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    Default Darth's Downloads! All the information you need

    DOWNLOAD (Game.Arena)
    Provide more mirror links if possible and contact me or wipeout to put them here with credits (Listed in the "special thanks")

    DARTHMOD 8.0 “Dark Edition”

    This is my last modification for Rome:Total War prior to Medieval Total War 2. (Maybe I could work on the expansion of Alexander later but rest is of priority)
    DarthMod 8.0 is the ultimate modification package for Rome:Total War since it includes all past evolution of past DarthMods into one package and even more.

    I will briefly describe the most important(Enhancements from DarthMod_7.x):

    1)The AI system is once more my priority and now I have over exceeded my expectations by producing a powerful new system of AI battle thinking.
    The whole formation system is polished and also uses a new technique that forces the AI to change width of units according to circumstances just like human. You will witness an AI to stretch for attacking, combine to defend, column deploy into city moving and much much more. In fact the AI will behave 100% better than before. And not only because of the previous reason. I have also created a new AI priority formation system to create a character for each faction. Greeks will be defensive and cautious, barbarians over attacking, Romans the perfect mobile system, Asians true skirmishers etc… Seriously this has to be seen.
    The standalone formations that will follow and will be available for all mods will use all the above mentioned techniques except DarthMod’s protective formation AI swapping.

    2)The balance of some units have been changed listening to the median of community’s needs that were reported, for example Romans are now having more morale and critical hit ability, Macedon’s cavalry is more powerful etc, some balance issues in BI. Also I use the DarthFix which was available in May which improved a lot DarthMod_7.5 and corrected a CTD issue in BI_DarthMod (For example it fixed elephant and phalanx issues reported)

    3)Spartan skins are changed to ATG’s wonderful sets
    Have also changed some skins for barbarians.

    4)Many new campaigns are included to old RTW (Not BI bcs there was not something I could add without flaws for DarthMod).
    Thanks to Shaggy1973 and Torgill, DarthMod will have endless replay ability due to the various new settings provided with each brand new campaign.

    5)New unit cards for all BI units thanks to absolutely astounding work of JaggerMech

    6)Kaweh K. provided new banners, standards and buttons for both RTW and BI with his usual quality.

    7)The main campaign map of DarthMod will use Border_reiver new resource system for some really good in game balance. Also campaigns are a lot changed since for example riots will be more rare, gladiators will be available as expensive mercenaries etc.

    8)Art of StudUK is included just like the screen you words

    9)I have implemented and adapted the historic battle mod of Ninja cool
    You will be surprised by the AI thinking of these battles if some of you have already played this wonderful mod due to my new modifications over it and to DarthMod.

    10)New dynamics for cavalry which will be even more lasting, versatile and similar to realistic usage of the era. Has created new balance system for it making the battles even more real like in tension and havoc.

    More info will follow with screenshots until I upload...

    OK..lets take a look at the available formations(Just a sample of them because AI will use them very differently in the middle of the battle. (Expand, transform, combine I have programmed it)

    Lets take a look at the available new maps:

    Shaggy's Big modified map of Ice torque (Available in 2 campaigns, 4 roman Houses, Unified Rome-single Campaign ):

    Torgill's small "Risk" type game for faster campaigns (Available in 3 campaigns, 4 roman houses and Unified Rome, Punic Wars ...unfortunately the 4 Roman Houses and Punic Wars campaign will not have Julli available to human player because of a problem)

    Let me try to make you understand what awaits you with DarthMod 8.0 Dark Edition! Read this...

