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Thread: Installation issues (How to install on Steam, Mac, Windows 10)

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    Icon4 Installation issues (How to install on Steam, Mac, Windows 10)

    Ask here for help in installation and other technical troubles.

    (Thanks to Christophus for this guide)

    This post contains information on how to get Lotr-tw working on ur Mac Osx 10.6.4 (might work on others too i havnt tried on any besides this )

    (If Your Not a Mac Noob or if ur just stuck at how to start the game read the highlights (: XD )

    What you need to do first..
    1) Get a Legit Copy of RTW
    2) Make sure u have Wine or Crossover Game
    3) wrap the game with either so it works on ur Mac.

    If you already have the game. (this is for lotr-tw v2.0 OB)

    1) Download Lotr-tw (the .exe file will be named as 'LOTRTW_v2.ob_OB1.exe' )
    2) Once downloaded, install the .exe file with crossover or wine.
    ...If you dont have it installed there your app will just bounce and quit, it will ....NOT play.
    4) Make sure the address when you install it reads like
    ...Applications--> Rome-Total war (folder)

    This folder contains ur Rome-tw, Alexander and BI game wrappers from where you start the game.

    5) Make sure u make a copy of the Alexander folder in the data folder
    (Applications --> Rome Total war --> data --> Alexander
    6) After your done installing the .exe file to the Rome Total war folders you will get a ( Alexander folder --> lotrtw ) dont change anyting in that.
    7) After you've copied the alexander folder from the data folder to a safe place forget about it you wont need it again (x (yes lotrtw gets addictive)
    8) Overwrite alexander in the data folder with the one u got after installing the .exe file.
    9) Now this is the part that counts :mrgreen: ..
    10) Once the alexander file has been overwritten.. all you have to do is COPY ALL THE FILES IN alexander --> lotrtw .. and paste them in alexander
    11) DONT DELETE ANYTING you need two copies as address reading is a pain for cidered games

    12) Once you've pasted the files in alexander you will have the same files in both alexander and lotrtw but ofc there will be another folder lotrtw in the alexander folder.

    13) Once that is done right click on your Alexander Expansion wrapper ..
    click on show contents --> resources --> prefrences (not prfrences_bak) --> config

    Open config go TO THE BOTTOM and paste

    [appdefaults\\RomeTW-ALX.exe\\transgaming] (
    "cmdlineadd" = "-mod:alexander"

    at the end of that file..

    Once that is Done Open Alexander Expansion and Voila LOTR-TW SHOULD WORK NOW!
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    Default Re: Troubleshooting Help



    0) You must first have the game Rome Total War: Alexander installed!

    If you have a previous version of lotr-tw mod already installed, it is recommended to uninstall it, and then to remove the whole folder "...\alexander\lotrtw\data", in order to get rid of all remaining temporary files.

    This mods uses his own folder (named lotrtw), to place most of the files. Only one file will be placed in the main Data folder, but it will not overwrite any original file.


    1) Extract the content of the LOTR-TW pack to the main game folder where RomeTW-ALX.exe is placed.
    The Steam version uses to be: "C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\Rome Total War Alexander\"

    2) In your Steam game list, right click on your Rome Total War: Alexander game, click properties, and in the general tab click "Set Launch Options". In the space provided, type in this text:


    This way, when you launch the game, it will load lotrtw mod instead of vanilla alexander. Delete this text if you want to play alexander again.


    1) Extract the content of the LOTR-TW pack to the main game folder where RomeTW-ALX.exe is placed.
    The retail Disc version uses to be: "C:\Program Files\Actision\Rome - Total War\"

    2) Create a short-cut to launch the game:

    2.1) Right-click and drag your RomeTW-ALX.exe to the desktop and Create Shorcut
    2.2) Right-click on the new short-cut and choose Properties
    2.3) In the "Target" window in properties, ADD this line at the end: -mod:alexander/lotrtw so the line may look like this:

    "C:\Program Files\Actision\Rome - Total War\RomeTW-ALX.exe" -mod:alexander/lotrtw

    Note that it may not look exactly as that. Do NOT change or delete anything between the quotation marks.

    3) Use this short-cut to play the mod.
    You may also use the file "lotr-tw launcher.bat" placed in the main game folder.


    It is possible to install the Windows version of Steam, under Linux, by using Wine. This way you can install and play the Windows version of Rome Total War: Alexander. Just use this command to launch Steam:
    wine Steam.exe -no-cef-sandbox

    The rest is the same as Steam version on Windows (see above).


    1) Extract the content of the LOTR-TW pack to the main game folder where RomeTW-ALX.exe is placed.

    2) With Wine v1.8.5, it works for me by simply executing:
    wine RomeTW-ALX.exe -mod:alexander/lotrtw

    You may also use the file "lotr-tw" placed in the main game folder.

