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Thread: attilas mod+darth mod?

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    Default attilas mod+darth mod?

    Hi Darth!
    i really would like to try your mod, but im using bi, with attillas mod, and i noticed that you also modified export_units, nad buildings...
    so probably there would be a CTD...
    so please tell me, how can i addept your mod, to attillas??

    thx for help

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    I would like to help you but do not know...sorry.
    Have so much to do in modding now that I cannot even check it for you...sorry again.
    Generally I want to find co-modders to unite mods to a big specific in BI mod. So questions like yours would be not existent bcs you would have 1 Big package.
    Right now I am alone and catch up only with gameplay issues.

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    your gameplayfixes 4 bi and attilas skins for bi1.6, man that would do it for me. i wouldn't have to look/wait for any other mods for a long time

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