    Have a look at StudUK loading screens of BI

    and some slideshow of DarthMod graphics

    Vital Information

    1)The new DarthMod_8.0 Dark Edition Will use approximatelly 1 GB of your hard drive disk when installed....better clear your hard drive
    2)You will have to have a clean version of BI patched to 1.6 to play it (To have the double mod of BI and RTW playability)
    or have a clean RTW version patched to 1.5(To play just the old RTW modded game)
    3)Former users of DarthMod_7.x could install on top with mainly no problems unless they have done micro-modding to their versions.
    Better to do a clean install procedure if you are unsure.
    4)DarthMod is designed to give player the best and most challenging gameplay. The man hours spent for this mod are 90 % favoured to this project than visuals. Despite that, there is a gigantic work of new graphics set for the game used by the most talented creators in the community which will be mentioned below with honour:

    Special Thanks to the following guys who have allowed me to use their work but also because this work is simply wonderfull!!!
    (In alphabetical order)
    ----AnastasioTheGreat----(For his ATG bronze spartans-only to be used by other modders with his permission)
    ----Augustus21----(for his AUG_Phalangites skin mod)
    ----Burebista-----(for his skins set for Carthage army)
    ----KALI----------(for his skins set for Parthian army)
    ----LAca----------(for his phalanx_pikemen, seleucid_legionaries, Numidian_Legionaries skin mods)
    ----meh_cd--------(for his macedonian hypaspist skin)
    -------SpartanWarrior---------------(for use of his skin for macedonian heavy phalanx p.s Vlad told me it is his work and I tried to contact him but failed.
    Still I mention him.)
    -------Titus Andronicus & sleighr---(for use of some skins in their ptolemaic egypt mod = hellenic light cavalry, greek standard, machimoi)
    ---Warspite-------(for his wspite_armenians_v1.0, wspite_mercs_2.1, wspite_numidia_v1.0, wspite_pontics_1.0 skins mods)
    ---Webbird--------(Almost 70% of skins are of webbird's Copyright of Artwork and Files within this Package: U.Erdmann -skinXess- 2005 )
    ---Vrabac and Alcibiades--- For their skin of Seleucid silvershields.

    **********************Special Thank******************************
    -To “ngr”, “khelvan” and the whole “Europa Barbarorum” team for allowing me to use the great and enormous map of Mundus_Magnus 2 in DarthMod_5.8 and some mercenary units of them now transferred to 8.0.

    (In alphabetical order)

    ---Atilla_Reloaded & Ramon Gonzales y Gracia--- for the gigantic wonderful offer of all their unit graphics of their personal BI mod "Invasio Barbarorum-Flagellum Dei"
    ---Archer--- For some re-colored sassanids used
    ---Lusted--- For his full set of Roman new unit graphics

    If I accidentally use material from persons I have not mentioned above, please notify me immediately so as to update the text file.

    DarthMod Team Members

    Grand Duke Vytautas (Beta tester and Darth guides creator)
    JaggerMech (Exclusive BI unit card creator)
    Kaweh K. (Unit card Creator of RTW, Screen creator + Banner,Symbol, buttons creator for RTW,BI)
    Marvius (DarthMod Website creator)
    Shaggy1973 (Creator of 2 modded campaigns using IceTorque's map)
    StudUK (Intro screen creator + screens used in BI)
    Torgill (Creator of 3 modded campaigns "Risk" type-small and quick)
    Wipeout140 (General all around help (citi view fix, signiferone animation adapting etc.+ moderator of my TWcenter forum)

    -Archer- (For the ddsconverter tool upload of this creator -Bluehair-, this is what I used to import all the graphics)
    -David Harrison from Mammoth Media (thanks for hosting)
    -IceTorque (For the big map of Shaggy)
    -lt1956- (for his new fort mod)
    -King Edward I- (Thanks for hosting - and the modnet group
    -NinjaCool- (for his Historic battle mod)
    -OrrieBoi- (for the vegetation mod
    -Player1- (I used and adapted for my mod many of his bug fixes) )
    -SigniferOne- (for his animation sets)
    -The Border Reiver- (for his resource mod)
    -Vercingetorix- (Even though I have not used directly his tools...everyone is using them so indirectly I did!)

    (Sorry if I forgot anyone..Although I use the Dark Force, I feel a lot of disturbances nowadays...please contact me to put you here!)