    3) Since I updated to Wine v2.2.1, the splash screen is shown, but it crashes just before the intro.
    For me, it worked to disable the lib winegstreamer.
    Execute winecfg -> go to "libraries" tab -> select winegstreamer -> press "add", then "edit" -> choose "disable".

    I have played on Ubuntu this way, even online, and I did not notice any problem, except the response of the mouse being a bit loose.


    Note that older disc versions may not work at all on Windows 10, due to lack of support related to SECDRV.SYS

    1) You might need to run the game as administrator, in compatibility mode for Windows 7:
    * Right-click on RomeTW-ALX.exe and go to "Properties".
    * Go to the tab called "Compatibility" and look all the way down to "Change settings for all users". Click that.
    * Select the box called "Run this program in compatibility mode for:" and select "Windows 7" from the scroll-down menu.
    * Also check the box saying "Run as administrator".

    2) It seems the screen resolution in the game preferences must fit your desktop resolution.
    * To know your actual resolution: right-click on your desktop (wallpaper), click on "Display Settings", and press "Advanced Display Settings".

    * Open the file: "...\alexander\lotrtw\preferences\preferences.txt"

    * Search for this text:

    * Replace "1024x768" by your desktop resolution, for example "1920x1080". No need to change anything else.

    3) You need to launch the game in windowed mode. Follow the installation instructions for other Windows, but when it says to insert:

    you have to insert:
    -mod:alexander/lotrtw -ne


    On Windows Vista/7/8 it is recommended to disable UAC (User Account Control) in Control Panel while installing the game.
    In order to avoid issues with file permissions, it is recommended to install the game to a folder different than \Documents and Settings, or \Program Files.
    Alternatively, it should be possible to copy the whole game folder, to paste it somewhere else, and then to run the game from there.

    If you still have problems to get the mod working, and you do not care to overwrite the original game files of your current installation, you can try to copy all the folders located inside lotrtw folder (data and preferences):
    and to paste them into alexander folder, overwriting everything:
    After that, you do not need any short-cut or launching option to run the mod, just execute RomeTW-ALX.exe
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    Default Re: Troubleshooting Help

    Como instalar sobre Steam (Español)
    (Gracias a kernelpanic por esta guia)

    Buenas. Aquí os dejo las instrucciones para instalar el mod para los que tenéis el Alexander instalado vía Steam:

    1. En el foro en inglés recomiendan ANTES de instalar el mod, verificar la "Integridad de caché del juego". Esto se hace en propiedades del juego, pestaña "archivos locales", botón "VERIFICAR INTEGRIDAD DE CACHÉ DEL JUEGO":

    Yo este paso no lo he realizado para instalar el mod, pero es interesante saber antes de hacer nada si está el juego instalado y funcionando correctamente.

    2. Tenemos que conocer dónde ha instalado Steam el juego. Todos los juegos Steam se instalan dentro de la carpeta de instalación del propio Steam, en <carpeta raíz de Steam>\steamapps\common. En mi máquina: E:\Steam\steamapps\common\rome total war alexander

    Quedaos con esta ruta porque es la que se pide en la instalación del mod

    En el caso en que no sepáis dónde está instalado Steam, podéis verlo en el acceso directo del propio Steam, pulsando en botón derecho y propiedades del acceso directo:

    3. Instalar el mod, poniendo la ruta de Alexander que se indica en el paso 2.

    4. Después de instalado el mod, hay que modificar las propiedades de inicio de Alexander en Steam. Botón derecho y propiedades de Rome: Total War - Alexander -> Pestaña general -> Botón "Establecer opciones de lanzamiento". Se abre una ventana. En el campo de texto que aparece ponemos:

    Y pulsamos OK

    Con esto ya podemos arrancar el juego Alexander y directamente cargará el mod de El Señor de los Anillos. A disfrutar...
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    Default Re: Troubleshooting Help

    Sorry but I cant find the readme file, can you tell how can I translate the game to spanish?

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    Default Re: Troubleshooting Help

    The readme is named Lotrtw_Readme_v2.08.txt.
    How to activate Spanish or Italian traduction, as well as other mini-mods like "0 recruitment times":

    1. Execute the program JSGME.exe (Jonesoft Generic Mod Enabler)
    2. Select the traduction or mod in the window "Available Mods" and click button ">" until it is moved to "Activated Mods"
    3. Then you can close the Generic Mod Enabler. Or to use the button "<<" to return to original version.

    Una vez has instalado el parche 2.08:
    1. ejecute el programa JSGME.exe
    2. Selecciona la traduccion española en la ventana que pone "Available Mods" y dale a ">" para que aparezca en la ventana de la derecha "Activated Mods"
    3. Luego puedes cerrar el JSGME. O darle al boton "<<" para volver a la version original.

