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Thread: Valour in MTW VI

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    Default Valour in MTW VI

    Hello Im new to MTW and forums.
    Im trying to gather as much info,battle info on valour as it affects units. Can anyone help? Thanks. Sr Dark Lake

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    Basically, it makes troops stronger and decreases their chances to rout in battle. Units gain valor through killing many enemies in battle, the more they kill, the more valor they'll eventually get.

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    I think valour also affects the performance of your troops in battle. For instance, units with 4 valour will fight far better than the same unit with only 0 valour. Basically, you want your troops to have lot's of valour!
    "Troops should be few, but they should be excellent." - Lufti Pasha, Grand Vizier of the Ottoman Empire (1539-1541)

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    each valor a unit has adds +2 moral, +1 attack, and +1 defense.

    valor is the most important stat.
    armor adds +1 defense, and +1 armor
    weapon adds +1 attack

    the difference between defense and armor is that armor protects the unit from missle fire.

    for each valor you give a unit it costs another 70% the base cost of the unit
    for each weapon you give a unit it costs another 33% the base cost of the unit
    for each armor you give a unit it costs another 37% the base cost of the unit
    ranged units get discounts

    each unit past the 4th of the same type costs 120% more.
    ie: the 5th lancer you bring costs 120% more than the 4th and the 6th costs 120% more than the 5th.
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