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    Default Stainless Steel F.A.Q!

    (Frequently Asked Questions)

    Q:Which MTW2 patches do I need?
    A: SS6.3 runs on any version of kingdoms expansion. So a kingdoms install out-of-the-box is as good as the 1.5 patch.

    Q: Which kingdoms campaign do I have to install?
    A: Actually, you don't need any. In the kingdoms setup, you can just uncheck all the campaigns and the 1.4 patch will install automatically. You will have to manually move kingdoms.exe from the CD through. (for example from CD:\teutonic\main)

    Q: How come i can now alt+tab out of the game and no loading bar pops-up?
    A: Blessings of auto-borderless mode, which is handled by the launcher.exe. Now you don't have to waste time waiting for the turns to change or battlemap to load - you can just alt+tab and do other stuff on the computer!

    Q: How come this borderless window mode doesn't work for me?
    A: Your desktop resolution must be the same as the in-game resolution, otherwise the launcher will force disable it.

    Q: I don't like borderless window mode, what now?
    A: Inside your SS folder, there is a file default.cfg. Open it with notepad, and change "autoBorderlessMode=true" to "autoBorderlessMode=false". You can also modify other launcher features there, like the ability to swap battle AI's, auto redirect system.log.txt to SS folder, and menu music swapping.

    Q: Is there a way to switch from early to late campaigns or change my campaign options? Or do I have to reinstall SS again?
    A: If you wish to switch from early era to late era or viceversa, or change the script features, just run the setup from start menu (SS_setup.exe inside ss folder). Make sure you select the same settings when loading a save from a different campaign.

    Q: My SS have crashed, what to do?
    A: First, you can try replaying that part - random crashed do occur even in vanilla. Second, if the crash is repeating, create a post at the bug-forums, and describe your bug as well as attach the last 100 lines of your log file (you can access it from the start menu group). Third, you can post the savegame file, which will greatly increase the chance of the problem getting fixed. Even if the cause of the crash does not appear in the log, it can be traced by memory. SS should be as stable and even a little bit more stable then vanilla

    Q: How do I speed up the time between turns?
    A: Unfortunately, there is not much to do. The code used in SS is huge, and MTW2 does not really offer any code optimization when it comes to script handling. Be aware that playing with BGR can increase your turn time by 100%!

    Q: Wow! Battle map is very laggy!
    A: If you have an older computer, you may want to your SS directory, and inside default.cfg change "unit_detail=highest", to "unit_detail=low". Why is this by default set to highest? because when using the highest option MTW2 is forced to use models at any distance, instead of using spirites. What were the spirites you might ask? The little funny-looking images of soldiers when you zoom out a little.

    Q: Why do i have to use SS_setup.exe and launcher.exe?
    A: Because you don't want to manually mess with SS insides.

    Q: That's all? 2 years for just a couple of features?
    A: SS was turned inside-out, what’s left of 6.1 in its original state is only some textures and models...

    Q: I like the music, how can i extract it from SS?
    A: All the new music files SS uses are located in data\sounds\music.

    Q: I've spotted a bug! Now what?
    A: If what you found is a graphical glitch, typo, inaccessible resource or anything like that, just make a reply post in the official 6.3 bug thread, you can find it as a sticky in the bug report forums.

    Q: Is submod X compatible with SS 6.3?
    A: The answer is no. If it wasn't designed strictly for 6.3, there is about 1% chance its compatible.

    Q: Hey! You said max faction limit is reached, and i can still see 2 faction slots free!
    A: Yep, there is one slot free, but there is not much to do with it, since the EDU is out of units. What's fun in a faction with no unique units? If ever proper room is made, Point Blank will be the one to make it. Increasing the number of playable factions will also have an impact on the turn time, which is already too long.

    Q: I have a suggestion to add XYZ to ZYX, how about that?
    A: Good suggestions are always welcome, but sometimes implementing them can be pretty much impossible. Any suggestions you might have should be directed at the suggestions thread.

    Q: Where can i read more about Byg's Grim Reality mod?
    A: , first post. It's worth to read.

    Q: Where can i read more about Real Recruitment?
    A: , first post. Also worth to read

    Q: Is Real Combat mod fully integrated in SS 6.3?
    A: Indeed Real Combat is fully integrated, as is Real Recruitment. Note that it is not the most current version from August 13 this year but an older one.

    Q: How can i express my gratitude for the mod?
    A: Well, a good way to do that would be some nice flowers for your girlfriend, or a beer for your boyfriend. We don't really accept any other form of gratitude then actually playing the mod.

    Q: Why mongols say 'my sultan' when they are pagans and are lead by a khan? Same goes for cumans!
    A: Mongol voices were never properly in the game. They have some voices in vanilla, but these are just battle map voices and voices 'when you play any other faction but them'. So if you happen to play them in vanilla(by modding the game) they are mute. That's why we don't have a proper voice pack for them - would have to make one. If you have a Mongolian accent and speak English, be sure to pm me.

    Q: I've got steam, what to do?
    A: First, i always hoped making a custom .exe file would fix using mods with steam, but no one ever using steam would reply to me asking if they can check if a custom exe does the job. So it's like a blind man walking in a desert searching for water. Yep, he can still fall into an oasis and drown, but what the chance? SOLUTION FOR STEAM USERS HERE:

    Q: My MTW2 is installed on a different drive then SS, do i have to reinstall.
    A: Due to SS's nature, you can just move its folder around/change its name as you wish, so just move SS to the right disk. You'll have to manually take care of the start menu and desktop icons though.

    Q: Faction ZXC is too strong!
    A: No! ZXC is weak, look at ZXCASD, that's what we call hammer time! There are no overpowered nations in this game, its just that some factions have a harder time battling other factions. For example, Poland has very good cavalry, that can just roll over many of the western knights, but they would be nearly useless against Scottish pikes.
    If what you meant was the political situation in the game, then if your using Gracul's or Savage's AI then everything should be well balanced. Lusted's AI is favouring large factions.

    Q: Where are my SS screenshots?
    A: Inside your MTW2 dir, tgas folder.

    Q: Can I use feature ZXC in my own mod?
    A: An appropriate PM to the feature creator is a good way to start.

    Q: Faction ZXC isn't not represented historically correct, you should change a lot of stuff!
    A: Some thing had to be sacrificed for gameplay. Yes, we could represent the HRE with a huge amount of knights and a lot of cities to represent their population, but we are unable to represent their internal conflicts which made them not steamroll over poland for example. Same goes with a lot of other factions.

    Q: Is this mod mod-foldered? Will it work with other mod-foldered modifications?
    Yes. And yes. In any case SS 6.3 and above will never break any other mods.

    Q: Can I install this on top of my SS6.2?
    A: Due to the nature of 6.3, yes you can. Why? Because 6.3 will simply overwrite all the files anyway

    Q: Can I install this parallel to Stainless Steel 6.1, or Stainless Steel 6.2, or other variants earlier then 6.3?
    A: Yes you can, by default 6.3 installs into a completly seperate folder and is 100% independant (hence the "standalone")

    Q: Do I need to have Stainless Steel version 6.1 or 6.2 or any other installed beforehand?
    A: No, as stated in the release post 6.3 is standalone, no previous Stainless Steel installations required.

    Q: Help! While installing i get this message or similar:
    "Create process failed; code 14001.
    This application has failed to start because the application configuration is incorrect. Reinstaling the application may fix this problem."
    A: Install this 1mb package, with run-time c++ libraries:
    After you've done that, make sure to go to Stainless Steel start menu group, and run setup.
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