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    Icon4 [REL] TROM3 - ROAD TO KYOTO v1.91 *AUGUST 2013*


    TROM3 - Road to Kyoto is a comprehensive mod for Shogun 2 TW in the tradition of TROM for ETW and TROM2 for NTW. The main idea behind the mod is to make the game more interesting for hardcore strategy players.
    Main Features:

    Area of Recruitment system with 47 AoR units!
    Expanded resource gameplay with new buildings!
    New units, techs and traits!
    Slower Battles!
    Harder late game economy!
    Improved CAI!
    Many gameplay tweaks for the better (more events, more children, better realm divide and more)!

    TROM3 1.91

    Welcome to a new installment of TROM3 for the the original Shogun 2, Rise of the Samurai and Fall of the Samurai. This version hopefully resolves the sound bug plagueing all unit mods since CA changed the sound system for FotS. To get rid of this bug I incorporated the TROM3 FotS mod into my main mod. Many thanks to crux3D who made it possible to squish this bug with his sound pack tool!

    Now also incorporated into TROM3 is a special version of the famous AUM mod by Swiss Halberdier with a number of custom made AUM units carefully implemented. Read about it below.

    NOTE: Old RotS and FotS savegames will not work with this version! If your game crashes when trying to access the custom battles menue navigate to C:\Users\Your Name\AppData\Roaming\The Creative Assembly and delete everything in the battle_preferences and the army_setups folder.

    DLC Compatibility: The mod does not support the two latest DLCs (Otomno Faction + Saint & Heroes), so you can't play the Otomno and don't get the new units. The mod should still run with both DLCs installed. If you want to play with both DLCs + TROM3 you can get a patch made by Sanatyr HERE. You don't need to get Sinfonia Semplice since I already included a updated sound fix into the main TROM3 file.

    AUM for TROM3

    New Units

    - Christian Matchlock Fanatics (AUM: Christian Matchlock Samurai): More a "what if" unit then truely historical, the christian matchlock fanatics are recruitable from higher level churches with a nanban trade port as a secondary requirement. Their unit stats are between ashigaru and matchlock samurai, but with increased moral and slightly lower recruitment costs and upkeep. All samurai tech bonuses apply to them. They have a unit cap of 2.
    - Nanban Matchlock Mercenaries: Another "what if" unit that is available from a dilemma if you own a nanban trade quarter (see extra feature below). They are a disciplined force well trained in the use of sabres and muskets (cap of 4).
    - Naginata Ashigaru Mercenaries: Early ashigaru were often equipped with a wide assortment of weapons taken from battlefields including naginatas. These 160 men units have better melee stats then other early yari ashigaru and are available as mercenaries from market buildings (unit cap of 2).
    - Katana Ashigaru Mercenaries: These 200 men units are equipped with katanas only and are available as mercenaries from market buildings (unit cap of 4). Their biggest advantage is their numbers.
    - Naginata Ronin: Ronin samurai equipped with you guess what. Only available for the Ikko Ikki with a unit cap of 2.
    - Yari Hoshi-musha (AUM: Yari Warrior Monks): Spear armed clerical warriors. Better against cavalry but somewhat weaker against infantry then naginata hoshi-musha. Available from the pilgrim hostel or the great shrine with a unit cap of 2. All bonuses for naginata monks apply to them.
    - No-dashi Yamabushi (AUM: No-Dashi Warrior Monks): These elite mountain warrior monks wear fearsome two handed weapons (represented by the no-dachi). They are only available with a mountain hermitage or a fortified monastery. You can have one unit of these elite fighers. All bonuses for naginata monks apply to them.
    - Yabusame Great Guard (AUM: Great Guard Bow Cavalry): These elite horse archers are only available for those who become Shogun and are capped to a single unit.
    - Yabusame Monk Cavalry (AUM: Bow Warior Monks Cavalry): Rare unit of monks trained in shooting from horseback. For Ikko Ikki and Uesugi only (cap of 2)

    Extra Feature

    - "Opening the Gates": A new dilemma for daimyos with a nanban trade quarter: Do you completely open up your country to western influences for additional economic benefits and military support, or do you confine the Nanban influence for better relations with your population and other clans?
    - Added the Blood & Smoke mod by Mech_Donald as optional file.
    - Integrated the deployment zone mod by FreelancerX
    - Updated the fix for the sound bug with the help of crux3D symphony tool.
    - Added a rudimentary encyclopedia update for FotS techs and buildings only.

    Fall of the Samurai Changes

    Land Battles

    - Massive change to ranged combat: Range of weapons is more realistic and units fire with multiple rows which gives battles a much more chaotic feel. Ballistics were changed to make the kill rate scale with range, so close up volleys are more deadly.
    - Redid all unit stats for a less extreme rock-paper-scissor system.
    - More realistic fatigue: Units tire quicker when in combat.
    - Reworked moral for more realistic behaviour of troops.
    - Reduced damage and accuracy of artillery.
    - Reduced damage of naval bombardments on the battlefield.
    - Units are spread out sligthly more to reflect the more open formations of that age.
    - Traditional samurai units have more men. This makes assaults of melee units on shooters more intense.
    - Improved battle formations for armies with a lot of line infantry.
    - Halved casualities from falls when scaling walls.
    - Adjusted unit abilities.
    - Revolver cavarly is less overpowered.
    - United States Marines use repeating carbines instead of a rifle.
    - Increased unit size of cavalry to 90 men.
    - Reduced unit size of garrisons to 160 men.
    - Samurai heroes can use whistling arrows.
    - Reduced the cooldown of shrapnel shots to 90 sec and made shrapnel shots bounce when hitting the ground.
    - Fixed a vanilla bug with supression fire making enemy units run quicker instead slower! If suppressed a unit will run with 25% less speed for 45 seconds and has 4 less moral. Your own unit has -20 accuracy but +20 reload rate.
    - Limbered artillery has less hitpoints (13 to be exact representing the total number of crewmen for each gun).
    - Jozai troops move 5% quicker in battles instead of hardly noticable 2%.
    - Increased unit size of cavalry to 90 men.
    - Reduced unit size of garrisons to 160 men.
    - Samurai heroes can use whistling arrows.
    - Added bayonets for some rifle and line infantry (Thanks to IGdood & KUNGFUSERGE!)

    Naval Battles

    - Reduced the effectiveness of advanced ammunition somewhat.
    - Ships are less likely to catch fire.
    - Increased moral of ships.

