the offense. Let your allies take the bulk of the enemy force. Set up your infantry and archers to attack the next waves of enemy reinforcements. Order your archers to hold fire or they will exhaust their ammunition far too early. After your infantry and archers are positioned to deal with enemy reinforcements use your cavalry to charge the enemy attacking your allies and hit them from behind. When they scatter and retreat reform your cavalry so they don't run off and get nailed by a massive cavalry horde that pops up as reinforcements or leave your infantry and archers unprotected from flanking enemy attack.

    -Keep your cavalry with you or they'll likely get caught up among allied troops as much as enemies, dragged from their horses and killed. Stay on the move. Hit large enemy cavalry formations dead-on, this will grind them to a halt. When possible get them to chase you at an angle relative to your archers so their sides are exposed. Don't hesitate to fall back to allied reinforcements if the battle is turning against you. Always stay focused on where the next wave of reinforcements is coming from or you can find the battle swinging suddenly out of control.

    6.Treebeard’s Guide to the new Formations and VI in POP 3:WB:

    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 
    Note from the Dev Team: This guide is by Treebeard, fiendish inventor of Vicky, the new Virtual Intelligence, who has made it necessary for the Dev Team to invest in large quantities of Vaseline before a battle with any group of significant importance, because we knew we'd need it! She's whipped us like a red-headed stepchild on numerous occasions, and if you skip reading Treebeard's guide, you will shortly find yourselves in BIG trouble. Luckily, though the game starts with Formations turned on, you can turn off Formations in the camp menu if Vicky proves too much for you, particularly if you are not an experienced player. We also advise that, since no one but the Dev Team has played with Vicky activated, even quite experienced players reduce difficulty levels in your games initially until you get to know her better. (We did.) She's a whole new animal! Players new to M&B Warband and inexperienced players BEWARE! Please read Treebeard's guide which follows or you will definitely come to grief when Vicky gets hold of you!


    The new VI (Battle AI) triggers when the Battle Formations setting is turned ON (in PoP3 WB: options in the Camp Menu). It is combined with formations. Both the VI and the player have Formations capability. The VI will use formations in combination with maneuvering in order to give the player a greater challenge on the battlefield. The VI is also responsive to the player’s actions and will react in a sensible way. The VI is dynamic and will not act exactly the same in two repeated battles. If the player finds the VI to be too hard, it can be turned off in the PoP 3: WB settings. When the VI is active the player’s commands have a chance to be spoken. Do not use the Esc key when issuing orders. That will mess up the audio commands because the Esc key cannot be listened to by the code (- TW problem). If you have un-synced audio commands they can be re-synced by selecting a battle group (numeric keys 1 through 0 on the keyboard). On some occasions, the battle order panel may become disabled (it will not trigger by pressing the Backspace key) upon knockout of the player. If this happens you’ll have to watch the battle play out without being able to issue any “post-mortem” commands, so make sure you command your troops wisely. Player battles against the VI incur a small bonus to renown.

    I decided to call it VI to make it stand out against normal Native AI and other mods’ AI.

    AI means Artificial Intelligence and implies something that is real and has intelligence (- an Intelligent machine for example). An artificial intelligence is creative and can evolve on its own.

    In contrast, VI means Virtual Intelligence. Virtual is something that is not real and that simulates something. In this case the computer simulates Intelligence by following logical rules and tracking information on the battlefield. A VI can’t be creative and evolve on its own. It is kind of like comparing “Virtual Reality” with “Actual Reality”.

    Vicky is derived from the first letters in Virtual Intelligence. It gives the VI a nice personality tied to a name. Actually Vicky is gender neutral (the name can be derived from either Victoria or Victor), but it is commonly thought to be a female.

    Vicky is the player’s challenger. She/He will do her/his best to challenge the player on the battlefield and make the player pay for being sloppy.

    If the player likes he can turn off Vicky by changing the Battle Formations to OFF in the Camp Menu under POP 3:WB Options. Of course, once you have met Vicky you don’t want to turn her/him off, would you? That would be Rude!

    Cavalry starts in Wedge and I rarely take them out of that formation prior to charging.

    Upon charge any formation will be undone.

    When Formations is turned ON in the Camp menu, it will add the ability for Infantry to form Ranks, Shield Wall, Square and Wedge. Archers gain the ability to form a staggered line. Cavalry gains the ability to form a Wedge.

    In order for the troops to be able to form any formation, they will need to have a certain number. For cavalry the minimum number of troops is 5. For archers and Infantry the minimum number is 12 troops. At any time in a battle when you have issued a formation form command or give the Hold order, the current formation will set up near the position that you (the player) had when you issued the command: infantry to the left, cavalry to the right, and archers up front.

    Player troops start every battle in formation. The AI also uses formations and can move in formations. If the player wants to move and keep formations, then he holds down the Hold order and points the “hold flag” at the position he wants his formations to move. Alternatively, he can use the Advance 10 Steps order repeatedly to move his selected troops in formation. A third alternative is to use the mini-map control panel (accessible by pressing Backspace) and click on a position on it to move and hold that position.

    The formation key bindings are:

    "J" for ranks – Ranks is a three line deep formation that puts the most experienced troops in the front. It is available for Infantry. The command also applies to Archers, but in their case they will form a Staggered Line. This formation is good against other infantry and archers.

    "K" for Shield Wall –The shield wall command will only affect Infantry. This makes them form three lines. They will have shield units in the front, then short weapons, then pole weapons. This formation is good to use when advancing against archers.

    "L" for Wedge (NOTE: the player should reassign the "L" for "Log" mapping to another unused key) – Wedge commands can affect Cavalry and Infantry. It is a triangular formation that has its tip towards the general enemy position. The formation uses its most experienced troops in the front. This formation is good to make a dent in a different formation and split it up. It is best used with high level troops that have good armor and weapons.

    ";" for Square - The Square command makes a square out of the square root of the number of Infantry units. If you have 25 Infantry units the square will be five columns with five units in each column. This formation is a useful defensive formation against cavalry.

    "U" for No Formation (undo formation) –This command disassembles all current formations for the selected troop type(s) and puts them back in Native Hold formation mode.

    When will a Formation be undone? It will be undone when you issue a Charge command. For Cavalry it will also be undone if you issue a Dismount command.

    In what direction do formations face? Formations face the general direction of the enemy.

    Please note:
    Treebeard's formations only work against organized armies, like those of the lords, not with disorganized groups like bandits or Vanskerry raiders.

    To make Formations work:

    1.You must have Battle Formations ON

    2.The encountered party must belong to a disciplined faction
    3.The battle type must be a regular field battle (- i.e. not a village attack or siege or such battles)

    Undisciplined factions are generally troops on the map that have white color. Other undisciplined factions are: Red Brotherhood, Mystmountain, Mountain Bandits, Forest Bandits, Outlaws.

