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Thread: Stainless Steel 6.4 Released!

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    Icon14 Stainless Steel 6.4 Released!



    Download the file called SS6.4.exe and run it.
    The installer will guide you through the rest of the process.
    Remember, 6.3 is required for this, and you must point the installer to the 6.3 folder!
    SS6.4 is not savegame-compatible to 6.3.

    If you experience severe problems, it might be worth to do a clean install of SS6.3 and then install 6.4 over it!

    If you are using windows 7 or Vista, you might experience UAC problems while installing this patch.
    This forum topic explains how to fix this problem:

    Additional help can always be obtained on the forum:

    Before posting any questions, read the Frequently Asked Questions Section

    Download for SS6.4:



    Google Drive

    by bane_tw:

    Dead Links
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 
    6.4 patch download URLS:

    Download for SS6.3 (required for 6.4):
    Release thread -

    SS6.3-1 .bin file;

    SS6.3-2 .bin file;

    SS6.3-3 .bin file;

    SS6.3-4 .bin file;

    SS6.3-5 .bin file;

    SS6.3 .exe file; all the above. Ignore the dropbox message or if you get one, just press x.Be sure that all 6 files are in the same folder.
    Run SS6.3 .exe and install Stainless Steel 6.3.


    Just select the files, right click and choose the download option you want (zipped or not).

    Google Drive

    1. SS6.3-1.bin:
    2. SS6.3-2.bin:
    3. SS6.3-3.bin:
    4. SS6.3-4.bin:
    5. SS6.3-5.bin:
    6. SS6.3.exe:

    Dowload all these files in one folder and then click on the .exe to install it.

    by bane_tw
    Stainless Steel 6.3 Torrent
    The site also offers the option of downloading using BitLet
    ( = only browser & java needed, no torrent client necessary)

    Dead Links
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 
    Please use the torrent if you can, if you feel uncomfortable or have another reason not to and would perfer links from other hosts that listed here, check this thread:
    *i'll update and check all these links in this post below when i get time, -losthief- 11/23/2013*

    Mirror 3 - Gamefront

    Installer .EXE: Filefront or Gamefront (3mb)
    (needs all of the following parts [the bin files] in the same folder to work)
    SS 6.3 Part 1: Gamefront (596mb)
    SS 6.3 Part 2: Gamefront (599mb)
    SS 6.3 Part 3: Gamefront (599mb)
    SS 6.3 Part 4: Gamefront (599mb)
    SS 6.3 Part 5: Gamefront (66mb)
    Note that the torrent is very well seeded, use it if you are familiar.

    Mirror 4 - Filefront
    by Black-
    Attention:The files on filefront have been split in half due to upload limits.
    7-zip is needed to unzip the files (free great unzipper and compressor)
    To install, you have to un-zip the zip files together,
    two parts make one .bin file (IE part 1.1+1.2 = .bin 1)
    If your unfamiliar with this process try using the
    helper program for SS6.3 filefront mirror or select a different mirror

    Installer .EXE: Filefront or MegaUpload (3mb)
    (needs all of the following parts [bin files, have to be extracted first] in the same folder to work)
    SS 6.3 Part 1: Part 1.1, Part 1.2 (7zip split archives)
    SS 6.3 Part 2: Part 2.1, Part 2.2 (7zip split archives)
    SS 6.3 Part 3: Part 3.1, Part 3.2 (7zip split archives)
    SS 6.3 Part 4: Part 4.1, Part 4.2 (7zip split archives)
    SS 6.3 Part 5: Part 5 (.bin file, extracted by installer)

    The x.1 and x.2 parts have to be joined with 7zip or
    use the helper program for SS6.3 filefront mirror
    if you have problems joining the splitted archives.

