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Thread: End of Days wiki page.

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    Default End of Days wiki page.

    Dear End of Days community,

    We of the wiki team are in the search for some information to create a wiki page for this mod. If you fans/creators could answer some simple questions we could get the page up and running in due time.

    Form is below:
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 
    = Description =

    = Features =

    = The Team =

    = Included Mods =

    =History= (of the mod how it all come to it, how was the development, any info related to the process of the development

    =visual material= (you can include any screenshots, fan made vids, factions previews, feature previews)

    Many thanks in Advance,
    The TWC Wiki Team
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    Default Re: End of Days wiki page.

    We already have a wiki page with all that info on.

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