    Tambien aconsejo borrar el archivo temporal:
    ...\Rome - Total War\alexander\lotrtw\preferences\advice

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    Default Re: Troubleshooting Help

    Someguy at ModDB asked this

    "First I just want to say that I love it! But I'm having a problem, I'm playing as the noldor elves and I must be up to something like the 181st turn and it keeps crashing whenever I click the button to end my turn. I've tried starting new games with other races and they work fine. I was wondering if you could help me? I was really excited too as I just gained the ability to train the really powerful elves with the gold armour at the grey havens."

    Got any clue for what may cause this, perhaps related with the 'reform'?
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    Default Re: Troubleshooting Help

    Possible it's the script related to Noldor, so most likely the spawning of High Noldor units.

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    Default Re: Troubleshooting Help

    It is hard know, it'd be useful if he can send us the savegame.
    He can try to reload the game without activating the scripts, or to delete the temporary file:

    Such CTDs are caused sometimes by revolts in some cities where there are no recruitable unit, but it is hard to know and to fix.

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    Default Re: Troubleshooting Help

    Heyy I got your mod a while ago, and what i'v played of it, it's fantastic, one of the best! But I have a big problem, for some reason I can no longer play campaign, It CTD just as the campaign map loads, I'v tried your tips on how too stop it. (Deleting the advice & map.rvm files) But it hasn't worked!

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    Default Re: Troubleshooting Help

    Well, the most effective way to keep this game running is to uninstall and reinstall the game every week.
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    Default Re: Troubleshooting Help

    I'v done that several times, I'v even reinstalled the actual game, but too no avail, it's very strange though, one minute it works fine, then it doesn't..

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    Default Re: Troubleshooting Help

    can you help me i dont understand how to download the patch 2.08 for steam

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    Default Re: Troubleshooting Help

    I don't have steam, but I guess you need to install patch 2.08 at same place that you installed 2.0, where rome total war files are placed.
    It should be something like:
    C:\Steam\steamapps\common\rome total war alexander\

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    Default Re: Troubleshooting Help

    Ok so i am new at this and please bare with me. I bought and the downloaded versions of RTW and RTW ALX. on amazon, the I downloaded the lotr 2.0 first then the 2.08 patch. It says to click on the icon that it creates after the 2.08 patch. when i do the opening picture shows up i hear a ding and it just freezes right there. If i push any button the picture goes away and my screen kinda fashes and i go straight back to my desktop page. So then i tried down loading steam and following its instructions, but since i did not get the games on steam i do not have the same options as shown in you example. im stuck and frustrated BC i got the games only to play the LOTR MOD. what am i doing wrong and can you help me. Also i have a PC with windows 7, just so you know.

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    Default Re: Troubleshooting Help

    Verify that you install both 2.0 and 2.08 in your RomeTW folder. When the installer ask you for the destination, choose manually your RomeTW folder, the one where it is placed the file RomeTW-ALX.exe.
    It is harder to install mods over steam or mac versions, that is why there are specific tutorials for them in this topic. The installation with your downloaded version over windows7 should be straight forward.

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    Default Re: Troubleshooting Help

    There are two folders on my desktop. 1 is RTW with RTW Barbarian Invasion, The 2 folder is the RTW ALX. I can play both games but neither folder have a file that is specifically ROMETW-ALX.exe. I have downloaded both 2.0 and 2.08 to the RTW Folder multiple times and can download it again from that folder as well since the download app is in the folder. There are a bunch of lotr files in RTW Folder including the one that you double click on to start the game, however all it does is make my screen flicker and give me a beep. I have followed both the 2.0 and 2.08 instructions and both get me to the intro picture then freeze and i have to exit out.

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    Default Re: Troubleshooting Help

    Sorry if i am trouble, just realy want to play this game and i appreciate all you help and what help you can give me.

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    Default Re: Troubleshooting Help (How to install on Mac and Steam)

    I have steam, I also installed the new patch.
    The game works, I just have a few problems.
    One is when I am on the battlefield sometimes my units move in a very odd manner. i.e. telling them to run to point A and the will turn around, walk, walk somewhere else, maybe eventually run, etc.

    Also, I was playing the wildmen, I took an orc city, I could then recruit orc units in that city.

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    Default Re: Troubleshooting Help

    Bardo is there anything that you know of that can help me out, or am I screwed or am just plain stupid when it comes to comps?

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    Default Re: Troubleshooting Help (How to install on Mac and Steam)

    Sorry me the late answer, but I'm not sure how to help you, tminto.
    I did not know that the downloaded version of AlexanderTW installs the game in a different folder than RTW.

    The first thing I'd test is to install the lotrtw mod in the RTW-ALX folder. Which file do you use to launch the AlexTW game? It is named "ROMETW-ALX.exe" in most installations. If it is a shortcut, right click it and select properties to see the destination.
    Is there a folder named "/data/" and another folder named "/alexander/" inside the RTW-ALX folder?

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