    MD5's for the recommended primary download links above (for those who want to check their download)

    MD5: c9d89c66600fb09513ce0a3c6e6b071f

    MD5: f2e26b7ccc07219199f6706ca2add985

    MD5: dd1788d2b3a7058cb11ee9f44e6348e9

    MD5: 3b953682675c7ba9d60013cab32f791e

    MD5: 1a529616bf9f3cd097f3f80264f51537

    MD5: 78c08a1f107fcfa9b85b0e607ccfc044

    Quote Originally Posted by Ishan View Post
    Teutonic Knights fix for v6.4
    • Simply put the export_descr_buildings.txt aka EDB file in your SS6.3\data folder.
    • Use the correct version if RR is enabled or disabled.
    • Download Link.

    *Gameplay Info:- After this you can train\recruit them properly from selected settlements for HRE but after Teutonic order emerges you can't train them you can still build the chapter house to get the bonus it offers though.

    Please report back if this works for you guys.
    New features:
    - New strategy map balance
    Growing settlements is now a lot harder for both the player and the AI!
    Although it's easy to get minor cities and fortresses, getting your settlements higher will be a struggle - and you won't be able to capture a lot of godly developed cities since the AI will be experiencing the same issue!
    Citadels and Huge Cities are VERY rare now.
    The whole system stands on a base of 50 auto-games which went above turn 200!

    - Faith wars
    Rebalanced the usage of priests for the AI. Now, the AI factions will work more on spreading their faith outside their borders.
    BEWARE! as heretics and witches got seriously buffed in both their piety and spawn chance, both the player and the AI will have to work in order to stop heresy at their lands.
    Religious unrest is more severe, so maintaining high faith levels is something a lot more important now.
    Better get assassins for heretics labelled as prophet's....
    Sample Screenshot

    - New and rebalanced Faction Leader traits
    Faction Leader traits are now a lot more important!
    The Traits

    - New buildings & rebalancements
    Public Gallows, Bakehouse, Stonemasons hut, Logging camps and the third level of caravan stops these are the new buildings.
    Their unique abilities will help you develop your cities nicely!
    Sample Screenshot

    - The Antipope
    With the excommunication of HRE or France, their faction gets an Antipope - a priest who made a claim to be the Pope and is supported by a large faction in the church.
    The Antipope is a godly buffed priest, who helps mostly in battling the inquisitors.
    Station your Antipope(or any priest with piety more then 7) next to an inquisitor, and the next turn his piety will drop with a good chance.
    The Antipope is designed for this, due to his massive movement boost!
    This will help your generals survive an inquisitor onslaught!
    Sample Screenshot

    - Economic script updates
    The economy script which tried to make the AI spend their money reasonably has gotten upgraded.
    The AI will surely field a lot less troops if he cannot afford such!

    - Guild System Overhaul
    Guilds have been completely reworked.
    Both the bonuses of the guilds were changed, as well as the points accumulation system.
    Be sure to check what every guild can offer!
    Chapter houses have been dropped from the guilds system - they can now be built in only specific locations on the campaign map, but these Templars or Hospitallers can really pack a punch!
    List of Settlements where chapter houses can be built
    Chapter Houses in v6.4

    Thorn Edessa Edessa Leon Pamplona
    Stettin Antioch Antioch Oporto Zaragoza
    Magdeburg Damascus Damascus - -
    Palanga Acre Acre - -
    - Tortosa Tortosa - -
    - Jerusalem Jerusalem - -
    - Clermont Iraklion - -
    -ToulouseRhodes - -

    Sample Screenshot

    - New Setup
    The setup for SS has been completely reworked.
    It allows for a lot more freedom for any modder, as well as supports using translations.
    The setup already houses the translations for German and Spanish version!
    Sample Screenshot

    - New UI's by cedric37, and battle UI's by KDK!
    Brilliant Strat UI's by master cedric37 have made their way to the SS!
    Master KDK have supplied us with Battle UI's!
    the UIs

    Southern European

    Southern Battle UI

    Eastern European

    Battle EE


    Battle Greek

    Middle Eastern

    Battle ME

    Northern European

    Battle NE

    - New textures by Baraban
    Baraban has kindly provided new unit models and textures for some of the SS units!
    The battlemap is now a nicer place

    - Teutonic Hilltop settlements added!
    The hilltop settlement structure for the northern european settlements has been implemented into SS!
    Sample Screenshot

    - Warman222's new death animations added!