    Campaign Related Gameplay Changes

    - Changed victory conditions to allow for longer campaigns (short & long campaign: +2 years; domination campaign: +4 years)
    - Improved autocalculations for battles (more losses for the winner)
    - Removed a number of cheats for the AI (especially the unit upgrade cheat).
    - Lowered tax income in the late game.
    - Increased the chance of events.
    - Units gain experience slower.
    - Minimum unit size is now 15% (instead of 5%). A unit below this size gets disbanded.
    - Lowered some stat bonuses from buildings.
    - Military hospitals have a smaller local effect on replenishment but got an additional global bonus (2%).
    - Added costal defences to ports.
    - Habours can establish trade now.
    - Increased recruitment time of all units by one turn to make battles more decisive (since reinforcements take longer to get for both player and AI)
    - Increased movement range for land (33%) and naval units (50%). Gunbots and Torpedoboats have a higher range then other ships.
    - Ishin Shishi/Shinsengumi actions are 20% more expensive.
    - Agents (with the exception of generals) level slower.
    - Changed realm divide. You now have a chance to keep some allies when choosing to become a republic.
    - Dynamic recruitment caps: Advanced artillery, veteran land units and heavy ships all have dynamic recruitment caps now. The number of units you can get increases with additional buildings that can recruit that type of unit or improving existing buildings.
    - Changed range of all costal defences to 12. Ports are still different in terms of firepower and resilence.
    - Lowering taxes has a stronger effect on town growth.
    - Copper plated ships are now worth to get: They have a greater campaign movement range, move quicker on the battlefield and are better armoured then their wooden variant.
    - Increased the number of recruitment slots of castles by 1.
    - Changed autocalc so taking castles is more difficult.
    - The AI gets more money on higher diffculty levels.
    - Train stations and railway companies incease the local replenisment rate and the global ammunition count (for the latter you need several buildings to see a difference). This represents the easier distribution of supplies.
    - Agents (with the exception of generals) level slower.
    - Changed realm divide. You now have a chance to keep some allies when choosing to become a republic.

    VERSION 1.81 - Some Fixes

    NOTE: You need to start a new campaign to get the sound bug fixes applied to all units.

    - Fixed some more sound related bugs with archer units.
    - Otomo can now recruit heavy matchlocks.

    VERSION 1.8 - FotS Patch Compatible

    NOTE: I removed all movement reduction variants from the mod to make the mod compatible with my FotS mod. For S2/RotS movement in battles is still around 30% slower then vanilla.


    Naval Gameplay Revisited

    Many thanks to weirdoascensor to let me use his ship ideas as well figuring out some stuff about ship editing!

    - Reduced range of bows in seabattles.
    - Increased power of matchlocks in seabattles.
    - Removed mines from Rocket Kobayas.
    - A number of smaller balance changes for ships.
    - Matchlock Kobayas and the Bow Siege Tower Bune are available earlier.
    - Added Mori versions of the Yumi Siege Tower Bune and the Rocket Kobaya (cheaper and higher moral).
    - Wako pirates can have Sengoku Bunes.
    - NEW SHIP: Heavy Matchlock Kobaya (Shimazu and Otomo only)
    - NEW SHIP: Hojo Mortar Kobaya (Hojo only)


    "Times are changing. The Miyoshi have long served the Hosokawa family as vassals. However their overlord’s greed and internal division have presented opportunities. Opportunities never present before, and unthinkable before…. Now in times of chaos, where the strong have shown pitiful weakness, the lord Buddha’s teachings must be followed, it is finally time to make the family the most outward circle! The opportunity is now! One of the most magnificent fortresses in Japan was completed under the close eye of Yukinaga in 1521. Built for the Hosokawa’s ambitions, the magnificent fortress of Saki in Settsu, nicknamed the "Mandokoro," commands access to Hokkaido and the Miyoshi’s native land of Awa across the strait. More strategically, it also commands all eastern approaches to Kyoto, giving the Miyoshi a very solid position indeed."

    Faction Bonuses: "Masters of Fortifications" (-5% building costs for castles; -10% building time for castles; 15% higher reload rate for infantry bow units)
    Special Unit: Miyoshi Bird Archer Ashigaru - Rapid firing veteran ashigaru archers (unit cap of 4)

    NEW PLAYABLE MINOR: Hatakeyama

    Faction Bonuses: "Masters of Farming" (10% increase in farm income; +1 food production)
    Special Unit: Hatakeyama Daisho Household Samurai - Improved version of the Daisho Household Samurai


    - Fixed too much starting money for Mogami

    Campaign Related Gameplay Changes

    - Integrated Apk's ambush mod into the main file.
    - NEW UNIT: Daisho Household Samurai - The elite version of the daisho (katana/bow) samurai for all factions
    - NEW UNIT: Hatakeyama Daisho Household Samurai (improved household unit for Hatakeyama only)
    - NEW UNIT: Miyoshi Bird Archer Ashigaru - Rapid firing veteran ashigaru archers (unit cap of 4)
    - NEW AOR UNIT: Miyoshi Bird Archer Ashigaru - Rapid firing veteran ashigaru archers (available in Awa, Awaji and Settsu; unit cap of 2)
    - NEW TRAITS: Generals spending a lot of time as governors in cities can acquire the "Understands People" (+1 provincial happiness) and the "Social Studies" (+4% civil research) traits.
    - Raised accuracy and reload bonuses of bow techs.
    - Increased bonuses of highest level military techs to make them more worthwhile.
    - Reduced ammunition count for most units to make ammo related techs more important.


    - Apk for his ambush mod
    - weirdoascensor for some ship ideas

    VERSION 1.7


    - Fixed recruitment of Tae-yari Ashigaru in castles.
    - Added missing Oda Tae-yari Ashigaru.
    - Added missing spearwall ability to Oda Tae-yari Ashigaru, Ikki Ikki Tae-yari Ashigaru, and Tae-yari Ashigaru Garrison units.
    - Fixed wrong projectile stats for Chosokabe Daikyu Masters.
    - AI armies should have less ranged units (fix probably needs a new campaign to work)
    - Fixed pike & shot ashigaru not properly used by the BAI.
    - Hopefully fixed bribing super metsukes of the Ashikaga Shogunate.

    Battle Related Gameplay Changes

    - Added +2 to the defence of all units to slow down battles a bit more.
    - Increased the moral bonus for gaining experience. The maximum is +9 moral instead of +5 moral (each level adds +1 moral).
    - Ranged units (especially matchlocks) can hit enemies on walls better.
    - Reduced melee and defence of all matchlock, firebomb, firerocket and artillery units by 1.
    - Reduced ammo of matchlocks to 15.
    - Reduced bow ranges in land battles slightly.
    - Rebalanced matchlock and bow units: Matchlocks are better against low number of troops in strong armor, while bows are better against lager numbers in weak armor. Pitted against each other matchlocks are slightly superior. Both have a much higher kill rate at close range.
    - Reduced armor of monks units by 1.
    - Pike & shot ashigaru now use long pikes and have a higher rate of fire.
    - Changed generals unit into long range horse archers. This should make AI generals less suicidal in battle.
    - Readded the use of katanas for yari/tae-yari ashigaru. Removing katanas made these units far too powerfull when using spearwall.
    - Reworked Ashigaru Sharpshooters (reduced men from 100 to 80, but improved accuracy & reload, gave them greater range and light infantry behaviour). Unit is now superior in long range firefights.
    - Reworked Shimazu Heavy gunners (greater range plus body piercing but lower accuracy, reload rate and ammunition). Use this unit for devastating enfilade fire from the flanks.

