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Shimazu's Story


Shogun was the first TW game I played, though I was never much good at it. I autoresolved most of the battles and still lost most of my campaigns. I loved the game however, and was dissapointed when I broke the disc. By this point however, there were newer TW games to play so I didn't dwell on it for long. Fast forward to the present; I'm heading of to uni at the end of this month and can't play ETW or NTW on my laptop without it looking like lego: total war, and although it can play M2TW and RTW very well, I wanted to wet my appetite for S2TW. So I bought Shogun Gold Edition, I'd only ever had the original game and I'm still learning the new features that the expansion brings. I managed to lose the last tutorial battle but nevertheless I'm playing on normal, and won't austoresolve a single battle(It's the only way I'll learn). There may be a lull in updates when I move to uni as I try to settle in, but there should be some degree of regularity. The format of the AAR will be the same as A Prussian Campaign.

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Shimazu's Story

Hizen Province

Siege of Nagasaki Castle

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From Kyūshū to Iyo

The Battle for Tosa

Kochi Castle

Prepared for War

War with Mori

Battle at Yoshino River

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Awaji and Bizen

Yodo River

Himeji Castle

1541; A Brief Respite

The Fog of War

Mori's Last Battle

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Harima Uprising

War & Revolution

Yodo River, Again

The Valley of Death


Retaking Awaji

Death In Tajima...

Order In Hyuga

A Foreign Investment

Religious War

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Shimazu the Betrayer

Takahashi River

The Pincer

Fighting Takeda


Fighting Hope

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Scramble for Land

A Shongun's Son Lost

Disruptive Action

The Final War

Victory at Omi

Battle of Ise

An Evening of Leisure...

Plausible Deniability

Sendai Castle; Suprise Attack

Tone River Offensive

Snow in Shimotsuke
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Sorry about the terrible spelling and grammar.

The Peninsula

Battle at Agano River

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Oda Nobunaga

Totomi Province

The First Battle of Ise

The Second Battle of Ise

Breaking Ise

The End...