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Thread: Step-by-step Installation Instructions

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    Default Step-by-step Installation Instructions

    Here are installation steps with visual aid to clear some doubts and help less experienced users.

    1. Start installation program, welcome screen will appear, press next.

    2. Choose installation folder
    2a. The most likely directory will be default MTW folder as seen below
    Attachment 165220
    2b.If you installed a mod as standalone in custom folder (e.g. E:\MyCoolMod), then you need to put ReallyBadAI in its parent directory (so one level up), as seen below:
    Attachment 165221
    2c. Press Install button.

    3. Installation Process
    3a. During installation process you'll often see the following message:
    Attachment 165222
    You shouldn't be worried about it, unless you intended to install for SS as well, in this case see p.6
    If you have SS 6.3+ installation in standard mod folder, following message will appear:
    Attachment 165223

    4. Finishing Installation Process
    4a.When installation is complete, following screen appears:
    Attachment 165225
    4b. Then relevant files are launched.
    4c. If this message appears after installing, it meas you put ReallyBadAI in an empty folder and setup can't detect any mods:
    Attachment 165224
    4d. When installation is complete you'll see that ReallyBadAI shortcut has been put on desktop and in start menu:
    Attachment 165226Attachment 165227
    Please use Stainless Steel default setup file if you want to apply SS AI, for all other mods use ReallyBadAI setup.

    5. Applying ReallyBadAI via setup file (Third Age: Total War used as example):

    5a. When setup file starts you'll see a similiar picture with list of all folders found in installation directory:
    Attachment 165228
    5b.Click any folder, a list of available options will show, choose desired one and press OK.:
    Attachment 165229
    5c. It may happen that you want to apply AI to an officially supported mod and no dedicated version shows (for instance your mod isn't in standard Third_Age folder, but in TATW):

    In this case please install RBAI again with "Custom Folders Fix" option ticked. Next time you launch setup and click on your mod folder, you'll get a long list of all available files, choose the one that mentions your mod.

    5d. Alternatively you can follow this procedure:
    You need to close setup and find and open ReallyBadAI text file that matches your mod in notepad:

    5e. Change text in [works for] section to match your non-standard folder name:

    5f. Start setup again, you'll see that additional options are available now for your mod:

    6. Note for Stainless Steel users
    6a. If setup file didn't detect Stainless Steel, go to ReallyBadAI files SS folder and copy "data" to your SS directory, then run SS setup.

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    Default Re: Visual Installation Instructions

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