    Ashigaru Sharpshooters in light infantry formation

    Campaign Related Gameplay Changes

    - Reworked the costs all economy buildings.
    - Improved CAI of Hattori, Ikko Ikki and Tokugawa.
    - Increased movement range of ships in the main campaign.
    - Reduced research costs in the Shogun campaign by 20% to allow for quicker research.
    - Split the ammunition bonus into one for siege/gunpowder units and one forn bow units. The tech tree was updated accordingly.
    - Added global upkeep bonuses to the techs for spear, sword, bow and siege/gunpowder units.
    - Reduced recruitment time for early ashigaru to one turn.
    - Bulletproof samurai need an armorer for recruitment.
    - Added some optional submods which increases the campaign movement rate of all units by 25% or 50%.

    RotS Compatibility Changes

    - All core gameplay mechanics of TROM3 now work with RotS.
    - Adjustments to the economy, building and technology effects.
    - Changed victory conditions for greater freedom of play.
    - Removed AI cheats that replace low level units with free high level ones (no more 19 samurai + general AI armies in the early game).
    - Extended length of RotS campaigns.
    - Added naval abilities (flaming arrows; warcry; battlespeed) to pirate ships.
    - Added unit caps for samurai (20) and monks (15).

    VERSION 1.51

    Highlights of this Version

    New ZEN building and technology chain.
    Randomized starting help for major factions. No two games are the same now!
    Rebalanced unit costs for bigger armies.
    5 playable minor factions complete with victory conditions and faction specific bonuses.
    5 new units (including a spear and bow hybrid unit).

    Fixes of 1.51

    • Fixed a problem with Oda and Hattori not being able to recruit AOR units (you need to start a new campaign).
    • Major AI clans should no longer get extra units at game start if they are your neighbours.

    TROM3 Battle Changes

    Gameplay Changes
    • Lowered incendiary chance of naval projectiles by 50%.
    • Lowered the timeout for a number of abilities from 5 to 4 minutes.
    • Active hiding runs for 90 sec now (was 60). This should make ninja s more usefull especially in sieges.
    • The basic movement speed reduction submod for TROM3 (-30 % speed reduction) is now integrated into the campaign and battle mod pack. If you want to play the mod with any other speed reduction install the appropriate submod.
    • Experience has an higher impact on the shooting skills of ship crews.

    Unit Stats
    • Tachi cavalry is equipped with additional bows and 6 arrows.
    • Changed armor and defence stats of the bulletproof samurai since the bulletproof ability was fixed by CA in the latest patches.
    • Unit strength of nagae-yari and pike & shot ashigaru was reduced from 240 men to 200 men.
    • Reduced defense of all units with spearwall ability by 1 (spearwall is extremly powerfull).

    TROM3 Campaign Changes

    Playable Minors

    NOTE: Read the readme for the playable minors submods for instructions how to start a campaign properly!


    The Otomo are bound to christianity as their faction religion. They start with two provinces, a Nanban trading port, a missionar, a small army with two units of imported matchlocks, and a small fleet ready for action.

    Faction Bonuses: Masters of Faith - Cheap imported matchlocks, higher religious conversion rate, high army moral
    Special Unit: Samurai Heavy Gunners (from Sengoku Jidai DLC)
    Gameplay Tips: You start with two enemies right at your doorsteps. Crush the Shoni while blocking the strait to the mainland with ships. A quick move is adviced before the Shimazu can knock at your southern doors. The imported matchlock units you start with can be very handy in battle.


    Those who live by the sword die by the sword. The Imagawa family has turned Suruga province into one of the largest trade centers outside of Kyoto. Although not descendants of the highest nobility, the Imagawa have acquired great honour from a line of the ablest administrators in the land. Today their power is more modern, rooted in the coin, the trained peasant, and the careful word.

    Faction Bonuses: Masters of Trade - higher tax and trade income, greater economic growth
    Special Unit: Mounted Gunners (from Sengoku Jidai DLC)
    Gameplay Tips: You start with a comfortable strength and Tokugawa as your vassal. Oda is your natural opponent at first, but you also have to keep an eye on your neighbours Takeda and Hojo.


    The Honma were included as playable minors because of their interesting starting position on an island north of mainland Japan. They are traders and seamen.

    Faction Bonuses: Masters of Sea - cheaper and experienced ships, greater range for ships, higher trade income
    Special Unit: none
    Gameplay Tip: Build up a fleet that protects you from invasions and allows you to strike anywhere you want along the coast.


    The Mogami are natural opponents of the Date clan in the north of Japan. They became very powerfull during the Sengoku Jidai period and were famous for their cunning strategies at war.

    Faction Bonuses: Masters of Strategy - land units have increased campaign movement range, replenishment bonus, lesser administration costs
    Special Unit: Mogami Bushi Militia - A mixed unit with spears and some bowmen in the front line. Better trained then starting ashigaru (cap of 5).
    Gameplay Tips: Beat Date to control the north of Japan undisputed. You next opponent will probably arise out of the struggle between Uesugi, Takeda, Hojo, Tokugawa and Oda.


    The Asai are reputed for the beauty of their daughters, with frequent suitors knocking at the gates of Odani, diplomacy forgotten, eager to negotiate terms of marriage. A refined and traditional family, Sukemasa himself is famous from East to West for his poetry and flower arrangement, as is clear from the respect which his fellow lords accord him. As he is artistic, he is innovative in war, the new model army which he created is an emblem of discipline and trained tenacity, but other daymio have understood the value of trained ashigaru and are preparing to repave an even ground.

    Faction Bonuses: Masters of Beauty - diplomacy bonus, research bonus for civil techs, experienced ashigaru
    Special Unit: none
    Gameplay Tips: Surrounded by 3 major factions forming alliances and building up strength before striking at any weakness may be wise.

    ZEN Temples

    Unlike some other buddhist sects, the Zen buddhist temples were not much involved in the political struggle during the Sengoku Period. However, many samurai were influenced by the Zen philosophy and practice and became followers of Zen. Zen also played a big role in the cultural development of Japan before and after the Sengoku Jidai period. In TROM3 Zen temples don't recruit warrior monks and their conversion rate is lower then that of standard buddhist temples. Instead they stimulate research in both the civil and military field and increase the experience level of all samurai units recruited locally.
    • The basic buddhist religious building is the buddhist shrine that can be developed into a normal buddhist temple or a Zen temple.
    • New Zen building line with 4 new buildings: Zen Buddhist Tempel, Zen Monastery, Zen Temple Complex and Famous Zen Temple
    • All Zen temples increase the experience of Samurai units recruited locally.
    • All Zen temples increase the research rate both in the civil and military area (the research rate of standard buddhist buildings was reduced somewhat).
    • Zen temples can recruit monk agents but have a lower conversion rate and can't recruit warrior monks.
    • If you have a zen monastery or higher building you have a chance to recruit a wandering yari, bow or katana hero.

    Hattori Revamp

    NOTE: I suggest to use the ambush deployment mod by Akp with TROM3. It's already bundled with the TROM3 installation files, so just copy it into your /data directory.