    When you are in a Formations and VI battle you'll notice a message at the start of the battle about Forming troops. If there is no such message you are in a battle against undisciplined troops and Formations and VI are turned off.

    Disciplined factions are all kingdom factions, heretics, snake cult, noldor, Renegade knights and Jatu. In these battles you'll face the VI and have formations (if you have the Battle Formations option turned ON).

    When in a Formations and VI battle it also depends on which group/division you have currently selected. If you have archers listening and you order a square or wedge command it will have no effect. If you select everyone (0) then those who can form for example wedge will do so (if you order wedge). So if you have a selection that consists of less than required troop types for a certain formation, then they won't be able to form that formation.

    7. Abyss’s Companion Bubble and Tips on some of the best companion combinations

    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    Dev Notes:
    -One companion will tolerate another companion he/she does not like if he/she also has a likeable companion in the party as well. Example: Boadice will tolerate Ansen, as long as Sir Jocelyn is in the party as well (Since Boadice likes Sir Jocelyn), but if you have Ansen and Sir Rayne (who Boadice also dislikes) in your party then it will not work and one or both companions who do not like each other may leave you eventually.
    -The maximum allowed companions you can have that will not cause any trouble for you is 8. If you have more than 8, even if every single party member gets along, companions will start to leave you no matter what you do. It was never our intention for you to control more than 8 companions at one time, so do not expect a change to this at all.

    Maximum Companion Count option #1
    (Note: Below is from the Original M&B Version, there could be some changes to this in the WB Version)


    You can add Ansen+Sir Rayne for versatility or Boadice+Frederic for more asskicking power.

    Key Points about Option #1

    -Do not raid villages,steal from peasants or rob merchants,otherwise Leslie,Diev,Boadice are upset.
    -Do not run from battles,or Sir Alistair,Sir Rayne,Frederick are upset.
    -Do not fail quests,or Alyssa is upset.
    -Do not fail to feed or pay the men,do not get slaughtered or Kaverra,Siggy,LethalD,Julia,Ansen are upset.

    Maximum Companion Count option #2


    You can add ANY combination of the inner circle to this,Boadice+Ansen,Frederick+Sir Rayne,Ansen+Sir Rayne etc.

    Key Points to Option #2

    -Do not raid villages, steal from peasants or rob merchants,otherwise Jocelyn and Roland are upset.
    -Do not run from battles,or Donavan,Ediz,Sara are upset.
    -Do not fail to feed or pay the men,do not get slaughtered or Adonja,Kassim,Riva are upset.

    Maximum Companion Count option #3 (For the not so honorable players)


    The upside to this choice is you get Ansen and Alyssa.


    Alistair-Siggy-Donavan-Kassim-Ediz-Riva-Sara-Sir Rayne

    The upside to this choice is you get Sigismund and Sir Rayne.

    Key points to Option #3

    -With the above groups, FEEL FREE TO raid villages, steal from poor miserable peasants, rob merchants and GET AWAY WITH IT.

    Maximum Companion Count Option #4 (For the Chivalry Haters)


    Key Points about option #4

    -This is probably the most hard core, kick ass warring joint ever.

    -Though you lack a medic with this build.
    -Feel free to run from battles as much as you like, surrender, pay off bullies and bandits, leave some men behind to cover your escape, and even then everyone is happy!

    Maximum Companion Count option #5 (You simply don't like Egalitarians and It’s survival of the fittest)


    Upon this seven, you can either add;

    Alistair + Alyssa or Roland + Sara by choice.

    Key points about option #5

    -It would appear that Double A's would be a better choice. Unless you're a real big fan of funny moustaches and man-eaters.
    -The upside of this build is that you don't have to feed your men any more, or pay them. No companions will object. You can get slaughtered like lambs, and everyone's happy.
    -This build is also quite versatile in skills distribution of companions.
    -But the downside is it has all the rest of the some packages mentioned already. So, Can't go raiding stuff or surrendering, or failing quests with this group.

    8.Tips on recruiting Lords and Vassals once you’re a King by SCGavin .

    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 
    It has often been asked on this forum how you can recruit lords in Prophesy of Pendor and although a multitude of threads have been written on the subject, I think that a concise thread might be of some use. This thread will explain how to get lords and hopefully help you enjoy Prophesy of Pendor.

    How to recruit lords?

    There are two ways to recruit lords. One of them is to befriend them and then take them prisoner, the other is to destroy their faction.

    1. Befriend lords and take them prisoner

    In order to befriend lords you need to increase your relationship with them. The relationship is shown in points. You can see it when you talk to a lord and move the courser over his face, which can be seen in the upper left corner of the conversation screen. You need to have a relationship of at least seventeen points with a lord to be able to recruit him. When you take a lord with whom you have 17 relationship-points or more prisoner and talk to him by clicking on "talk" in the party window, he will offer you to swear homage (or something along those lines). Accept this oath and he will be your vassal. Taking him prisoner will see the relationship decrease a few points, but if you give him towns, castles or villages or help him in battle, those points will quickly be back.

    To gain those relationship-points or more, you can do several things:

    -Do quests for the lord.

    -Help him in battle.
    -Beat him in battle and let him go instead of taking him prisoner.
    -Gain honor. (You gain honor by letting lords go free instead of taking them prisoner and by freeing Noldor prisoners from your party (to do this go to the party screen, select a Noldor unit and click on "talk". After you have some honor your relationship with some lords will automatically improve from time to time, without any action on your part).

    2. Defeat a faction

    -When you defeat a faction the lords of that faction will be randomly shared between the remaining factions, so you stand a pretty good chances to get lords this way, although you could have the bad luck to get the worst lords or the lords who hate you (you could of course also have good luck and get the best lords).

    9. Map of the trade routes and mp84’s trade guide in POP3: WB.
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 
    Please Note that this map was made for the Original PoP and not POP: WB, however, the routes should be the same for POP 3: WB, so this would be helpful.

    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 
    This is a lot easier as a Mercenary with no threats to any faction, but naturally you can change it up as you declare yourself to one faction or become independent yourself. The most important rule of trading is buy low and naturally sell high, but naturally you have to buy the right items.

    Items you want to buy most of the time and their price ranges.

    1) Iron - Buy between 0-170 and sell for around 300 or more
    2) Oil - Buy between 250-370 and sell for around 500-550 or more
    3) Salt - Buy between 0-170 and sell for around 300 or more
    4) Dates - Buy between 0-60 and Sell for around 170 or more
    5) Linen - Buy beween 0-180 and sell for around 280 or more
    6) Cloth - Buy between 0-260 and sell for around 400 or more
    7) Spices - Buy between 0-680 and sell for around 800 or more
    8 ) Flax - Buy between 0-60 and sell for around 160 or more

    Those are the main commodities you want to focus on and will give the most profit out of all other items.. Speaking of the others items below are the items you should avoid because the profit margin to them is way to low:

    1) Hide
    2) Ale
    3) Dye
    4) Tools (some may disagree, but the profit margin is never anywhere good for it to be profitable in terms of quantity available)
    5) Leatherwork
    6) Wine
    7) Wool
    8 ) Pottery
    9) Raw Silk
    10) Velvet (another one that be nice if the price is right, but quantity is usually very small)
    11) Furs

    Those items you want to avoid buying, unless you see them like super cheap, then purchases of Wine, Leatherwork, Dyes, Tools, or Velvet could be worthwhile for a tiny quick profit, but overall it's usually not available in good quantity, so it hardly makes it a must have to buy.

