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Thread: Cadenettes - who wore 'em?

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    Cadenettes - the natty little plaits worn hanging in front of the ears, at least in the early years of this period.

    They tend to be associated with Hussars - I think they started the 18th century military fashion for them, though similar styles appeared in the 16th/17th century - but I occassionally see images of Napoleonic (1790s) grenadiers, sailors and dragoons with them. Are these accurate? Which troops actually wore them?

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    Have a glance at Funcken's book at You will see pictures of Hussars, Guides, Horse Artillery etc with cadenettes. Cadenettes appear to have survived with French Hussars until the latter half of the Empire; some sources suggest the 3rd Hussars were the last unit to wear them.

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    An amusing account by Marmont of the 1st Hussars,He was obliged to buy false cadenettes and queue (short pigtail) so as not to spoil the appearance of his squadron, As he was too young to grow a proper moustache he had to draw a huge one on his face with black wax. Probably more about it all here but I only read the first bit
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