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Thread: REALLY unpleasant high-pitched music track (is it just me?)

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    Default REALLY unpleasant high-pitched music track (is it just me?)

    First of all, I have never played vanilla since it gets frozen at the splash screen without a mod so I don't know if this music is vanilla, but the mod has its own music file.

    The in-battle music track where there's this really epic women's choir has an awful after effect. When the singer's die down into the drum/base background music there is a high pitched noise so unpleasant that I have to mute the music. Since the women's choir part seems to be prompted by combat, this high pitched noise usually starts about 10-15 min into every battle.

    I'm 20, so there might be an age limit on who can here it.

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    Default Re: REALLY unpleasant high-pitched music track (is it just me?)

    If you don't like the music go into your user script (*Username here*/appdata/Roaming/The Creative Assembly/scripts/user_script.txt) and delete the "Music project line".

    If it's like a bug...nothing you can do about that really, I have weird instances where annoying sounds will loop. :l

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