    And now the best places to find good quantity of the better items you want to buy:

    1) Iron - Sanderfall
    2) Oil - Laria
    3) Salt - Singal, Torbah and sometimes Windholm as well
    4) Dates - D'Shar territories of Singal, Ishkoman, Torbah, and also Nal Tar too.
    5) Linen - This tricky cause Linen is usually available everywhere, you just have to find the right price for it. Usually I find the best prices for it in either Ishkoman or Poinsbruk.
    6) Cloth - So far the best prices I've found for this is in Ravernstern Territories of Rane and Poinsbruk, and sometimes Laria as well.
    7) Spices - Mostly fine the best price of this in Nal Tar only.
    8 ) Flax - Best prices I've seen for this is in Fierdsvain Territories of Valonbray, Javiksholm and Windholm.

    Best places to sell your best commodity items:

    1) Iron - Almost everywhere, ironically you can make really good sell prices in Ravernstern, Rane, and Poinsbruk and sometimes D'Shar territories too so it's short and quick.
    2) Oil - Empire Lands of Cez, Ethos, Janos sell well here, and sometimes D'Shar Territories too.
    3) Salt - Ravernstern Lands sells Salt well, and makes a good route back and force from Ravenstern Lands to D'Shar Lands..
    4) Dates - Fierdsvain territories of Valonbray, Javiksholm, and Windholm is where you will be getting rid of most of this stock.
    5) Linen - Everywhere really, just need to find the right price if you have a good surplus of it based on the sell prices I suggested above.
    6) Cloth - Same as above, everywhere, just find the best prices you can for it.. Sometimes Avendor and Marleons can give you good sell prices on this too.
    7) Spices - Another everywhere, just find the best prices that sell your spices for over 800 Denars, so you can make maximum profit on it.
    8 ) Flax - Hands down Avendor, I've seen them sell there for over 250 a pop.. If you lucky you can get Flax really cheap in those Fierdsvain territories, so this would be a killer profit for you.

    Now, in terms of what route to take. I basically go around like this..

    1st Part of the Route:
    Ishkoman ---> Torbah ---> Singal --> Nal Tar:
    - Grabbing what Salt, Dates, and Spices I can for good price
    - Selling left over prices of maybe Oil or Iron that I've picked up on the way

    2nd Part of the Route:
    Valonbray ---> Javiksholm --> Windholm --> Avendor ---> Marleons
    - Grabbing what Flax I can find for a good price and by Windholm restock on Salt if the price is good
    - Also selling any leftover Oil. Iron, Salt, or Dates from my previous routes if the price wasn't good.
    - You'll probably get some wicked prices to sell Flax over at Avendor

    3rd Part of the Route:
    Ravenstern ---> Sanderfall ---> Rane ---> Poinsbruk
    -Looking for Cloth-Linen in Ravernstern, Rane, or Poinsbruk
    -Mean money maker is the Iron in Sanderfall, usually very good prices and probably one of your best profit margins too as you begin to sell it everywhere else.
    -You'll mostly get rid of most of your Salt here, as they usually sell for good prices
    -If you went to Avendor and Marleons, then you may need to reverse your route into Ravernstern lands for efficiency, so start from Poinsbruk, then go down to Ravernstern. OR you can hit Avendor and Marleons on the way back from Ravernstern Lands after Laria which is part of my 4th Route here, however you'll probably run out space to carry all that Flax you got for a good price over in Fierdsvain lands.

    4th Part of the Route:
    Laria ---> Sarleon ---> Ethos ---> Cez ---> Janos ---> Repeat back to Ishkoman
    -Laria is the main money place for Oil, sometimes extremely good buy rate, thus you can make an extreme profit from it if you’re lucky. One time I brought over 11 Oils there for 150-170 a piece, and since they mostly sell for over 500, I assume you can do the math here on profitable that was.
    -If you didn't hit Avendor and Marleons yet, you can do so here as well, so basically you would do Laria ---> Marleons --> Avendor, then back to Sarleon after and continue the route to Empire Lands.

    Naturally, that's about it, but the most important thing to remember too, every town you visit, always check the Tavern as you never know what rumors or good mercenaries you may find there (Barclay Sappers and Heavy Footmen are pretty darn good for an early game), and most importantly if travelers give you maps to treasure chests, and those various loot items which are always good profit too and part of your route.

    10.Stats, skill threshold, and equipment guide by thethiefofdarkness
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 
    Are you tired of being just 1 point of powerdraw away from using that shiny Ruby runed bow? Are you cursing the gods because you are too weak for plate armor when you're the ruler of Pendor and at level 50? Well then, spit no more your venomous bile, because this is the guide that will help you plan your skill upgrades and show you how to avoid ineffective upgrading when you need one more level and/or the stats to equip an item.

    Step 1: Determine your strength threshold

    Strength is the be-all and end-all indicator of what equipment your character can use and is most often the stat to which people fail to assign enough points to equip some extra nice equipment. From bows, to crossbow, armor and huge honking halberds, the level of your strength will dictate how much access to the equipment pool of POP you can attain.

    Note that, for bows, even though the minimum powerdraw is covered, there is a significant bonus to accuracy if you have +3 to the power draw requirements. That is the benefit of powerdraw.

    Also, be aware that certain prefixes will have an effect on both the quality and ability of equipment and what stats are required to use them. These are the one which modify:

    Melee weapons:
    “Heavy” prefix - +1 to strength requirement.

    “Strong”: +1 to powerdraw requirements
    “Masterwork”: +3 (?) to powerdraw requirements

    “Stubborn”: +1 to riding requirements
    “Spirited”: +1 to riding requirements
    “Champion”: +2 (seems to be inconsistent) to riding requirements

    Strength 9
    At strength 9 (the bare minimum level) you have access to chain mail and its equivalent; a huge improvement over the non-strength-required armor. It also allows for power draw 3 which the D'Shar bow, the best bow for mounted use requires. Laughably, at power throw 3 you are able to use all throwing weapons bar special modifiers, so take that into account. Note that, with one more point you unlock the light crossbow and hunting crossbows, the heaviest crossbows that you can use on horseback. The maiden crossbow has a slightly higher accuracy and speed, but will not be found in markets.

