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Thread: [QUESTIONS] FAQ and Your Own

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    Default [QUESTIONS] FAQ and Your Own

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: What is Westeros: Total War?
    A: Westeros: Total War is a modification for Medieval 2 Total War. It is based on the 'A Song of Ice and Fire' (ASoIaF) novels by George R.R. Martin.

    Q: Is the Kingdoms expansion required to play the mod?
    A: Yes, you will also need the expansion patched to 1.5.

    Q: Will the mod be primarily base on the books? Or the HBO series, Game of Thrones?
    A: This mod is completely based on the novels. We may draw little references from the television series, but that's about it. This mod was in production before the series, and thus all our art references come from aSoIaF art, real life, and our own, lucid imaginations.

    Q: What can you tell me about the current 'Alpha' version of the game that is available?
    A: The current Alpha version of WTW was developed years ago by the previous team. The current team had nothing to do with this pre-Beta version of the game. You might say for now it serves the purpose of giving fans something to play with until the version 1.0 release.

    Q: When will v1.0 be released?
    A: As Blizzard notoriously state; "it's done when it's done." We'd rather not give an explicit release date as, being voluntary modders, we cannot guarantee that we can meet such a deadline. That being said, we are working feverously to bring you the best mod we can and as soon as we can. You can check here every Sunday to see our latest sneak peek preview on what we have been doing for the past weeks.

    Q: Will the units be reskinned?
    A: Yes, completely.

    Q: Will there be new units and custom models?
    A: Yes. Many factions will have units made completely of new models made by the W:TW team. Others will have highly customised models from the vanilla game. We are confident that playing our mod will be a unique experience in this regard.

    Q: What is the scope of the map?
    A: The map encompasses the continent of Westeros. Essos and other areas of Martin's mythos may be added in further patches after v1.0.

    Q: Why not add Essos now?
    A: Our time is currently consumed with our current goals. Adding such large portions to our workload would delay the release of the mod by quite some time, and we feel we would rather get a fully-functioning and enjoyable version out sooner rather than later.

    Q: Does the downloadable alpha version bear much resemblance to the version that will be released?
    A: Yes and no; in terms of its aim, the two versions are similar, but the version that will be known as 1.0 will be much more polished and complex. The alpha was only really released as a concept, and thus commenting on bugs or fixes pertaining to that version are not worthwhile.

    Q: What are the playable factions?
    A: Houses Stark, Tully, Lannister, Greyjoy, Arryn, Martell, Tyrell, Frey, Baratheon of Storm's End (Renly), Baratheon of Dragonstone (Stannis) and Baratheon of King's Landing (Joffrey).

    Q: What is the purpose of the Night's Watch in WTW? How will the NW behave while the AI controls them?
    A: The aim of our mod is to claim the Iron Throne. As this faction does not seek this goal, it is undesirable to include them as playable faction in the game. Saying that, enabling them to be a playable faction is easy to do. However, the player playing as the Night's Watch will have nothing to do or have any scripts or events that will keep the Night's Watch player will be a simple sandbox campaign with no objectives or missions.
    The AI, through scripts, will stay within the parameters of its starting neutrality with other factions and avoid making any alliances or declaring war on anyone but the rebel faction.

    Q: In terms of lore, when does the game begin?
    A: The game begins sometime during the events of the first novel, at the onset of the War of Five Kings.

    Q: Are there any plans to include the events of the War of the Usurper, Ninepenny Kings, or Dance of Dragons?
    A: Not currently, but once 1.0 is released people are welcome to submod these events if they so wish.

    Q: Are there any rebel settlements?
    A: No, all settlements belong to a faction.

    Q: What about rebel groups, such as the Brotherhood Without Banners?
    A: As the BwB controlled no concrete settlements, it would not be prudent to incorporate them in their own right. However, we will try to include groups and events such as this in other ways if possible.

    Q: Will you include custom models for key characters?
    A: Yes, and as many as we can. Some such models made by Hannibal Ex Machina have already been previewed.

    Q: Will there be emergent or rebel factions to accurately represent the events of the novels?
    A: This in discussion. We have a loyalty system to represent houses such as Bolton and Florent, but whether they can become factions in their own right in the current version is unlikely at the current time.

    Q: Will each faction have their own unique units?
    A: Yes, and some more than others. We want each faction to have its own flavour and feel. As such, some factions have very different rosters than the others (Martell, Greyjoy, Stark), and others have similar but still individual lists. Some units are cross-faction/culture, some are settlement specific (and thus AoR), and some are faction specific.

    Q: Will W:TW have custom settlements like TA:TW?
    A: We have no current plans to include custom settlements, but only because we currently don't have the capability. If a skilled modder would be interested in creating some for us, we would certainly explore the possibility.

