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Thread: Feature Requests

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    Diplomacy cannot be improved.

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    Any consideration to tweaking the Julius Caesar campaign to make more factions playable? Not every single one in the game obviously, but mainly just the other key players in the civil war, the Roman "rebels" and Egypt. I tried editing the descr_strat myself to make them playable, but selecting them just sent me back to the provincial campaign menu.

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    That would be great. Numidia ( and Dacia caimpaigns.

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    AFAIK DBH left modding on new year's eve, it's extremely unlikely he will listen to any new feature request.
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    Is there something special you have to take into consideration when modding XGM compared to vanilla?
    (If so, is there a tutorial to mod XGM and if not, can someone help to mod XGM?)

    Last year found Sallust's Catiline's War/The Jugurthine War -book in a local antiquarian bookshop. So thinking about Numidian provincial campaign starting about 114 BC. That period would be very interesting to play with the Romans 'cause both Marius and Sulla we're in Africa fighting against Jugurtha (King of Numidia). Also you would get the reforms almost at the start of the campaign.

    To make a Dacia campaign would be much more time-consuming 'cause there's no Dacia -faction in XGM. Maybe it would start somewhere before emperor Domitian's Dacian War (85 AD).

    Just some thoughts.

    BTW, how do you edit your earlier posts?

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    Sorry for double-posting (don't know how to edit earlier posts).

    Can somebody make a new Seleucid faction symbol (the anchor one)?

    I know the XGM-mod-maker DimeBagHo has retired from here but if there's anybody who has this (Seleucid anchor faction symbol) already or is capable of making it, it would be very nice and I would be very grateful for it. Please and thanks.

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