    Strength 15
    At 15 strength, all melee weapons are unlocked. This category includes halberds, lances and 2-handed war hammers. These provide, for non-combat orientated characters seeking a good weapon to cleave the skulls of heavily armored knights an excellent range of weaponry. Also, at power draw 5, the composite bow is unlocked. The composite bow is the best common bow in terms of firepower but cannot be used on horseback. The heavy crossbow, is my personal preferred crossbow. It does very high damage without the huge drop in speed from the siege crossbow, which is also unlocked at this level.

    Strength 18
    All plate armor is unlocked at this point. As well as the siege crossbow for those not interested in using bows. The Noldor bow is also unlocked, a great bow if you can get your hands on one!

    Strength 21
    The penultimate threshold, this level of physical prowess allows you to use the legendary runed bow at powerdraw 7. Powerdraw 7 is an absolute must for archer characters if they wish to reach the peak of their potential. Some of the high level plate harness is also unlocked but their stats do not differ too much from regular armor.

    Strength 30
    This is it. Beyond this level, there is no material incentive to get any stronger. At strength 30 the demon skin and Noldor armor is unlocked. The very best in defense and weight ratios, they are nonetheless incredibly difficult to obtain, often requiring well over a 100k to buy or incredible luck to loot. Also skills cap out at level 10 so even if you add more points above 10, you won’t benefit from doing so.

    Step 2: Determine your Agility Threshold[
    For The main equipment affected by agility is horses and shields. Though they are not as crucial to equipment as strength, agility points are point for point much better than strength. That extra 1% speed will save you from that blow that could take off more than the 1hp that strength gives. The real use for agility in regards to equipment is on horseback, hence the priority on riding.

    Riding 1
    Every character should start with at least 1 riding in order to ride that a sumpter or saddle horse. Even though it's useless in combat, it does provide a speed boost on the overhead map and your character will be thankful for a horse to ride on instead of having to hoof it for miles.

    Riding 2&3
    At riding 2, access to the Gold Mane Courser is unlocked. It is the fastest courser with the exception of the much rarer Noldor horses. You can stop here, if you are not looking to crash hundreds of pounds of horse into your foes. Also, hunters are quite good for those looking for a fast horse able to trample the rabble. They won’t do much good against an armored knight on a warhorse, however.

    Riding 5
    At Riding 5, warhorses are unlocked. They are less heavily armored than chargers but still fast. These are the most balanced horses all around. Noldor dark horses and gold leafs are also unlocked, and are great for people lucky enough to loot them.

    Riding 6
    This unlocks the best and heaviest class of horses. In order of light to heavy, they are the Crimson Steel, the Ironbred and Netherworld Charger. The Noldor spirit horses are also unlocked at this level. These are hands down the best horse for a speed, charge and defense combination. A charge by a Noldor spirit horse hits an enemy so hard and fast that, with the exception of the heaviest defense line, it will simply cleave right through an infantry line.


    Only level 3 matters because that unlocks the Noldor shields which are on par with the Ornate knight’s shield. Although there are significant performance differences amongst top-tier shields, the other shields are perfectly adequate for most battles, provided they don't last too long. (Even then, you can equip one from a dead enemy on the field.)

    Step 3: Determine your Stats/Skills distribution

    Once you have decided on what level of equipment you wish to equip, the big puzzler comes when you decide where and how to allocate your skill points. Naturally, you'll be tempted to dump many points into strength and agility but with the use of the Elixir of Akron you can gain at least 2 points each in strength and agility and allocate the rest of it to Intel and Charisma. (Generally, it is good to level up to 18~21 strength and 15~18 agility before using an elixir.)

    Charisma based character
    Being a CHA based character is not very good. That is the only stat that affects leadership skill, because it is a personal skill. Charisma is only really important for leadership, which is very useful for recruiting and maintaining a large army. On the other hand, with books and achievements, you can gain around a 3 boost to leadership and stop roughly at around 21 charisma. Since prisoner management is useful but exponentially becomes weaker I recommend capping it at around 5, max. As for persuasion, the opportunities to use persuasion are fairly low and you can get around the need for it by having high honor, and good party management, although it is good for persuading lords to join your side and for keeping companions from leaving your party when disgruntled.

    The charisma-based characters tend to be fairly good at gaining lots of cash. Simply being a mercenary with high persuasion and leadership means that one can indefinitely sustain a very large army. Trade and prisoner management also help in buying equipment and in selling your loot for really good prices.

    Thus, in order of importance;
    2risoner Management
    4: Trade (Leslie has this at 5)

    Intel-based character

    Intel characters are far more flexible than Charisma based ones, thanks to the huge pool of skills that benefit from it and the extra point of skill gained, which can be put into your stats. If you have any doubts or need an extra skill point, this is the place to put your point. However, all intel skills are party skills which means that, inevitably, there's always someone who can do it for you. Nonetheless, the limited number of skill points means that it is always a good idea to invest some points into intelligence, especially considering how party skills work. The best way to utilize an intel character is to read as many books on party skills, then top up that value to multiples of 2 in order to get a bonus to your other party members.

    Since they are all party skills, they are all equally important and their relevance determined by your individual style of play. (Let somebody else do it and send them into a little corner every time you enter a battle.)

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    Default Re: Prophesy of Pendor WB FAQ (Last Updated: 2/11/11)

    Commonly Asked Questions for POP 3 WB:

    1. Where do I find a Qualis Gems?
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 
    Qualis Gems can be found in several places:
    -The first Treasure Chest map you acquire from Rane will most likely spawn a Qualis Gem. This may not work on an imported characters, but only a new fresh character

    -The first treasure chest from the Red Brotherhood hideout also has a chance to spawn one too.
    Again, may not work on an imported character

    -Most of the time the bulk of the Qualis Gems, however, are acquired through named Unique spawns that spawn throughout the course of the game: Wulfbode, Warlord Zulkar, Eyegrim, Maltise, etc. Once captured by you, you will have as one its option for release, to exchange their Qualis Gem for their freedom.

    Note: It’s very important that you initiate the battle first, since if you join an AI friendly lord’s battle against the unique spawn there is a very high chance that the AI Lord will capture that spawn if it’s defeated, thus killing him and then he will never spawn again.

    2. How do I deal with the Noldor Merchant and where is he?
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 
    To deal with Quigfen, the Noldor merchant in Laria (he stays in the Laria tavern only and does not move about), you must have positive relations with the Noldor and a qualis gem to open his store. One gem opens his store for the whole game.

    You will need a qualis gem to hire Noldor mercenaries
    each and every time
    you hire them. If you talk to him, he will tell you that. Each time you hire Noldor mercenaries, the type of mercenaries you are offered varies randomly, except for Noldor Warriors. Unfortunately, it will cost you a gem to find out what Noldor you can choose from.
    Quigfen's Noldor & other equipment as well as Noldor mercenaries are VERY expensive, deliberately so, in order to maintain game balance. Quigfen will also eventually give you a quest, which if you complete it successfully, will cause the Noldor Castle, Elacrai, to appear. If you do the wrong things when you are in the Noldor castle, it will disappear and you will never see it again.