    Q: Will the Targaryens or the Wildlings make an appearance in the game?
    A: No, not for the current 1.0 version. we do not have enough man power to create these factions and add them to the game in a comprehensive manner. However we may include them in future versions and allow the player to play as the Wildlings and invade the south or play as the Targaryen's return to Westeros.

    Q: Will religion be represented in the mod?
    A: We are looking into this possibility, yes.

    Q: What about the Sparrows and Warrior Sons?
    A: Yes, in some capacity.

    Q: What about mercenaries?
    A: Sellswords will most definitely be up for hire. They will not be as common or as easily attainable as they are in Vanilla, and some factions will have more immediate access to them (Stannis). Some famous companies may also be ingame...

    We update this first post as frequently as we can, asking for things to happen will not make them happen. Our stance has been clear regarding everything mentioned above, if a user asks a redundant question it will be deleted.
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    Default Re: Westeros: Total War FAQ

    Excellent stuff! Thanks for the update!

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    Default Re: Westeros: Total War FAQ

    Yep, thanks a lot !
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    Default Re: Westeros: Total War FAQ

    Sweet to see an updated FAQ.

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    Default Re: Westeros: Total War FAQ

    Good Good Good !

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    Default Re: Westeros: Total War FAQ

    could you include in the FaQ, info regarding the possible use of vassal factions or horde events ?

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    Default Using "man of the hour"

    Hey all. Having been playing the mod quite frequently in the passed few weeks, I've begun to get a feel for the mod experience. From what I gather, the best (maybe only?) way of keeping the bloodlines of non-family characters alive is by adoption, which, to me, seems like a random event. For example, I want to maintain randyll tarly's bloodline, so I go fight battles with Randyll until he gets man of the hour, prompting me to choose to adopt him. My question is, are there any tricks to initiating the "man of the hour" prompt in a more deliberate way? It seems to occur very rarely in my experience and can be pretty frustrating.

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    Default Re: Using "man of the hour"

    If you have fewer generals it will appear more often; And likely only after heroic victories.

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    Default Re: Westeros: Total War FAQ

    Will the models of the generals look like the characters from Game of Thrones? Or you will give them your own touch?

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    Default Re: Westeros: Total War FAQ

    Our own touch, and as they are described in the books.

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    Default Re: Westeros: Total War FAQ

    And will it be dark on battlemaps in winter?

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    Default Re: Westeros: Total War FAQ

    Why does it not make sense to include a Targaryen faction?
    Will the unit skins match those provided in the HBO series, or you imagination?

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    Default Re: Westeros: Total War FAQ

    It doesn't make sense because at the time this mod is set there is no Targaryen presence on Westeros. The only Targaryen alive is on Essos which will not be included in 1.0 and does not even have a sizable army or mature dragons. She does not acquire an army until FFC. Therefore including a Targaryen faction would break ASOIAF cannon which is trying to be avoided in the mod

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    Default Re: Westeros: Total War FAQ

    Jaime, always there to answer those questions for us.

    Though, i always liked the idea of a War of the Usurper campaign..

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    Default Re: Westeros: Total War FAQ

    I agree that after 1.0 and a couple other releases, about 1.3-1.4, then that would be a fun campaign to play. Sadly it would take a lot of work as well since you would have to make all new generals, new units for new factions, new scripts and there isn't as much information on the war itself although that could be a plus since it would allow you to take the war in any way you want (like sending arys on a suicide run )

    And thanks for the compliment. I only answer everything because I have no life and I'm always on the computer

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    Default Re: Westeros: Total War FAQ

    if it is included later, I will greatly look forward to it!

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    Default Re: Westeros: Total War FAQ

    Once the initial mod is done, some people have been talking about doing Essos, or a Westeros-Essos super-map, and a Targaryen faction then would be a possibility, though it'd be interesting to see how you'd do it. Dany's army is a hodgepodge of mercenaries, the Unsullied, free volunteers and a small number of Dothraki, but you could create an interesting faction out of them. If it's her faction as of ASoS, you could also include the dragons as ancillaries rather than full units in themselves.

    But that's a long way down the road, or possibly for another submodding team.

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    Default Re: Westeros: Total War FAQ

    You could have it so that while in Essos, the recruitable forces would be a hodgepodge, but maybe after taking the kingslanding, or being declared queen, she could then recruit units more professional units.

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    Default Re: Westeros: Total War FAQ

    Will you use the music from the tv series in this mod? I think that would be awesome.

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    Default Re: Westeros: Total War FAQ

    Quote Originally Posted by The Awesome Boy View Post
    Will you use the music from the tv series in this mod? I think that would be awesome.
    I agree, but its always the question of copyright issues, which often hinders modders to use affilated music. I think the team would require HBO/music/producers consent to use their music in the mod. Which propably won't be for free either.
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