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    As anyone who have played as Norway probably know, there is a lot of Roman peasants available to recruit. I tormented myself through one game by simply not recruiting any of these.
    However, I decided to try and fix this myself. I figured out the problem when trying to open the unit and unit info tga files. They could not be opened by neither Gimp nor Irfanview, because they had a letter which made them unrecognizable. Like the í in Víkingar and the ú in Húskarlar. I changed the names of the files to normal i and u and I could suddenly view them.

    I thought this could be fixed so I tested it by replacing all Víkingar with Vikingar in export_descr_unit, export_descr_buildings, battle_models and export_unit. Now the unit card and unit info picture shows but it says "unlocalized placement text" instead of the unit name, which I had in my previous game noticed when recruiting crusader units with the same name error. What did I miss?

    EDIT: All I did wrong was removing the caps from Vikingar when using the replace function. This works.
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