    3. How do I Recruit Knights
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 
    Knights derive only from Noble Recruits, who are spawned weekly by towns, villages and castles owned by you. (how many, depends your Renown and Honor, the more chivalrous you are, the more noble recruits you will get each week) To find out whether you have any Noble Recruits open the “Reports menu” and check your Character Report which will tell how many noble recruits have joined your cause. These Noble Recruits have their own troop tiers and most importantly, the higher parts of the tiers will allow you to be able to induct them into a particular Knighthood Order that either you establish in your Town/Castle, or an existing one that’s already there in the Castle/Town you own. Note: That before any kind of Noble recruiting can be done, you will need the building called “Training Ground” built in your Town/Castle. It’s very important to remember that you can only recruit your nobles in a Town/Castle, YOU CANNOT, recruit any nobles if you only own a Village, so keep that in mind and get a castle/town quickly!
    Once you have a training ground in a town or castle, talk to the steward there and in the War Room, say "View noble recruits". Each Noble recruit you "accept into your court" (next option if you have them) will cost you 500 denars. That's 500 denars per Noble Recruit, not 500 Denars for all.

    You should get only one type of recruit, depending on the faction you have chosen allegiance too or based on the culture you choose if you went the “King” route in your game

    - Sarleon: Sarleon Nobleman (upgrades to Sarleon Squire-at-arms -> Sarleon Knight)

    - Ravenstern: Ravenstern Nobleman (upgrades to Ravenstern Squire-at-Arms -> Ravenstern Knight)
    - D'Shar: D'Shar Nobleman (upgrades to D'Shar Noble Raider -> D'Shar Noble Cavalry)
    - Fierdsvain: Fierdsvain Noblewoman (upgrades to Fierdsvain Sword Maiden -> Valkyrie)
    - Empire: Empire Nobleman (upgrades to Empire Light Cavalry -> Empire Horseman or Empire Noble Legionnaire Recruit -> Empire Knight)
    - Pendor: Pendor Nobleman (upgrades to Pendor Squire-at-Arms -> Pendor Knight -> Pendor Grey Archer or Pendor Foot Knight

    4. How do I establish my own Knighthood Order?
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 
    Once you have a good stockpile of nobles leveled to Knights in your army, you can, if you wish establish a Knighthood Order, if one did not already exist in your Castle/Town, or induct your Knights into the already existing Order that is there. Note: To be able to get your Knights into the existing chapter that’s already in the city, you must be the Owner of that Castle/Town. (So if you don’t have Cez, don’t expect to walk into the Castle, and be able to induct Shadow Legion Centurions into your ranks, if you are not the owner) Below is the list requirements you need to fulfill to get a particular Order established in your Castle/Town:

    First a few basics:

    -You need a Training Ground already built, which you should already have by now
    -You also need 20,000 Denars, so save up!
    -Some Orders require a Qualis Gem to get them started, but some do not just pay attention to the specific requirements of each faction on whether or not a Qualis Gem is needed. (It’s always good to save the first Qualis Gem you get so that you can establish any Order you wish if you meet the other requirements)
    -Most importantly you need to have positive relations with the Knighthood Order you want to establish and the best way to increase that is through helping them in battle and the “Heartbeat” or new quests that randomly come into play as you own Villages/Towns/Castles – the quests may include a quest from some particular orders. Sometimes your relation with a certain faction will help you get those specific faction Orders easier (like Empire Immortals and Shadow Legion Centurions are pretty easy to get if you’re an Empire Vassal for example)

    Here is the list of Knighthood Order Requirements that can also be found in-game under “Game Concepts” in the Notes menu section

    -Order of the Dragon
    -Player is a Ravernstern Lord or Owns Rane and has 15 Honor
    -requires Ravernstern Knight

    Order of the Lion
    -Player is a Sarleon Lord or owns Sarleon and has 10 Honor
    -requies Sarleon Knights

    Immortals Chapter
    -Player is an Empire Lord or owns Janos and has 10 honor
    -requires Empire Knights

    Windriders Chapter

    -Player is a D’Shar Lord or owns Torbah and has 10 honor
    -requires D’Shar Noble Cavalry

    Lady Valkyrie Sisterhood

    -Player is a Fierdsvain Lord or owns Javiksholm and has 10 honor
    -requires Valkyries

    Order of the Griffon

    -Qualis Gem and has 20 Honor.
    -requires Pendor Knights

    Order of the Falcon

    -Sir Rayne in Party and has 15 Honor
    -Requires Pendor Knights

    Order of the Raven Spear

    -Player owns Poinsbruk and has 10 honor
    -Requires Pendor Knights

    Order of the Radiant Cross

    -Player owns Ethos and has 15 honor
    -Requires Pendor Knights

    Order of the Clarion Call

    -Player owns Laria and has 10 honor
    -Requires Pendor Knights

    Order of the Dawn

    -Player owns Valonbray and has 25 honor
    -Requires Pendor Knights

    Order of the Ebony Gauntlet

    -A Qualis Gem and player has 10 Honor
    -Requires Pendor Foot Knights

    Order of the Shadow Legion

    -A Qualis Gem and player has 10 Honor
    -Requires Empire Knights

    Order of Eventide

    -Sir Alistair in Party and has 20 honor
    -Requires Pendor Knights

    Some Additional Information about Knighthood Orders:

    Order Knights can also get annoyed at you and may spawn Knights who, if you are on bad terms with their Order, will attack you or raid your caravans and villages. If you sufficiently annoy a Knighthood Order in your domain, the Order may also decide to leave. Some Knighthood Orders are not on good terms with the other Knighthood Orders, which can affect you in interesting ways. (Good luck keeping Singal if the Knights of Eventide hate you!, lol) Orders that don't like you will fight against you, too.
    Keep in mind that you can also dismantle an existing Order that’s already there and create a different one in that Town/Castle. Naturally, you will have to pay the 20,000 Denars again to establish that new Order and meet all the requirements for the new order you want there.
    Order Knights in the taverns cannot be recruited by the Player. Talk to them - you can find out what orders their Order dislikes, what the basis was for their founding, what equipment they use and other information. This can be useful in helping you decide what Orders you'd like to form or join. There are also rumors from the travellers about the Orders. There are now both good and bad Orders. Order Knights in the tavern can't offer you the option of joining an Order.
    You can see the skills of any Order that has an existing Chapter already by going to that Order’s home Town and visiting the Castle. When you enter the Castle, you will see one unit of that order there, talk to him, and you see what kind of skills he has.
    You can also train up your established Knighthood Order to have better stats, just talk to your Steward in that Castle/Town and you will see those options in the War Room to train up your existing Order. Keep in mind this requires A LOT of denars. (The first training tier alone costs 10,000 and it only goes up)

    5. Can I personally join a Knighthood Order?
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 
    Yes you can, but if you join one Order, you cannot join another, so choose carefully the first time. When you join an Order, you will receive a full set of their particular armor, but you first have to duel their knights and win to be accepted into any Order. You can try again, after a while, if you don't win the first time, or try dueling knights of another Order to join a different Order, so long as you have met the correct conditions which are as follows:

    - 500 renown

    - 10-25 honor (depends on the Order, same as for Order creation)
    - not a member of another Order
    - relation with Order 0 or greater

    Once you meet these requirements, enter the castle/town where the Order is based out of and just talk to the NPC of that Order that is in the castle/town and you will see the option of “I wish to join you’re order” and the dueling challenge will proceed after.
    The ones in the taverns won't offer these options, just the ones in castles.