    • Hattori infantry ashigaru and samurai units are no longer able to setup anywhere on the battlefield. They can hide easier on the campaign map instead (with the "paths seldom trod" ability). This makes kisho ninjas and bandits (nobushi from the DLC) more valuable.
    • Hattori kisho ninja are available earlier, have a higher unit cap (5 instead 3) and don't need silk as a requirement.
    • Kisho ninja masters (new hero unit) are available eralier and have better stats.
    • Action costs for Hattori ninja agents are reduced by 5%.
    • All Hattori generals get the new Ninja Strategies trait (+1 command when ambushing).

    Building Changes

    • Rearranged garrison units slightly to achive a more logical progression.
    • Replaced yari ashigaru with tae-yari ashigaru as garrisons for lvl 3-5 buildings.
    • Fixed missing garrison building.
    • Removed building restructions for lvl 3-4 markets and stealth buildings (they didn't work as intended). Normal markets and sake dens still have a building limit of one, but as soon as you upgrade them you can build another one.
    • Removed building restrictions for large resource farms to allow for more food production.

    Recruitment Changes
    • Increased campaign recruitment costs of all units by a flat amount of 200 koku. This change makes higher level units more cost effective (previously costs roughly resembled combat power, which is ok for custom battles, but does not take into account research effort and longer build times for higher level units in the campaign).
    • While recruitment costs are increased, upkeep is reduced from 20% of recruitment costs to 10%. The net effect of this is that both player and AI can field more troops, but building up an army or replacing losses is more expensive and takes more time if you don't have the money at hand. Recruitment cost bonuses are now more worthwhile to get.
    • Unit cap for kisho ninjas was lowered from 4 to 3, but raised for Hattori kisho ninjas (from 4 to 5).
    • The Ikko Ikki can now recruit naginata sohei cavalry in the campaign.
    • Raised unit caps of basic ashigaru from 10 to 15 (ikko ikki 20) to allow for more troops until you research advanced ashigaru units.
    • The basic monk units (hoshi musha) can be recruited without a weapon dojo as requirement. This makes it easier for the AI to get them.
    • Oda Ashigaru now cost the same as standard ashigaru (their higher stats are enough of a bonus).

    Technology Changes
    • NEW TECH BRANCH: Three brand new technologies that form their own branch in the civil technology tree: Way of Zen, Inner Wisdom amd Enlighted Actions
    • Rebalanced costs of military techs.
    • Removed experience bonuses for newly recruited units from the spear, sword, bow, ashigaru, and musket/siege tech branches and replaced them with stat bonuses for existing and new units.
    • Many top level military and civil technologies will provide stronger bonuses now. Therefore, researching them makes more of a difference.
    • Changed some bonuses of the ashigaru tech chain: Instead of reducing farm income the lack of workforce is now represented by a higher upkeep for ashigaru units.
    • Moved the chinese and korean trading ports further down the tech tree.

    New Units
    • NEW UNIT: Tae-yari Ashigaru: The Tae-yari Ashigaru ("short spear ashigaru") are a improved version of the early yari ashigaru. They are available with the ashigaru sergeants tech, are recruited in castle buildings and have a unit cap of 10 (ikko Ikki 15). They are lighty armored and much quicker then nagae-yari ashigaru, but have lower defense stats and are therefore less able to pin down an enemy. They should be used as highly mobile force to protect the flanks of your own battle line or attack an enemy from the sides or rear. Tae-yari ashigaru replace early yari ashigaru as garrison of higher level buildings.
    • NEW UNIT: Mogami Bushi Militia: These hardened farm men from the north of japan are proficient with the spear and the front line can also shoot with bows. They are available for the Mogami clan (cap of 5) and as AOR units for all other clans (cap of 2).
    • NEW UNIT: Kisho Ninja Masters: A new hero unit that is available with the highest stealth building (cap of 1). The Hattori version of this unit is stronger and available earlier.
    • NEW UNIT: Yabusame Household Cavalry (with a improved Chosokabe version)

    Events and Dilemmas
    • NEW TRAIT: Ninja Strategies - Generals staying in a province with a ninja region speciality building have a small chance to aquire the Ninja Strategies trait (+1 command when ambushing). All Hattori generals get this trait automatically.

    Other Changes
    • Starting help randomizer: The starting help for major AI factions is randomized now. There is a 25% chance that they get no help at all, a 50% chance that they get some extra units and/or cash, and a 25% chance that their starting help is doubled. This should make the development of games more varied (Tokugawa has a chance to eliminate Oda for example).
    • Reduced trading and trade node income for the player slightly (-5%) and made buildings 25% more expensive (new campaigns only).
    • Starting the game as Chosokabe, Date, Hojo or Shimazu is more difficult now.
    • Increased movement bonus of roads by 10%.
    • Increased campaign movement rate of all units by 5%.
    • Siege units are now only slightly slower then infantry on the campaign map.
    • Increased base income of minor factions from 800 to 1000 koku (majors have 1300 koku).

    Additional Submods

    NOTE: To install the submods just drop them into the data directory.
    • TROM3_x_Mercenary_Mangonels_Submod: Adds mercenary mangonels to markets.
    • TROM3_x_Takeda_Fire_Cavalry_Submod: Enables the TROM3 Takeda fire cavalry for those without the Sengoku Jidai Unit Pack. It's a custom TROM3 unit we did before the DLC was released. Don't use it together with the DLC.

    UPDATE HISTORY (since v0.35)

    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    VERSION v1.0

    TROM3 Battle Changes
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    Weapon Changes

    • Inceased the range of early yumi ashigaru to 135 and reduced the range of standard matchlock to 135. This was mainly done to prevent the AI from shooting into the back of its own archers.
    • Arrows are more effective at close range.
    • Increased reload time for mangonels.
    • Lowered the effct of the stand & fight ability (was way too powerfull for an unlimited multi unit bonus).
    • Lowered the reload bonus of fire by rank and the rapid volley ability to prevent elite matchlock units from fireing too quick.

    Unit Stats
    • All Samurai got +2 in moral. All monks/samurai got +1 armor.
    • Reduced defense of all ranged units by 1.
    • Reduced ammunition of standard bow units from 20 to 16.
    • Advanced Ashigaru (Matchlock, Nagae-yari, Kazuyumi, Cavalry Scouts) have better base stats then early ashigaru.
    • Pike units got +2 defense but -1 to anti-cavalry and -2 charge.
    • Daisho (katana) samurai redone: They are now the basic samurai traditionally equipped with bow and katana with a cap of 7. They have only 8 ammo and can't shot fire arrows.
    • Daikyu (long bow) samurai redone: They are now an elite archer/katana unit (daikyo household samurai) with a cap of 3.
    • Tachi (katana) samurai redone: Made them a elite cavalry unit (tachi household cavalry) with a cap of 2.
    • Light cavalry (cavalry scouts) got stronger overall, but are more expensive and only available with the "form" technology.
    • Yabusame cavalry replaces light cavalry as early cavalry unit and is available in both the archery and the sword dojos. Unit characteristics were changed: Slightly higher speed, less ammunition (12 instead of 20), higher rate of fire, lower range (135 instead of 150), lower costs.
      They are recruitable in two building lines: the archery and the sword dojo. They get additonal xp from the archery technology branch.
    • Lowered anti cavalry bonus of early yari ashigaru to 6 (was 10).
    • Faction specific units (like chosokabe bow samurai) now have +5 to accuracy and reload rate (was +10) and +1 to melee, charge and defense (was +2) over standard units.
    • Integrated the Sengoku Jidai Unit Pack DLC into the mod.
    • Some other stat changes and price adjustments.

