Hello everbody,

In a former message I explained that a group of friends from Barcelona are planning to create a prussian re-enactment group (1st Bat. 7th reg). We also plan to have some French fusiliers from the 1st bat. 54me rég. de ligne, with a drummer.

We have been looking for French drummer music sheets (pentagrams) in order to recreate the command drills on the battlefield (peloton, garde à vous, en avant, marche, halte, joue, feu, charge en douze temps, feu de deux rangs, etc, etc) with no success.

We got in touch with the Musée des Invalides in Paris (no reply so far) and with a French re-enactment group with drummers within their members (still waiting an answer).

So, our last chance might be this Forum. If anyone knows where to get the pentagrams for command drills of the French drummers, please let us know.

Any help would be most appreciated.

Thanks in advanced.
Lluis Balaguer