    6. How do I recruit Pendor Regular Units and Pendor Noble Units?
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 
    -Any Village that is owned by you (Even if you’re a vassal of one of the factions currently on the map like Empire, Ravernstern, etc…) has an 80% chance to give you Pendor Regular Units.
    -In terms of Noble recruits however, they are much, much harder to come by. The only way to get Pendor Noble recruits is after you have declared yourself King and decided to pick Pendor as your own Kingdom Culture. Then, any castles/towns you own will grant you Pendor Noble Recruits. At the moment, that is the only way to acquire Pendor Noble Units.
    Note: If you go the King route and pick another culture besides Pendor, then whatever villages owned by you will also give you units of your chosen culture 80% of the time. Example: You declare yourself King, then pick “Empire” as your culture, then in all villages owned by you, you will have an 80% chance to get Empire recruits and not Pendor, so keep that in mind if you wish to continue to field Pendor regular units, but also happen to go the King route and picked another kingdom culture instead of Pendor

    7. Where are the Ransom Brokers, Traveling Companions, and Ramun the Slave Trader?
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 
    You can find Ramun in Singal, he will always be there and his prices are just as if you were talking to a ransom broker, so very handy to know if you are having troubles finding a ransom broker to sell your prisoners. On the other hand, Ransom Brokers and Travelers in POP 3: WB all have unique names, so check the Taverns you’re in and talk to the person you’ll see in the conversation windows whether they take prisoners or are the location finders for particular companions and such. Whatever the case, it’s always good to talk to anyone in the tavern, if only to see what Rumors they have.

    8. I notice most NPCs in the Taverns have a conversation option I can pick about Rumors, what’s that?
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 
    Welcome to one of the most unique features of POP 3: WB. All major NPCs in the Taverns, besides the mercenaries, have a story to tell you on what’s going on in the World of Pendor for a measly 10 denars. These stories will in turn have a direct correlation to what’s happening in your game-world, so eventually if you hear rumors about Wulfbode or The Noldar eventually you’ll start to see those armies on the world map too. There are tons and tons of rumors here, so have fun reading what they have to say. (And some even talk about you, how cool is that?)

    9. Are there any Mods from other WB projects included within POP 3: WB
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 
    POP 3 WB: is very unique when it comes to our material, so most of what’s in POP 3: WB is unique to POP itself unless otherwise noted in our POP Credits or POP Warband Feature Listings.

    10. How do I find the Hidden Mines of Al-Aziz and Hidden Chests?
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 
    All maps are available through particular NPCs who will spawn in any of the taverns and it’s important to note that they are not actual items that will appear in your inventory, so just pay attention to what the NPC said after you’ve purchased the map. (Checking the Notes, recent messages will also have what the NPC said in case you forgot to read what the NPC told you)

    -For the Hidden Mines of Al-Aziz, you’re going to have to talk to a Book Merchant (Which one, well, find out yourself!) and pick the option of “What else do you offer” and he will tell you about this map he has to those mines and it will cost you one Qualis Gem to get that map. Once you have purchased the map, the location will automatically appear on the World Map. Note: The Hidden Mines of Al-Aziz is a random location on the map for each game and IT CANNOT be discovered till after you purchase the map from the Book Merchant, so don’t think you can just explore and by chance run into the location on the map.

    -Treasure Chests are handled a bit differently than the Hidden Mines. These maps can be purchased from any of the Traveling NPCs (the ones that you ask for a location of a particular companion or claimant) that are in the Taverns. Once again, click on the rumor conversation option when talking to the NPC and after the NPC says what he/she needs to say, the NPC will tell you of an opportunity for you and it will cost 200 Denars to purchase this treasure map. The locations for these hidden chests are in Valonbray and Rane, just walk around the town and you’ll see the chest near some haystacks that you can open. Remember that you have to purchase the map already from the NPC for items to spawn inside the chest in those respective towns or else it will be just empty. Note: The chest has a lot of inventory slots, so you can buy multiple maps to the same location if different traveling NPCs offer them as you visit other towns. But, keep in mind there is a limit to what can be stored in that chest, so eventually if you continue to purchase maps, but don’t pick up what inside, some stuff will start to get overwritten if the chest inside those towns are full. Now are there other hidden chests besides the ones mentioned above? Well the answer is yes, but it’s up to you to find out what NPC offers them and where they are, so have fun!!

    11. Can I get married in POP3: WB?
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 
    Yes you can.

    12. Why can’t I recruit High-Level troop prisoners that I rescued like Demonics, Hero Adventurers, Heroine Maiden Adventures, Noldors or the specialty spawn troops from the armies of Wulfbode, Zulkar, etc… from an Army I just defeated?
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 
    -Prisoners at and above level 41 are no longer recruitable, either from your own prisoners or rescued from another enemy you defeat. If they allow you to recruit them, they are safe to recruit and won't crash your game. Some lords may have, for example, Snake Cult knights in their armies now.
    -You may hire Noldor mercenaries from Quigfen in Laria's tavern - that's the only way you'll get them unless you finish the Noldor quest Quigfen may give you.

    -Some lords and kings have special troops. You can recruit any of them under level 41 if you defeat the lord or king. Prisoners at and above level 41 will not let you recruit them or hire them from rescued prisoners.

    13. I captured the Leader of a specialty spawn, can that Hero join my army?
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 
    No, all Specialty spawn heroes can never be recruited into your army, instead once you capture that Hero NPC, talk to him under the Prisoner side of your Party Menu and he will give you 4 conversation options:

    a) Release him for 50,000 Denars - will have a chance to respawn later in your game.
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    b) Release him for a Qualis Gem – will have a chance to respawn later in your game.
    c) Make him promise to retire and not return - he won’t respawn in your current game.
    d) Kill him – he will not respawn in your current game.

    NOTE: It is better just to retire, kill or ransom him, depending on your preference. You get no benefit from locking him up except that he does not re-spawn, and you won't be able to recruit him, as they all exceed lvl 41.

    14. I notice AI Lords have specific troops that only belong to them in their army, that’s outside of the known troop tree, can I get that too?
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 
    No, the specific troops you see in an AI Lords army are only available to any AI Lord who is at least a “Duke” (or the faction equlivance to it) and above. Your specific troops are going to be the Order troops that you are able to establish throughout the course of the game.