    • Autocombat is more bloody for the winner now, and the loosing side has a higher chance to retreat with some units left.
    • Castles are factored into autocombat with a trick: By giving samurai retainers and onna bushi very high moral values the castle garrison has a higher autocombat rating (only works if there is room for the garrison to show up).

    TROM3 Campaign Changes

    Area of Recruitment Units

    NOTE: AOR units represent contributions of conquered minor and major clans to your army. AOR units of a certain faction are only availabe when this faction is destroyed (has no provinces left) and you own one of the provinces the faction had at game start. AOR units are 20% cheaper in recruitment and upkeep. All AOR units have a cap of one if not mentioned otherwise. The Ikko Ikki can't recruit any AOR samurai unit.

    Available faction specific AOR units
    • 13 Daisho Samurai
    • 13 Yari Samurai
    • 5 Bow Cavalry
    • 7 Yari Cavalry (including two elite units for Takeda and Tokugawa)
    • 3 Naginata Household Samurai
    • 2 No-dachi Household Samurai

    Non-faction AOR units
    • Zenkô-ji Naginata Temple Guard (North Shinano)
    • Momochi Kisho Ninja (Iga)
    • Negoro-gumi Teppo Sohei (Kii)

    Building Changes

    NOTE: After you build the first lvl 2 road it may seem that there are no additional road building options. This is, because the lvl 3 and lvl 4 roads get enabled by a script after you researched the neccessary technologies and are not shown in the building browser before that.

    • NEW FARM BUILDINGS: Silk, Cotton and Horse Farms (provide resources; have 2 levels)
    • NEW MARKET BUILDINGS: Wood, Stone, and Crafts Markets (provide resources; have 2 levels)
    • NEW PORT BUILDING: Chinese (Incense) and Korean (Iron) Trade Ports (provide resources; have 2 levels)
    • NEW ENCAMPMENT BUILDING: Garrison Quarters (encampment building upgrade; adds 2 ashigaru garrison units, +2 repression plus the normal encampment bonuses; needs ashigaru sergeants tech).
    • The number of recruitment slots for castles is now: 2 - 2 - 3 - 3 - 4 (from fort to citadel).
    • Changed the higher level castles bonuses for ashigaru: lvl 3 provides +1 armor and lvl 4-5 +1 melee and +2 armor.
    • Added monasteries as starting buildings to provinces with holy sites (helps CAI development)
    • Lowered repression of castles by -1.
    • Each faction can only build one military port and one drydock (prevents AI from neglecting trade ports and the player does not need more then one of them).
    • All ports of lvl 3 and higher have tech requirements.
    • Lvl 4&5 castles and the lvl 3&4 archery dojos have kazuyumi ashigaru instead of the normal yumi ashigaru as garrison.
    • All lvl 2 buff buildings (except the garrison) are now unique (you can only build one of them, but conquer more; choose wisely where to build them).
    • A new building called 'merchant district' is now the the starting building for both the stealth (sake den) and the economy (market) building lines (so you can not have both in one province). In addition, all economy buildings are restricted to one. For example you can only build one sake den, one gambling hall, one criminal syndicate and one mizu shobei. However, by capturing provinces you can have more of each type of building.
    • Increased economic bonuses of stealth buildings.

    Recruitment Changes

    • Unit caps of all samurai units were lowered to adjust for the additional samurai units from the AOR system.
    • All advanced ashigaru units need a tech from the ashigaru tech tree (with the exception of the matchlock ashigaru).
    • Early ashigaru units (yari and yumi ashigaru) got a unit cap of 8 (ikko ikki units have a cap of 15).
    • Lowered unit cap of imported teppo ashigaru to 4.
    • Raised unit cap of ikko ikki warrior monk units.
    • Adjusted costs of ships (most of them are more expensive now).
    • Upkeep costs are now 20% of recruitment costs.
    • Added xp bonuses for ships build in lvl 3-4 ports.
    • The CAI will build more matchlock units instead of archers in the late game.

    Technology Changes

    • NEW TECHNOLOGY: Collective Farming (-15% upkeep for all ashigaru: -10% farming income)
    • Estate mobility: Added +1 moral and -5 upkeep for all ashigaru.
    • Yoroi doshi: reduced farming income by -5%.
    • Essence_of the spirit: Added -5% lower upkeep for monk units.
    • Scholarship:Added 5% resarch bonus and -5% lower upkeep for monk units.
    • Neo confuzianism: Added -10% lower upkeep for monk units.
    • Noh theater: Added +3 town wealth growth.
    • Tea ceremony: Raised diplomacy bonus to 15%.
    • Calligraphy: Lowerd diplomacy bonus to 15% but added +2 town wealth growth.
    • Ninjutsu_mastery: Added -10% lower upkeep for kisho ninja units.
    • Secret police: Added a 2% tax bonus.
    • Sword hunt: Lowered repression bonus to 1 but added a 3% tax bonus.
    • Kinza mint: Lowered town wealth growth to 4.
    • Epic architecture: Lowered town wealth growth to 6.
    • Removed 1 xp bonus from the class specific tech branches (spear, siege, archery, sword) and replaced it with another bonus. NOTE: For technical reasons (vanilla entries can't be removed) some tech effects now show a zero.
    • Added xp bonuses for the naval tech branch and rearranged some other bonuses.

    New Units

    • NEW UNIT: Ashigaru Cavalry Scouts
    • NEW UNIT: Kazuyumi Ashigaru (Ashigaru with improved bows)
    • NEW UNITS: 42 faction specific AOR units plus 3 special AOR units (see above)

    Events and Dilemmas[/B]
    • NEW DILEMMA: A new dilemma that allows the recruitment of bow ronin.
    • NEW EVENTS: 4 new events related to encampment buildings.
    • Disasters have a stronger impact on local happiness amd destroy town wealth.

    Other Changes

    • Lowered campaign difficulty on higher difficulty levels.
    • Reduced movement points of armies by 10% to slow down the game a bit more.
    • Replaced one yari ashigaru unit with a daisho samurai unit in the starting army of major factions.
    • Both the pirate lair and the pirate fortress have a wako garrison now.
    • Both the ninja school and the ninja fortress have a kisho ninja garrison now.
    • Removed mercenary mangonels (you can reenable them with the TROM3_a_Mercenary_Mangonels_Submod.pack)
    • Changed unit variant files of ikko ikki peasants to make them look more like rabble. They wear a mix of cloth and armor now.
    • Taxes have much less negative impact on town growth and lowering taxes boost the economy more. This also helps the CAI that tends to overtax its provinces and destroys its town wealth that way.
    • Increased building costs of all buildings by 20%.
    • Being the first in contruction a legendary civil building not only gets you a agent succes bonus but a permanent -10% decrease in agent action costs.
    • All characters get 3 skillpoints per level. Generals get an additional skillpoint at level 5 & 6.
    • Changed one of the incense trade nodes into a wood trade node.
    • Adjusted Oda and Shimazu to prevent them from becoming too powerfull too quickly.
    • Adjusted Mori and Ikko Ikki to help them develop.
    • Adjusted autocombat.

