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Thread: War of the West General Discussion

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    Quote Originally Posted by HELLEKIN View Post
    Ok...i´ll send it to you...i was working in a mood for four years...but unfortunately my computer get mad and i lost all my mood only saved small pieces from it... some units,unit cards and strat models...i´m cheking what i can save to see what i can give to you, if you want it, to complete wales and if fits others....still have the castles...norman keep, will you want it to strat models?

    Cheers to all
    Lets revive together your mod and to make the best historical mod for Britannia and indeed these strat models will be a great exquisite feature for it

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    I really hope you (Polycarpe) are able to get in touch with Lord Hamilton again, seeing as his unit models were the best I've ever seen for M2TW. Nevertheless, it's great to read that the mod is alive again. Probably the most promising mod in making on this board,

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