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    hi, i tried to instal the mod, but my BI exe file went missing. I really dont want to reinstall it and all those mods with it. How can i get or make a new one? i really want to try this mod.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Makanyane
    I suspect its a vista related problem - though I'm surprised if it is that, that more people aren't having same problem - if there are any other Vista users that have EoDII working could you let me know if you had to change anything please.

    As far as I understand if you have RTW installed into the /program files folder in Vista it tries to protect the contents. The EoDII installation process includes copying some existing BI files into the eod2 folder then copying some newer stuff over them.... suspect that point could be causing trouble and stalling the installer before you get to the shortcut

    There's a thread here
    about turning the UAC control off which stops it trying to send things into
    C:\Users\your.username\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files
    instead of the main folder location.... could you have a look in that location and see if any bits of eod2 have ended up there?
    Quote Originally Posted by florin
    Generally when this problem was reported for RTRPE it was because older versions of the game used to install by default into an Activision folder, while newer(since Sega took over I guess) versions install in a The Creative Assembly folder by default. Depending on which is the default for your installer some of the people will install the mod in the wrong place. Naturally the desktop shortcut will not find the exe, because the game is not there.
    Couple of things you can try, look into..

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