    Ikko Ikki DLC Special Update v0.75

    Various Fixes
    • Fixed attack by fire having a longer research time then japanese matchlocks.
    • Fixed tech tree for Ikko Ikki DLC.
    • The mountain hermitage has the correct experience bonuses now.

    Changes to Warrior Monks
    • Monk warriors are now seperated into two classes: Sohei (120 men elite units) and Yamabushi (160 men standard units). Sohei have cap of 2 (Mori & Ikko Ikki 3). Yamabushi have a cap of 3 (Mori & Ikko Ikki 4).
    • All monk warriors have increased moral and have a cheaper upkeep then similar samurai units.

    Other Changes
    • Adjusted Ikko Ikki unit stats.
    • Reduced the extra upkeep for Hattori samurai units to 25 koku (was 50).
    • Added unit caps for ronin samurai.
    • Removed the success penality for player agents (was -5%). Since the last patch the CAI is good enough with it's own agenst to be a serious threat.
    • The normal tax level adds one more point to unhappiness.
    • Reworked bonuses of some of the ancillaries to make them more usefull.

    Fixed v0.72

    Savegame compatible - Just install over old version!

    • Fixed the not properly working new events.
    • Added missing new faction bonuses.
    • Improved kill rate of archers/matchlocks.
    • Overall the CAI should recruit less archers now.
    • Experimental change: Removed some CAI cheats that are connected to recruitment and army composition. Not shure if my changes work though.

    Fixed v0.71

    • Fixed a bug with the samurai retainers.

    Battle Changes

    Unit Stats
    • Reworked all unit stats to blunt the extreme rock-paper-scissor relationships somewhat while keeping the distinct features of each unit category. This is work in progress.
    • All cavalry traded 1 defense for +1 armor. This helps against projectiles and attacks in the back when disengaging.
    • Ashigaru got slightly higher combat stats but their moral is still low.
    • Light cavalry can now deploy freely on the battlemap (they count as scouts).
    • Naginata samurai and no-dachi samurai are now conceptualized as small elite units (household samurai).
    • Reduced crew size of caravels and the black ship.

    Other Battle Related Changes
    • Close range volleys cause more casualities.
    • Increased reload rate and accuracy through experience slightly.
    • Reverted base moral back to 0 (from 1 before). This means that at the beginning of the game low moral units are more prone to rout.
    • Watchtowers shoot a bit slower.
    • Adjusted a number of unit abilities.
    • Reduced damage, accuracy and reload rate of naval canons.
    • Naval fire arrows are now automatically enabled for all factions (makes sea battles more interesting and challenging from the start).
    • FIX: Yari Ashigaru no longer use pikes and katanas but the short yari only.

    Campaign Changes

    New Textures
    • Added Smirk's Waco & Ninja textures. Many thanks to him!

    New Dilemmas & Events
    • Three new dilemmas: Recruit wandering sword, bow and yari saints who will aid your cause.
    • Four new events related to the encampment building line. Build barracks, hunting lodges and jiujutsu dojos and reap global bonuses for your army.

    Historical Faction Bonuses
    • Most major factions overhauled to give them more historical starting bonuses.
    • Shimazu: +1 starting xp for all samurai (new), superior sword armed samurai and more loyal generals.
    • Chosokabe: Better archers (both foot and cavalry), happier buddhist population (+1 happiness; new) and higher farm output (+10% gdp)
    • Mori: Better and cheaper ships with higher campaign range (+5%); +1 starting xp for all Samurai (new); cheaper monk units with higher unit cap (new)
    • Hattori (unchanged): Better kisho ninjas, free deployment on the battlefield and higher ninja agent success chance (+4%)
    • Hojo: Lower castle building costs (-10%), lower administration cost (-10%; new), better siege units and +1 starting xp for yari units (new)
    • Oda: Better and cheaper Ashigaru units, +1 moral for all Ashigaru and +10 military research rate (new).
    • Tokugawa: Diplomacy bonus (+10%), greater influence radius of generals (+10%; new), higher global research rate (+5%; new) and better kisho ninjas.
    • Takeda: Better and cheaper cavalry with a moral bonus of +1; increased run speed (5%; new) and +1 charge bonus for all units
    • Uesugi: Better and cheaper monk warriors, +1 starting xp for all yari units (new), improved success chance for monk agents (+4%) and a bonus to trade income (+5%)
    • Date: +1 starting xp for all Samurai (new), superior no-dachi, +2 charge bonus for all units and +1 moral bonus for cavalry (new)

    New Faction Specific Historical Units
    • NEW UNIT FOR CHOSOKABE: Chosokabe Bow Cavalry (replaces standard bow cavalry; better stats)
    • NEW MONK UNITS FOR MORI: Mori Naginata Warrior Monk Cavalry; Mori Naginata Warrior Monks; Mori Bow Warrior Monks; Matchlock Warrior Monks (replaces standard monk units; cheaper and higher unit cap)
    • NEW UNIT FOR HOJO: Hojo Ashigaru Sharpshooters (replaces Ashigaru Sharpshooters; better stats)
    • NEW ELITE UNIT FOR TOKUGAWA: Red Devils (Katana Samurai)
    • NEW ELITE UNIT FOR TAKEDA: Takeda Fire Cavalry
    • NEW UNIT FOR ODA: Oda Light Cavalry (better stats)

    Building and Recruitment Changes
    • New unit caps for samurai and monks to achive more historical relations between samurai/monks (elite units) and ashigaru (bulk of troops): basic cap is 6 for all regular samurai and 4 for monk units with the following adjustments: +2 for if yari and bow equiped; -2 if naginata/sword/matchlock; +2 to monks if ikko-ikki; -2 if cavalry (samurai only); guard units are capped to one unit
    • Added one turn to the recruitment time of all ships.
    • All advanced ashigaru units need Ashigaru Sergeants as additional tech requirement.
    • Removed iron and wood as requirements for Nagae Ashigaru and Teppo Ashigaru (but pike & shot ashigaru and sharpshooters still need iron).
    • Added one more buildings slot to all a castles with the exception of citadels (since 5 slots is the hardcoded maximum limit). As a side effect all castles on the battlemap are now one tier higher (the lvl 4 castle and the lvl 5 citadel share the same map). This makes for more interesting siege battles early on.
    • Removed all cavalry buildings. Cavalry units are now recruited in the sword, yari and archery dojos. This frees one slot for other buildings.
    • Rearranged building requirements of several units: nagae-yari ashigaru and pike & shot ashigaru (yari dojo line); teppo ashigaru and ashigaru sharpshooters (gunpowder building line); matchlock kobaya and rocket kobaya (gunpowder building line)
    • Reduced repression bonus of castles and citadels and increased their build times somewhat.
    • Reworked a number of technology effects for units for a more consistent unit progression.
    • Adjusted castle garrisons: Lower levels have one unit more, higher level castles some less (since the recruitment buildings all come with their own garrisons).
    • Libraries, holy shrines and ninja special buildings can now recruit their respective agent type and add one to the agent cap.
    • Reduced and standardized the experience gained by buildings: lvl 3 gives +1xp and lvl 4 +2xp.
    • Weaponsmiths and Armorsmiths give the same bonuses to Samurai, Monks and Ashigaru. Also they generate money now but their bonuses were decreased.
    • Reduced bonuses of the barracks building line. Also, armories need iron now.
    • Reduced accuracy bonuses of the artisian building line.
    • High level castles give an additional armor bonus to Ashigaru only (lvl 3: +1; lvl 4/5: +2). This is representing their better equipment in the later part of the war.