    -To stuff for their super support.
    -To RomeTotalRealism team for their hosting of my forum to their site and their general support.
    -To YOU the fans of my mod who support it with your appreciation.
    -CA & Activision & SEGA for the creation of this super game.

    Contact me in my email:
    [email protected]

    For every mod questions better to come here

    At my home at

    My name is….Darth Vader at all Total War forums I participate.
    Hope you enjoy my work and have nice summer holidays. And if you stay home…pick DarthMod for your electronic amusement .(Other amusements must remain in priority…I repeat!)

    Last modified 21/07/2006

    Download at Filefront
    If you are having problems downloading from filefront go down to the attachment at the bottom of the post - wipeout140

    Darth Dark Formations 16.0 “Super Pack”

    Screenshot of typical variations of some formations but there are many many new inside and also for some mods there are specific such as in ATW where exists Arthur's formation and Germanic Delta barbarian formation....maybe I will screen later when I return.

    These are my latest formations for manipulating the AI of RTW and BI in a package that will surely please the majority of the community.
    I worked immensely to evolute an already successful project and from what it seems there is so much improvement that again you will rub your eyes to see if you are awake or you live in a dream where RTW AI is actually playing smart!
    I did not only completed my internal formations for DarthMod_8.0 but have specified and produced extra formations using my new ideas for many other mods and of course a generic version for all current mods.
    …blah…blah…I do not have time to write more since I prepare for my vacations..two things to notice as important:

    1)Have produced a unique and very effective for the AI bridge warfare system. (those who can interpret to some extend my code for formations and will study it…will not understand it.. When I return I will try to explain). Have managed to override to some extend the idiotic AI behaviour in bridges)
    2)Very new things included as ideas to make you feel 100% challenge when you counter with AI armies in every situation.

    No more to say..will do when I return from my trip.

    1)DarthMod_8.0 ( ) new internal formations .Surely optimized since all my tests are done here. DO NOT use these to other mods except maybe in BareBoneWars mod ( which uses my idea of protective formation AI swap
    2)Generic all mod Standalone version
    3)RTR_PE mod version ( )
    4)ATW mod version ( )
    5)FATW mod version ( )
    6)ChivTW mod version ( )

    Simple Installation instructions

    The installation instructions are meant to be understood easily by 6 yrs and up individuals. If you are under 6 yrs old contact your tutelars or any other adult who may can be of assistance. (Last resort will be to contact my forum )

    -step1 = you download the mod package

    -step2 = you unpack the mod package

    -step3 = You open the file. There are 6 individual files inside with names of the mod you are meant to use them and 1 extra back up vanilla formation file if you want to revert to default settings

    -step4 = You know what mod you play and choose to install the formations associated with it. How? For example if you play DarthMod_8.0 you open file “1_DarthMod_8.0_Internal_Formations_16” and you copy the “Rome - Total War” file to overwrite your original that exists in your custom destination root folder (for example C:\games\Activision\Rome - Total War) of your RTW-BI game. The system asks you if you want to replace these files and you press “yes”

    -step5 =You verify that you have actually installed DarthFormations by opening the files which have been overwrited (look at the file structure of my 6 files to see where they go for desc_formations.txt and desc_formation_ai.txt files) and you will see the notation on top of the code text verifying the Darth tm name

    -step6 = You play your next battles and actually start to lose..what happened? You installed Darth Dark Formations 16.0 optimized for your mod game!

    Happy Summer vacations for all. See you in 10 days approximately.

    Contact me in my e-mail [email protected] and my twcenter forum:

    If I accidentally use different file structure for some mods, I am the mod creators to give you special instructions.

    Finished 10/08/2006

    -Update-11/08/2006 02:37 greece time
    Have re-uploaded a version with correct file structure for ChivTW mod.Sorry for the inconvenience.Redownload if you want it perfect.

    -Update-11/08/2006 19:54PM GMT - Uploaded it as an attachment to this post - wipeout140

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    Default Re: DARTH's Downloads! All the information you need

    I have updated it for Darth as requested.

    Good Bye for few weeks

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