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Thread: Akthross Total War

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eothese View Post
    Once you have completed a campaign as one of the base factions you can unlock the Orc Tribes, The Dwarves and The Elves. The Centaurs and The Trolls are a little to basic for use as a player, they have 3 and 1 unit types respectively and once building option, so there is not much to play really. If you want a challenge, play as The Shodan and take the forbidden magic, then you can be as evil as you like.
    Thnx Eothese i will do just that.
    Do you have any plans for the future to add to the centaur and troll rosters or will they stay as is? An entire faction of Centaurs is something i have never seen in a mod and personally something i would really like to play.

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    There are no plans to alter Centaurs or Trolls. The Centaurs are a real problem from a playable point of view. They are all cavalry, so you cannot storm a settlement, you would always have to starve them out, plus if you had any other none centaur unit in with the army and that unit became a captains unit in battle, well it would look really bad as you would get the centaur captain model.
    Besides I use both factions for scripting when the player is using one of the southern kingdoms, just to keep them on there toes.

    Over the last week I've added over 100 character portraits and have been working on some of the names, the Dwarves for example have all been renamed. I've tidied up a lot of the other text as well and started on the quotes. The one thing that is really holding me back is the completion of the custom settlement for the Elves that I started on. (The Elves now have there own custom culture, before they were the only 'Greek' culture, which defaults heavily to SE)

    So there won't be anything new uploaded for a while until its done. But when the new stuff is ready you can expect in addition to the above, some slight map tweaks and some unit balances as well as a load of UI and text stuff. Probably mostly real subtle stuff, hence I feel the Elven Village needs to be included.

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    Nice mod

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    whats cool is that you wrote the book and made the mod, so everything looks the exact same as you first imagined it

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    Well as close as modding the game and my skills will allow, but yeah quite close.

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    how can i proper install this mod
    i have windows 8.1

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