    Changes to Technologies
    • Tech ammunition bonuses now apply to all ranged units (including artillery).
    • Spear wall is now only enabled with spear expertise.
    • Changed a number of tech descriptions to show the value of bonuses.
    • Rearranged the tech tree: attack by fire and japanese matchlocks changed place to make masses of matchlock units available only later in the game.

    Other Changes
    • EXPERIMENTAL DIPLOMACY CHANGE: War will get you a diplomacy hit that is lowered over time until a minimum negative bonus is reached. That way chances for negotiating peace after some time of warfare are higher.
    • Reduced conversion rate of all religious buildings and the nanban ports.
    • Gave the lvl 1 port trading capabilities and increased the number of trade routes from all ports by 1. This will help Chosokabe especially because they can't have any land trade beyond their starting island.
    • Major clans get +100 additional extra income.
    • Reduced income from trade nodes and tariffs.
    • Some buildings are more expensive.
    • Agents are more expensive.
    • CAI got +2 repression and the player -2 on h/vh/legendary
    • Adjusted the CAI to randomize buildings more.
    • Adjusted autocalc: Chance of loosing units in battle is higher now.
    • FIXED CA OVERSIGHT: Mori ships have now a 5% higher campaign range.
    • NEW MERCENARY UNITS: Added a tightly capped number of rather expensive mercenary units to the market building line: Mercenary Teppo Ashigaru (max. 2), Mercenary Fire Bomb Throwers (max. 1), Mercenary Fire Rockets (max.1) and Mercenary Fire Projecting Mangonels (max. 1).
    • NEW GARRISON UNIT: Naginata Warrior Monks Garrison (buddhist monasteries)

    UPDATED to v0.62

    Fixed v0.62

    • Fixed the crash problem with the latest patch.

    Fixed v0.61

    • Fixed a bug with the naginata cavalry animations.

    Battle Mod

    • Increased the reload time of matchlocks from 25 to 30 sec.
    • FIX: Fixed a problem with the Pike & Shot Ashigaru showing both weapons at the same time.

    Major Naval Update
    • Reworked speed and turning rate of all ships to make battles more realistic.
    • Reworked all naval projectiles and effects: more realistic ranges, cannons no longer overpowered, damage of matchlocks and fire arrows tuned down.
    • Adjusted crew sizes.
    • Adjusted all naval abilities.
    • All ships with bows can now use fire arrows.
    • Bow kobayas are more accurate (this compensates for the change that fire arrows are no longer their unique ability).
    • Additional graphical effects for firebombs and fire rockets (they spread fire now...).

    Campaign Mod

    Changes to Campaign Gameplay
    • Increased the town growth rate of the first two roads by 1.
    • Adjusted economical bonuses of techs to balance the economy with the new added techs.
    • Increased the charge speed bonus of the form tech to 5% (instead of 2%) and added a +1 charge bonus.
    • Sons come out of age between 14 and 19 years (was 14 to 22 years before).
    • Increased the chance that ronin samurai appear in the game.
    • The player starts with one point less repression. (new game only)
    • NEW MILITARY TECHNOLOGY TREE: Three new technologies for all Ashigaru units that reflect the historical development of the ashigaru from peasents to a lower samurai caste.
    • NEW CIVIL TECHNOLOGY: "Encouraging" Investments - Reduces building costs for all buildings by 5%.
    • NEW CIVIL TECHNOLOGY: Rakuichi Rakuza - Increases the wealth (gdp) of economic buildings and mines by 20%.

    Changes to Unit Recruitment
    • All land units need one more turn for recruitment.
    • Increased recruitment costs and upkeep of all Oda ashigaru units.
    • All Matchlock units (with the exception of imported ones) and the Pike & Shot Ashigaru now need iron as resource.
    • Nagae-Yari Ashigaru need wood to be build.
    • Caravels are capped to two units.
    • Lowered unit cap for tachi cavalry to 4 (but there is additional naginata cavalry now)

    New Units
    • NEW UNIT: Naginata Cavalry
    • NEW GARRISON UNIT: Matchlock Ashigaru (Citadel)
    • NEW GARRISON UNIT: Imported Matchlock Ashigaru (Nanban Port and Trade Quarter)
    • NEW GARRISON UNIT: Katana Wako (Pirate Fortress)
    • NEW GARRISON UNIT: Kisho Ninjas (Clan Fortress)
    • NEW SHIP: Yumi Siege Tower Bune.
    • NEW SHIP: Fire Rocket Kobaya.

    Other Changes
    • FIX FOR CA BUG: Takeda can now recruit the Great Guard after becoming shogun.
    • Wako soldiers no longer run around half naked.

    New Tech Tree!

    Fire Rocket Ship in Action

    New Firebomb Effects (for both land and naval combat)!

    • Integrated the new units better into the CAI files.
    • Several minor bugfixes.

    • Fixed a problem with Ninjas having too high or too low skills. (may need a campaign restart).
    • Matchlock Ashigaru have correct defense skills.
    • Inceased the base reload time of all matchlocks by 5 sec.


    • Fixed an issue with new units beeing available too early for some factions.
    • Fixed Nagae-Yari Ashigaru animation problems by giving them back the katana animations (may get changed in later versions again).

    Battle Mod

    • All units got +4 defense to slow the battles down.
    • Cavalry got +2 extra defense.
    • Reduced bonus vs cavalry of all units by 5 (with the exception of light cavalry with -2). This makes cavalry more viable on the battlefield.
    • Reduced bonus vs cavalry of the yari cavalry by -5 but added +5 to melee to make the unit more usefull.
    • Yari Ashigaru got +2 to their charge stats.
    • Range of ashigaru bows reduced to 125.
    • All bow units have 20% more arrows.
    • All matchlock units now have range of 150, 25 ammo and can fire with all ranks as long as there is a line of sight to a target. Number of ranks was reduced from 4 to 3.
    • Some adjustments to the reload rates gained through experience and abilities
    • Recent casualities have a higher impact on moral.
    • Monk units have a slightly higher movement speed.
    • Reduced weight of horses (a dense formation can now better stop a cavalry charge).

