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Thread: TROM3 - Feedback and Suggestions

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    Default Re: TROM3 - Feedback and Suggestions

    I also still have cannon sounds on generals; regular Shogun campaign. Thanks for looking into it Yarkis.
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    Default Re: TROM3 - Feedback and Suggestions

    Should all be fixed in v1.81. This bug is annoying...

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    Default Re: TROM3 - Feedback and Suggestions

    Quote Originally Posted by Yarkis de Bodemloze View Post
    Should all be fixed in v1.81. This bug is annoying...
    Thank you so much Yarkis !!!
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    Default Re: TROM3 - Feedback and Suggestions

    Will there be more minors made playalbe? I would love to play as the Ashina (spl?) err I'm not right in front of the game, I think thats right. Ashia maybe? I dunno, the have Fukashima at the start. The blue and yellow gets me

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    Default Re: TROM3 - Feedback and Suggestions

    Just d/l'd mod, looking forward to trying it out.
    What are recc'd difficulty settings?

    Also: are any DLC's required to play the mod?

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    Keep up the good work!

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    EDIT - NVM
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    Default Re: TROM3 - Feedback and Suggestions

    I've just recently started playing this mod, and I just wanted to add that this is an impressive creation, I'm sure any who play it apprectiate the effort put into it, I know I do.

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    Default Suggestion about the mod

    Yeah I was wondering if you could split up the campaign & battle datapack into separate files, so i can choose if example i would like the daiymos without bows? Or maybe i only could have the campaign datapack and not the battle datapack.
    Awesome mod by the way, like it alot!

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    I don't know how many other people may have experienced some similar issues with this mod but I thought I'd put my grievances here.

    While playing FotS the diplomacy in regards to allies has been nearly impossible for me. While playing as Saga on hard, every ally I have or had drops the alliance eventually no matter how high relations were, with an honorable Daimyo and relations techs as well. There seemed to be a pattern to it. As soon as I was allowed to attack a former ally without diplomatic repercussions another ally I had or had gained in the mean time would drop our alliance, just creating a chain reaction of every former ally declaring war on me for no reason. They were all imperial as well and about half of them switched to the shogunate side. Like I said this pattern seemed to be like clockwork.

    I have played a number of FotS games without mods and by comparrison allies seemed much more reliable then.

    Also a friend of mine tried playing multiple games in S2 with this mod, and had many issues with one province clans being able to field 2 or more flags of samurai armies frequently. I wish I had more details on his experience but he claimed it happened frequently. He also had severe issues even securing trade rights with many clans as well.

    I really like what this mod adds to the game, but with these issues it has not been very fun. For the time being I'm just going to stick with unit mods.

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    Default Re: TROM3 - Feedback and Suggestions

    WTF is up with the installer? It keeps trying to install this obnoxious desktop app called weatherbug and won't install the files. >:l

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    Default Re: TROM3 - Feedback and Suggestions

    A suggestion:

    I have actually been roleplaying this in my current Otomo Campaign, where I can only recruit two units of daisho samurai and two units of yari samurai, and rely on local samurai only; I envisioned that Samurai might not want to fight for a Christian faction. So would it be possible to either A) Limit the number of Samurai recruitable by the Otomo, or B) Make the samurai in general inferior, but with much better morale?

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    Default Re: TROM3 - Feedback and Suggestions

    Could you make all men fire in a skirmisher unit? Right now only the front row fires while the others do nothing. Perhaps add light infantry behavior or something?
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    Default Re: TROM3 - Feedback and Suggestions

    Is there anyway I can remove the potrait mod i prefer the vanilla potraits ty for ur modding work

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    Default Re: TROM3 - Feedback and Suggestions

    I hope someone will make new model of crest and kabuto ..i dream that most of famous clan will playable and have own daimyo and unique unit

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    Default Re: TROM3 - Feedback and Suggestions

    I'm playing a campaign as Chosokabe. I'm really loving the mod as a whole. The new units are really cool, the AI is steller. I'm loving it, butt...

    At this point I'm very confused by how unit caps work. I quickly built my first 3 samurai archer units and hit the unit cap on them. I thought it was terribly silly that I can only have three across the whole campaign and that the number does scale with anything. Like one unit per archery dojo. I can deal with that for all the other improvements. Then I ran out of basic Yari asigaru. Why can I run out of any basic peasent unit? I was using them for bolstering garrisons, but now I can't recruit anymore. I only have about 9 cities and this seems like a really glaring problem for a campaign spanning like what about 60 cities? Is this a bug? I'm just very confused by it. If it isn't a bug, please remove the unit cap for basic peasent units. I understand for pike and shot, and matchlock, but for yari and other basic units it doesn't make any sense. For more advanced units like samurai it would be nice if maybe you were limited to 1 unit per dojo. If you really like yari samurai you need to build a ton of yari dojos.

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