    15. OMG, I noticed the King has his own personal army of mercenaries accompanying him, can I have that too?
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 
    Most of the time NPC Kings will (but Player cannot) hire mercenaries like Boris the Raven or Oswald de Fleur to accompany them on the field. If you run into a mercenary leader, like Boris, in a castle, you can talk to him and find out about him and his army and most of them are very nasty. Later in the game however, you may have the opportunity to hire some mercenaries yourself, but not in the early game. (And you most likely need to be a King as well, but it could trigger even if you’re not a King, but you must have a have a Castle or Town since it will mostly be one of the new “heartbeat” quests that you receive from your Steward)

    16. Are there new Quests in POP 3: WB?
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 
    -Yes, they are called “Heartbeat” Quests. You will receive these quests through the Steward or Elder of your owned Village, Town, or Castle.. As you travel around the World map, you’ll receive a message that your town/castle steward or village elder wishes to see you on an important matter. That is the sign for a “Heartbeat” Quest so go back to your village/town/castle and talk to your Steward/Elder. He will let you know what the situation is. Keep in mind you can get more involved Heartbeat quests when you own a Town or Castle, rather than a Village and also remember that picking the most expensive option is usually not the best course to solving the quest as each choice will give you a random result, some will be positive and some will be negative and very unpleasant.

    Solving the Murder Mystery Quest
    If you solve the murder mystery, you will receive a handsome reward. The report that someone's wife died will appear onscreen BUT to get that quest, you must own about half the map - 9 cities, and be at war with another faction:

    a) Be on "friend - relation 50" terms with a lord, in your faction
    b) Be able to enter that lord's castle
    c) Be at war with another faction
    d) Talk to the ghost lady in your buddy lord’s castle
    e) Investigate the people she tells you about by talking to them.

    To complete the quest, you must confront the guilty party, and then inform the other suspects that you find them innocent. Then, go back and talk to the ghost and she’ll reward you. (Make sure you have some room in your inventory.) There is plenty of allowed time for this quest, so don't worry if you can't finish it immediately because the castle is under siege.

    17. How do I grant my Lords Fiefs, Appoint a Marshal when I’m King, etc..?
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 
    In order to do all that you need to appoint a minister, but it is very important to note that the only Ministers you can appoint are either your companions or your wife. Once you’ve appointed, either one of your companions or your wife, as Minister, talk to that person and you’ll see all the options you need for granting fiefs, appointing marshals, etc…

    18. How do I fix audio conversations that overlap and play all at once?
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 
    Many people in PoP 3: WB talk audibly – lords have more to say, companions talk to you, one another, lords and enemies. Enemies now have more to say. When someone in the game is speaking, DON'T left click on the screen until the speaker has finished talking or the audio of the next speaker will overlap, and play all at once. We can't fix this, so please don't report it as a bug.

    19. How do I win in POP 3: WB
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 
    Look under Reports, then Victory Progress to find the requirements for victory in your game. Note: That the Victory Progress screen is updated dynamically, so it will update as you accomplish certain things (Like eliminate another faction, minor faction, etc..)

    20. Why did I start the game with negative relations with X Faction?
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 
    Depending on what background you choose for your starting character, you may begin the game with negative relations with one of the factions. This is not a bug. You can pay a lord of that faction to fix relations (visit his castle, don't talk to him in the field!), or you can help out peasants, caravans, lords of that faction under attack to repair your relations for free. Until you have positive relations with that faction, you will have to sneak into their towns and their lords may attack you.

    21. Please tell me that Cattle follows you now?
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 
    Yes they do.

    22. WOW, a God just Spoke to me, what’s that about?
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 
    Some of the Pendor gods may speak to you, and one does more than that under certain conditions. Some merely offer warnings or ask you to do something. UllrVetr may manifest if you are near Ravenstern when Wulfbode spawns. After the battle, if you don't give what he gave you to one of your Companions, the game will take it away. After all, you can't expect a god to manifest and then hang around for the rest of the game! (Mind you don't spill your coffee on the keyboard - some testers, including SD, were very startled the first time one spoke!)

    The Gods of Pendor:

    Astraea - goddess of Justice, former patroness of Knights of Dawn, worshipped in Barclay and Pendor

    Vata - manifests as beautiful black stallion who cannot be caught

    UllrVetr - manifests as bow - god of both Ravenstern and all bowmen of Pendor

    Eunomia Stabilitis - goddess of stable government and law

    Damia Provideo - goddess of the Harvest

    Thallo ver Shures -goddess of fertility, both in people and fields

    Secondary Gods:
    Jatu - Indar, who shoots those Jatu who run from battle in the back.
    Vanskerry - HafSigla, whose winds blow their ships to Pendor
    Vejovis - Mystmountain god who manifests as a Mountain cat only to the shamans, to tell them it is time to raid
    Snake Cult - Azi Dahaka - manifests as large hooded cobra
    Heretics - Erida Occisor, goddess of Hate, who gives them demon troops

    23. Why was I massacred by the Snake Cult's/Heretic's/Wulfbode's Army when I only attacked a small band?
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 
    Some spawned armies now have advance patrols. Watch out - you may think they are a small band, but they will call in the whole army if it is near enough - and it frequently is near enough!

    Note: It’s a good thing to remember that these Advance Patrols or the Small Bands of these minor faction armies you see around the map are extremely tough. If you take them on to early in your game, it’s almost guaranteed suicide for your army and prison for you, so be careful. It’s always better retreat and take the morale hit, then to get captured and lose money and items.

    24. What are Achievement Awards?
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 
    When you accomplish or do certain things, you will receive an Achievement Award. They give excellent benefits to Player, based on what the award was for - the greater the accomplishment, the greater the award. You can have a look at your own personal achievement awards any time under "Reports." The poses and equipment shown on the screens are pre-set and only your character's face and gender change to personalize your award. (Please don't report that you were not using a morning star or wearing a certain type of armor, but the screen showed you that way anyhow - this is not a bug!)

    Some of the Achievement Awards are funny, at least to the Dev Team

    25. Does POP 3 WB: have a Wiki Page?
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 
    At the moment no, but you can find the Wiki Page initially made for PoP 3.01 which was for the Original M&B here In the future, we plan to move have this page entirely community driven, especially once PoP 4: Legacy gets close to release.

    26. Do I have to worry about the dreaded 500 Day corrupt save game bug?
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 
    No, that bug only pertains to the Original POP for M&B as there were some coding changes made to POP 3: WB to prevent those corrupt save games from occurring here.

    27. Are there any faction guides to POP 3: WB
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 
    No, but it is being worked on, however for now you can look here (starting from the 4th reply down) Though keep in mind that that was made for PoP 3 for M&B V 1.011 over on our offiical boards, thus some tactics may have changed for POP 3: WB. We’ll try to have one available soon enough and when it’s ready it will be posted on this thread.

