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Thread: how to get more units for factions

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    Default how to get more units for factions

    in custom battle sparta has more units, is there a way i can recruit those units in campaign mode? if not is there a way i can change something in a text file to get them. like say, i make it so i can only recruit a few athenian units in athens. and recruit elephants in carthage and so forth. thanks. i love this mod the most out of all the others, just a few things id like to do to make it a bit better for me.

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    Can you not recruit elephants in carthage? If not then remove the text coloured in blue below in its EDB entry. It may be that the map doesn’t have the elephant resource on it [?].

    To make units playable in campaign add them to the EDB text file ~ copy the name from the EDU and add it.

    The easiest way is to simply copy and past an existing unit line in the EDB so you have 2 entries, then simply paste the name of the unit over the existing name.

    Make sure you leave no gaps or commas!


    From EDU

    type carthaginian elephant African

    To EDB

    recruit "carthaginian elephant African" 0 requires factions { carthage, } and resource elephants
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