    • Reduced speed of ships in battles by roughly 20%.
    • Naval base moral increased by one.
    • Reduced range of bows in naval combat from 180 to 160 (this should give other ships a better chance to board the bow ships).

    Campaign Mod

    Yari Ashigaru Revamp (in addition to the battle mod)
    • Standard Yari Ashigaru now use the short spear.
    • NEW UNIT: Nagae-Yari Ashigaru (Pike Ashigaru) - A more defensive unit then the standard Yari Ashigaru with less melee and charge values but higher armor and defense stats and more men (240). They are also better trained, have a higher moral and can form a spear wall. Available with the Way of the Spear technology.
    • NEW UNIT: Ashigaru Pike & Shot Formation - The ultimate late Nagae-Yari Ashigaru unit with matchlocks fireing from the front rank. Can form a hollow square. Only available with the Sojutsu Mastery technology (NOTE: There is a small animation glitch: after a unit has reloaded it shortly switches to the pike before firing again. You have to live with that for now ).

    Matchlock Ashigaru Changes (in addition to the battle mod)

    • NEW TECHNOLOGY: Japanese Matchlocks (requirement for Teppo Ashigaru)
    • Imported matchlock ashigaru are capped to 8 units.
    • Japanese matchlock ashigaru are available earlier with the japanese matchlocks tech.
    • Japanese matchlock ashigaru now cost 400 instead of 300
    • Attack by fire tech and teppo mastery each increases matchlock accuracy by 10%.
    • Fire by rank has slightly higher rate of fire and requires teppo mastery.
    • NEW UNIT: Ashigaru Sharpshooters - This 80 men unit with high accuracy and range is usefull in field battles and sieges. The unit has a cap of two and needs a level 3 castle and the Attack-by-Fire tech to be build.

    NOTE: All new units are fully integrated into the game (bonuses, events and CAI)

    Other Changes
    • Reduced the ammo increase by Heaven & Earth tech from 50% to 20% and added an ammo increase of 20% to the Way of the Bow tech instead (the bow tech line lacked an ammo increase effect).
    • Increased the costs for all agent actions for the player by 10% and for monks by another 10%. (new campaign only)
    • Becoming Shogun provides a higher tax bonus (+4% instead of +2%) and a food bonus (+2).
    • Marriages have a higher permanent diplomatic effect (40 instead of 20).

    Pike & Shot Ashigaru in action!


    Battle Changes

    - Changes to the effect of generals on moral: reduced inspire effect (4 instead of 6); reduced the penalty for dead or fleeing generals (-3 instead of -4).
    - Moral bonus of hills reduced from 4 to 3.
    - Being attacked by artillery causes a higher moral hit (-3 instead of -1).
    - Lowered recent casualities shock threshold to 15% (was 20%).
    - Made yari ashigaru heavier, so there are not pushed back so easily.
    - Increased accuracy of all matchlock units by 10.
    - Reduced accuracy of artillery (50% hit range reduced from 300 to 200.

    Campaign Changes

    - Added one more garrison unit to forts and strongholds.
    - Implemented unit caps for all samurai and elite units as well as siege engines.
    - Shimazu will now survive longer.
    - Diverted more money of the CAI into construction of buildings.
    - Increased the naval upkeep for the player by 5% and reduced it for the AI by 5%. (new campaign only)
    - Increased the upkeep of the trade ship and the red seal ship (75 instead of 50).
    - Increased administration costs (the bigger your empire the more you suffer from tax losses).
    - Increased the chance for random events happening. (may need a new campaign)
    - Increased chance for children.
    - Cannons are more expensive.


    - Increased game length: short campaign ends 1590, long campaign 1620 and domination campaign 1640
    - Added additional garrison troops to the archery dojo, yari drill yard and sword school building lines
    - Fixed a vanilla problem with the Rice Exchange, the Merchant Guild and the Kanbukama: Since they reduce the food surplus that otherwise provides a growth bonus in EVERY province you own, they create a negative income curve on the long run if you own many provinces. The mod adds a global growth bonus to compensate for the loss of the global food related growth. The local growth bonus was reduced.
    - Adjusted many building effects regarding units (Thanks to 'crazyman fromrussia' for his suggestions!)
    - Reduced the global agent success penalty for the player from -10 to -5
    - Made survival skill of the monk more usefull
    - The AI will use their monks more offensively.
    - The AI has a higher agent cap for ninjas and metsukes (+1 each) to spice up agent gameplay (in my games the player is too dominant) (new campaign only)
    - Several improvements to the CAI of the "monk" factions (Uesugi; Ikko Ikki): better build orders and better tech selection ( they are now able to recruit monk units)
    - Additional scripted help for AI Shimazu and AI Uesugi to increase their survival chance
    - Added a description to thenew Daimyo trait and chnaged some units names.
    - Attack by Fire is needed to enable fire by rank for matchlock units


    - The Uesugi can now recruit matchlock warrior monks and naginata warrior monk cavalry.
    - Generals get 3 skill points when leveling.
    - Reduced the effects of experience on stats of ships.
    - Finetuned some other stuff like fatigue and skill bonuses


    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    Remove any previous installed TROM3 files including the preliminary TROM3 FotS mod if you have it. It's now included into the main TROM3 pack. Unzip the archive and install the TROM3_Campaign_and_Battle_Mod.pack into ...\Steam\SteamApps\common\total war shogun 2\data. To deinstall the mod, just remove the file. To install any TROM3 submod read the additional readmes for them.

    v1.5 TEAM

    Yarkis - Teamleader & Design & Coding
    Obi Wan Asterix - Design & Historical Research
    Xander86 - Encyclopedia

    Former Team Members
    Satori - Design & Coding
    aeoleron9 - CAI Design & Coding
    crazyman from russia - Unit Design & Coding


    CREDITS (in no special order)

    CoconutFred - TROM3 Logo & Banners
    Brigadier Graham - TROM3 Music Mod
    Smirk - Waco & Ninja Textures
    Akp - Ambush mod
    Swiss Halberdier - AUM Creator
    JFC -unit icons
    Tinrod - unit icons
    ToonTotalWar - re-textured historical bows
    SaengsaWang - unit variant model of the "Christian Matchlock Samurai"
    crux3D - squisher of the sound bug
    IGdood - bayonet mod
    Kungfuserge - bayonet mod
    FreelancerX - deployment zone mod[/B]
    Everybody who helped making mod tools!
    And extra thanks to the staff of TWCenter!


    NOTE: Old RotS and FotS savegames will not work with this version! If your game crashes when trying to access the custom battles menue navigate to C:\Users\Your Name\AppData\Roaming\The Creative Assembly and delete everything in the battle_preferences and the army_setups folder.




    No Projectile Trails by Zowrath (does what it says)
    Less Gloss Mod by Ftmch (removes shininess of the armor)
    Elvasat's Portrait & Event Minimod by Elvasat (adds new portraits and event pics from old KOI games)



    TROM3 Banners by CoconutFred - Choose one to support TROM3




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