    - Hotseat compatibility
    SS was fully reviewed in terms of hotseat compatibility and is now smoother when it comes to hotseat campaigns.

    Added stake sound when deploying stakes.
    Bulgarian names fixed.
    Russian names in Galway fixed. [early/late]
    Banners fix.
    Pre-battle one liner speeches fixed.
    Wise Admin/Greedy ruler fix. [early/late]
    Trebuchet+Catapult Smoke fix.
    Imams and Pagan priests getting bishop title fixed.
    Bonus movement hotseat bug fixed.
    Sicily trait fix.
    Infamous gui CTD bug fixed.
    Slave merchants now have some movement points so you can't kill them accidentally.
    Title stripping and faction killer traits now work correctly.
    Old pagan priests portraits added.
    Jihad video added.
    New mongol/cuman cards added.
    Timurid script overhaul.
    Generals are now recruitable in higher level castles.
    Merchant old age trait remade. [not so hardcore anymore]
    Added newt's fix as 'DisableRR' option.
    UI cards tweaks.
    Tourney grounds can host tourneys!
    Devastation bug removed.
    + all reported bugs were removed

    Personal remarks:
    Well, there it is. While 6.3 was packed with features, 6.4 is a more of a "balance, upgrade, fix bug and re-think" patch.
    CTD's should be just incredibly rare with this patch if it's installed right, as just a hint, in over 100 auto-games which used these files i have not gotten one CTD, and i used the base version with permanent watchtowers, savage AI and permanent arrows.
    Most importantly, the campaign map is now balanced in a lot nicer way. Although it is not hard to maintain your faction, growing and developing your settlements is harder.

    First of all i'd like to thank bane_tw, Meneth, Rozanov, newt and Ishan; for keeping track of the bugs and writing bug-fixes. Without them, there would be no way to release a perfect bug-fixer like this one Secondly i want to thank PB, CC and Byg, who's work always was and always will be the core of SS. Thirdly, special thanks to everybody who reported bugs - without you guys this mod will never reach perfection!

    The Stainless Steel 6.4 Team:
    gracul - leader
    King Kong - SS 6.1
    Point Blank - RR/RC, lots of things
    Byg - support and BGR
    Caesar Clivus - forum handling, support and CBUR
    Rozanov - coding and ideas
    Germanicu5 - coding and ideas, BAI
    y2day - art & graphics
    Awellesley - units & support
    Meneth - bug fixing
    bane_tw - forum handling and bug fixing
    Ishan - forum handling and bug fixing
    cedric37 - art & ui graphics

    Navajo Joe

    (HG)LordKoal, (HG)Super, (HG)Iliturgitano, (HG)Xaviar, (HG)Carlos, (HG)Adrics, CeltiberoThormes, penyetta, garcy170 (Spanish translation)
    Fred Putz (German translation)
    warman222 (new combo&death animations)
    Baraban (textures & model fixes)
    KDK (ui graphics)
    beikon & gord69 (Steam help)
    Fair Prince (SSNOP, SSHCP, SSTAIP)
    newt (No Waiting)
    Savage (CAI)
    Santiago de Pola (better grass)
    Argent Usher (real horses)
    Agis Tournas & Anthonius II (CBUR)
    Magus (Crimson Tide)
    Lord Calidor (KT mod)
    agart (castle & city strat models)
    Agis Tournas (Unit Card improvement)
    Seether (AFR mod)
    Soupdragon (EE watchtower)
    Chimaeira (SSTC)
    Lord Condormanius (Mailed Knights)
    Akvilonn (additional unit info cards)
    MADTAO (polish units)
    Csatádi (hungarian map guidelines)
    gewehr36 (pagan mongols)
    Kevin MacLeod (music)
    Jon Sayles & Bill Hudak (music)
    Swagger (sky mod)
    Akvilonn (Unit info cards)
    nonnob3 (Unit info cards)
    Lusted (CAI)
    Lord Calidor (KT mod)
    Quark (wherever you are right now)

    All the people in the SS forums
    who posted bugs and fixes!

