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Thread: American Revolution Mod and ETW 1.5?

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    Default American Revolution Mod and ETW 1.5?


    Can I run this mod with ETW 1.5?

    I installed it, and it seems to work. But I get an error message saying that there are missing files.

    I can see the cinematics and the main menu.Then when I launch the Independance campaign, I get a runtime error...

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    Default Re: American Revolution Mod and ETW 1.5?

    All i know is that u must have ETW 1.6 patched.And about this message it gives me the same and CTD to...Anyways now i am hoping for a patch or fix or then next beta.

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    Default Re: American Revolution Mod and ETW 1.5?

    You can only run TAR with Empire updated with the 1.6 patch!

    But to all users; Its crucial you do not use these 3 options from the advanced options menu;
    1. Battlefield Borders
    2. Green/Blue Movement Arrows
    3. Campaign Markers

    Enabling these 3 will cause Errors/CTDs

    A Fix is on the way !

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    Default Re: American Revolution Mod and ETW 1.5?

    It must be said that if you run vanilla ETW after patch 1.6, the version number in the left-hand bottom corner of the screen (in the main menu) is not updated to represent 1.6.
    Therefore it may appear that you are running version 1.5 even though you've already installed patch 1.6.

    The way to verify that you have patch 1.6 installed is to look in your data folder and see whether the file 'pack5' is there.

    You need patch 1.6 to run TAR.

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