    28.My Buildings are damaged, how do I repair them?
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 
    There is no repair option for Damage buildings, instead the building are listed in the building menu of the village/town/castle you own. The costs and time will be deducted naturally based on the certain % the building was damaged. Note: Sometimes you will not be able to see the damaged building in the building menu and if that’s the case all that means is your Steward does not yet have the requires skills to build that build, thus he/she won’t be able to repair it until he acquires those skills.

    29. How do I train my Village/Town/Castle Steward and why can’t I see all buildings in the build menu?
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 
    To train the steward or elder of your Village/Town/Castle all you need to do is talk to him then pick the conversation option to schedule a training session with the steward. Go back to the Village/Town/Castle menu and you should now see an option to train the steward. It will give the time it takes and how much denars. Remember the maximum skills your steward can learn is completely based on you and your companions’ maximum skills. (E.G. If you or one of your Companions’ have only a 5 in engineering, then your steward can only acquire a max skill in engineering of 5.) As you or your companions learn more skills, just revisit your steward to upgrade his skills with another training session.

    Note: In Villages, your Village Elder is considered your Steward.

    -Some buildings in the build menu may not be visible because your Steward does not have the required skills to be able to build that particular building. (Even if you see the Building there, but it is damaged) To see all requirements of each building, visit the Game Concept section again under Notes and look under “Reference: Buildings”

    30.Are there Easter Eggs in POP 3: WB? Where are they?
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 
    Yes they are located….. On second thought play and find out!

    31. I have a Lance equipped and I'm not couching automatically, what's going on?
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 
    There are pretty much only 3 reasons why this could be happening:
    -Check your WB options and make sure you have the Lance setting set to "Automatic", it can also be "Manual" in that case default key to couch while on horse is X"
    -Check your Horse and make sure it is not considered "Lame" because if it is, than you will not be able to couch until it is cured or you get a new horse.
    -Make sure you are actually equipping a Lance, unlike the M&B V1.011, the only Polearms with the words "Lance" in them are the only ones that can Couch in M&B Warband and therefore in POP 3: WB.

    32. Is the Claimant line still bugged and cannot be played in PoP 3: WB?
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 
    Actually, from various reports on the forums and also a couple of play tests by the Dev team it seems the Claimant line of play is not bugged anymore and can be played. We are happy that this is the case, because we have very interesting Claimants for each faction which are unique to PoP. Here are brief descriptions of the resident claimants in PoP 3: WB.

    Note: You must finish the Claimant Line if you decide to start it. If you do not, and decide to go independent after you have backed a Claimant and took a few towns and villages in that claimant's name, then you will keep those Towns and Villages, however, you will still be denoted as a "Rebel" of whatever faction you choose to support and will most likely not be able to complete the games victory conditions.

    Sarleon Claimant – Sir Darlion

    -Sir Darlion claims himself to be the rightful King of Sarleon through his great, great grandfather who was an acknowledged bastard son of King Cavalas by being 8th in line to the throne. As with all political rivals others had something to say about that, in particular, Duke Alfred. When the plague struck the royal family, all but Sir Darlion’s Great, Great Grandfather survived, but Duke Alfred was determine to make sure that he does not get the throne and cast him into slavery, alleging that he died with the rest of his royal family. For four generations, first his family and now Sir Darlion have been fighting to assert their legitimate claim. He finally has the proof he needs to validate his claim to become King of Sarleon, but he needs help.

    Ravernstern Claimant – Madam Ursala

    -Madam Ursula of Senderfall should have inherited the throne of Ravenstern when her father died. Her father, the rightful king of Ravenstern, named Madam Ursula as his heir to the throne of Ravenstern before he died. She had been left in the care of the King’s sister to prepare her to become Queen of Ravenstern. However, Ursula’s younger brother, Gregory, was not pleased by this decision and had his own ambitions to become King of Ravernstern. Therefore, he put together a plan to persuade the Northern Lords of Ravenstern to declare him, rather than his sister, the rightful King of Ravernstern and his plan succeeded. Madam Ursula, had been inducted into the Order of the Falcon and had become a knight of renown. King Gregory banished that Order so that they could not support his sister’s cause. Madam Ursula wants both revenge on her traitorous brother and to reclaim her throne.

    D’Shar Claimant – Xerxes

    -Xerxes is the Son of Iskander Bahadur Khan and brother of the current Bahadur Khan, Kadan. When Iskander died, the D’Shar custom of dividing possessions of the dead man amongst all his sons equally would have made Xerxes the D’Shar Bahadur Khan. However, Xerxes was away on a diplomatic mission in the Western Sea when he heard the news of his father’s death. He hurried home to find that Kadan had maneuvered his way into becoming the new Bahadur Khan. Now, Xerxes feels betrayed by his brother, and is determined to re-gain his rightful throne, even if it means killing his own brother and declaring himself the new Bahadur Khan.

    Fierdsvain Claimant – Inar Ironhand

    -Unlike the first three Claimants mentioned, Inar Ironhand of Windholm has no direct family linkage to the current ruler of Fierdsvain, Koningur Valdis. However, that doesn’t mean he does not have a claim to the throne of Fierdsvain. The Fierdsvainers are a warrior culture and when Ironhand challenged Valdis to a duel and defeated him, Valdis had promised him anything he wanted as the bet on who would win, on the assumption that Inar would ask for gold, more land or some women as his reward. Instead, after his defeat of Valdis, Inar Ironhand demanded the throne of the Fierdsvain immediately, since he was already Valdis’ named heir. Valdis refused to honor a long standing tradition of the Fierdsvain people and instead broke the oath he had made to Inar Ironhand to give him whatever he asked for if he won the fight. Inar Ironhand’s claim to the throne is that he won it in a fight with Koningur Valdis, and wishes to raise an army to claim what he considers rightfully his.

    Empire Claimant – Demosthenes Augustus

    -The Empire has an interesting history and most importantly, a just way of in selecting their next Imperator. They use a simple majority vote in a council of patricians drawn from the leading noble families of Ethos, Cez, and Janos. There were two candidates selected to become the next Imperator, Demosthenes and Marius. What should have been a legal and orderly selection of the next ruler of the Empire turned into a cunning power ploy by Marius. He hired D’Shar soldiers to raid the Empire lands, and with sword in hand, stated “If you want me to take care of them, then you must elect me as Imperator or I will leave for good” The council, feeling the pressure of the D’Shar soldiers, gave in to Marius’ demands. Marius turned on his hired D’Shar marauders and defeated them to become the Imperator of The Empire. Demosthenes found out about the plot, and never forgave or forgot how Marius really gained the title of Imperator. He is strongly of the opinion that now the time is right to strike back at the Empire and claim what is rightfully his – the title of Imperator.

    Alright everyone, that is it for now, however this FAQ is always subject to change with future updates, along with other questions people start to ask on the forums.

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