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Thread: TAR AARs;post them here;

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    Default TAR AARs;post them here;

    This thread will be stickied,so everyone can post their TAR AARs here if they wish!

    Have Fun!

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    Well tried to post some thing here and failed. This is what it looks like:
    The United States Campaign 1783
    Some thoughts

    The TAR 2.0 Launcher and Management Sytem
    Absolutely awesome system for managing this mod. No praise is high enough!

    updated R.T.I. Episode 4
    Still suffers from the same problems as the vanilla version see:

    TAR 2.0 Diagnostics and Modding Options
    Is there a tutorial for this?

    And then
    The United States Campaign 1783

    I really wanted to play this as the vanilla RTI was glitched, and this mod fixed those problems.

    The CAI seemed to be poor, specific examples later, but in general a lot of AI units in europe just seemed to run around in circles aimlessly rather like headless chickens. One spanish unit in particular spent the whole game running in and out of an island city in the Med.

    Still, the game.

    Realising that I needed more trade
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    and that the Barbary pirates would be a problem, I offered them all my tech for a peace treaty and they agreed. (Scoop). I immediately brokered a trade agreement with the Ottoman Empire that lasted the whole game, becoming very lucrative indeed.
    All colours missing, fonts changed. Also just realised that one can not readily edit, and should create finished article before posting.
    for the initial attempt at posting please email me at [email protected] for a copy and please comment.

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