    Special thanks to all the people on the TWC forums
    providing tools for easier mod editing!

    EDIT (January 8, 2017): Download links for SS6.4 and SS6.3 updated. Torrent confirmed working. If you find one of them dead, please PM me - Lifthrasir
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    Default Re: Stainless Steel 6.4 Released!

    It's gonna be a long night!

    Time to spread some rep among the SS crew once again

    €: It doesn't say anything about save games. Will it be compatible?
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    Default Re: Stainless Steel 6.4 Released!

    Just hope Bane or Ishan will come and sticky this soon.

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    Default Re: Stainless Steel 6.4 Released!

    Damn, not first Anyway...GOOD JOB!!!And thx for keeping this alive!!!

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    Default Re: Stainless Steel 6.4 Released!

    IT'S HERE.
    Seriously, though, props to the SS team.

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    Default Re: Stainless Steel 6.4 Released!

    Great job, your commitment to SS is second to none, +Rep

    'Proud to be patronised by cedric37(My Father and My Guardian)

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    Default Re: Stainless Steel 6.4 Released!

    Congrats! +Rep and such what...


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    Default Re: Stainless Steel 6.4 Released!

    Gongratulations guys
    +1million rep

    is this version compatible with the sub mod compilation?
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    Default Re: Stainless Steel 6.4 Released!

    Hey great work guys will try out now!!!! Thanks Gracul!!

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    Default Re: Stainless Steel 6.4 Released!

    btw,do I need fixes.exe or just to instal 6.4?
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    Default Re: Stainless Steel 6.4 Released!

    would this work with meneths sub mod compilation? for 6.3

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    Default Re: Stainless Steel 6.4 Released!

    Probably not right off the bat.
    Winmerge might be able to help with merging the old and new(6.4) files, though.

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    Default Re: Stainless Steel 6.4 Released!

    It's in the FAQ guys.

    Q: Is submod X compatible with SS 6.4?
    A: The answer is no. If it wasn't designed strictly for 6.4, there is about 1% chance its compatible.

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    Default Re: Stainless Steel 6.4 Released!

    Fantastic; I assume at current this is intended to be played 'vanilla' without any inclusion of BGR for instance?

    Can you tell me if this will install a separate EXE allowing you to continue with previous 6.3 campaigns?

    Thank you for your hard work guys!

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    Default Re: Stainless Steel 6.4 Released!

    Great work, gracul!

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    Default Re: Stainless Steel 6.4 Released!

    Very nice
    Intel 4690k GTX 760 8GB Asrock Fatality Z97

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    Default Re: Stainless Steel 6.4 Released!

    oh ok so i have no submods anymore then
    hopefully the SS setup wont be screwed up by all the compilation submods...

    EVIL MEGAUPLOAD 84kps is disgusting

    It would be cool if the antipope stayed in the college of cardinals, because hed be 10 piety hed would be top contender for pope, just depends on your allies..
    so if your antipope got in you and his supporters would be reconciled/get perfcet relations and the defenders of the old pope would be excommed!
    that would be class if it worked like that
    Last edited by Roman Ocean; January 10, 2011 at 06:08 PM. Reason: added antipope bit

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    Default Re: Stainless Steel 6.4 Released!

    nice! very happy and completely taken by surprise! great work gracul and co!
    Quote Originally Posted by SirRobin View Post
    My point is that, while pastries are delicious, they are not a factor in deciding whether or not to start a rebellion against the lord of the realm.
    do leave your name if you give me rep. i may just return the favor. maybe.
    please visit the Tale of the Week forum at: for brilliant writing, people, and brownies. with nuts, if you prefer.

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    Default Re: Stainless Steel 6.4 Released!

    Ive been having trouble installing 6.3. About a 3rd the way thru its asking me 'Please insert disk 2' and when i select the folder where i put all my downloaded files it says 'the file SS6.3[1]-2.bin could not be located..' Please, no! I thought i just got it working! And theres an even better version out!

    OK, seem to have got it going again. Fingers crossed!
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