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Thread: Advance to Contact:- 0.5.1 Beta released. Poll to choose the next 4 factions!

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    Default Advance to Contact:- 0.5.1 Beta released. Poll to choose the next 4 factions!

    Welcome to Advance to Contact Redux & Relaunch

    (Download link further down)

    What is AtC?

    Advance to contact is a modification for Empire: Total War which was previously known as Nations at War (NAW), the mod aims to convert the 18th century game into the 21st century. Focusing especially on current operations throughout the world today, Advance to contact will allow the player to exploit a variety of different weapon systems and formations, which are widely used by modern armies from around the world today.

    Project Millennium

    Project Millennium is Advance to Contacts' first development.

    The mod focuses on the ongoing conflict in Afghanistan, following operations "Herrick" and "Enduring Freedom", numerous other ISAF deployments, and in addition those of their Afghani allies.
    The mod will pit the player, against the rough and ready Taliban, who have their own distinct set of units and skills. Struggle to find them as you patrol through Sangin; use your fighters to lock up your enemies in shock and surprise by means of ambush, IED's, mortar, or open fire fight. Play as the highly advanced and extremely well equipped ISAF forces. Pick off your enemies at ranges with superior weaponry. Thwart ambushes and force your opponents to fight in the open. Call upon artillery & close air support to decimate your aggressor at danger close ranges. Or, play as the ANA, use your dynamic, young, but corrupt, and shaky force and survive the insurgency. Play with a mix of western styled elite units, and poor tribal militia's in the same faction! A truly unique style of play.

    Open Beta Release

    Download Advance to Contact Patch 0.5.1 Here!

    To install it, simply place the ATC_patch0.51 and ATC_text into the data folder of empire. You need to overwrite the old ATC_text to make it work

    Download Advance to Contact 0.5 Beta Here!

    Thank you for downloading Advance to Contact beta 0.5!
    We hope you really enjoy the game and we encourage you to give us feedback on the current game.
    We will use and listen to ALL feedback, so please visit our public thread at

    Run Advance to Contact 0.5 .exe
    Don't worry when during the install it seems stuck (and it starts) at 60% this is normal, it will take a while depending on the speed of your computer.
    If you want to be completely certain that it has been installed go into your empire/data folder and look for ATC_Mod_0.5.pack & AtC_Text.pack.

    Remember that this is a beta and there will be bugs, we will try fix all of these bugs as soon as possible!
    If you find a bug please report it to us in our public thread

    - Issues with the Fanatic unit

    From all of us at the Advance to Contact team we hope you enjoy the game!

    Don't forget to rep the team!

    The Team & Hierarchy

    The Leadership Team

    • Darkhorse
    • Hross

    The Research Team

    • Head of Research:
      • Darkhorse

    • Content Team:
      • Darkhorse
        • GeneralL

        • Avion365
        • SeawolfRN

    • Advisors:
      • Hross
      • Farnan

    Graphics and Aesthetics

    • 2D Art, inc unit cards, battle UI, loading screens, background images and signatures.
      • Luigi/Grimbold

    • Visuals
      • Aanker

    Sound and Video

    • Alba gu Brath


    • Falconpilot
    • Aanker

    Unit making

    • Falconpilot
    • Aanker
    • King Sama

    • King Sama


    • Sean Cappone


    • Falconpilot

    Media and Publicity

    • External Website
      • Darkhorse

    • New Public thread
      • Darkhorse

    With thanks too...

    • Farnan
    • A Company, Royal Regiment of Fusiliers
    • University of Kent, Canterbury, UK
    • TWCenter modding services


    Custom maps

    Kajaki Dam Map

    General info:

    Type:Scenario Battle, Point Defence
    Aggressor: Taliban
    Attacking Objective: Seize control of Kajaki Dam and overrun enemy positions
    Defender: British Army
    Defending Objective: Retain control of Kajaki Dam, hold OP's and FOB


    Kajaki Dam is a vitally important strategic location in Helmand Province. The 100 metre high dam provides power for Kandahar city and irrigates the surrounding 2000 square km. This map follows on from the 2007 "Operation Kryptonite". A series of engagements between 300 British soldiers against 700 insurgents, from the Taliban, Chechnya, Pakistan, and Uzbekistan. The operation was part of Operation Achilles, a massive British led ISAF assault in the area, which killed 1000 Taliban fighters in total. And again in 2008, under Operation Eagle's Summit, killed a further 200 and improved the dam. It is vital the British hold the dam; otherwise the Taliban can shut off water and power supplies to Helmand, and in a worst case scenario, Iran.

    In game pictures:

    General overview from ISAF spawn:

    Overview on FOB Zeebrugge and town:

    View on the dam:

    View on lake:

    Siege of Sangin Map

    General info:

    Type: Historical Battle, Point Defence
    Aggressor: Taliban
    Attacking Objective: Push, or eliminate British forces from Sangin Town
    Defender: British Army
    Defending Objective: Hold District Centre, break siege


    Sangin is a large city in Helmand Province, home to 30,000 people. The Siege of Sangin was fought between June 2006 and April 2007. Taliban insurgents besieged the district centre of Sangin, which was occupied by a British company sized garrison of 150 men. The British regularly rotated companies and their units, although commonly Para and Marine companies were deployed. The siege was particularly bloody, The Royal Fusiliers were attacked 79 times in less than 20 days. British General David J. Richards, then NATO commander in Afghanistan, declared the fighting to be the fiercest fighting involving British troops since the Korean War, overshadowing the Falklands. The siege became a symbol of difficulty of the mission British troops are involved in. The fighting was likened to Stalingrad, British soldiers renaming the town to "Sangingrad". 11 British servicemen were killed, along with up to a thousand insurgent fighters. A relief operation, consisting of 200 Para's and 700 ISAF forces failed to break the siege. The siege was finally broken in a 1200 man ISAF operation. However, despite a permanent ISAF and ANA garrison the district remains a violent hotspot, and over 30% of all UK casualties (well over 110 men) occur in the area.

    In game pictures:

    Overview on Sangin city:

    Overview on northern part:

    Overview on the DC:

    Overview on the river:


    Custom buildings

    - Crashed A400M

    - Enclosed bazaar

    US Marine Model

    Insurgency model

    Ghurkha Model

    Weapon Models

    - AK-47

    - L85A2

    - M14

    - Side arms

    Vehicle Models:


    AtC Main Theme:

    The Victory theme:

    The Defeat theme:

    Loading Screens & Quotes

    General Information


    Infantry rosters for the United Kingdom Faction and the United States Faction have been released and can be viewed on our website. Units in the rosters range from top of the line elite special operations forces all the way down to regular infantry and their support arms.

    Rosters for the Afghan National Army and the Taliban Insurgency are completed, but awaiting review before publication.


    We have vacancies in modelling, voice modelling, coding, scripting, animating, and sound and videos effects, 2D art and visual effects. We also need a packer. New team members must be able to stay active, work with existing team members and manage their time efficiently. Some of the AtC team is more than willing to “timebank”. For more information on “timebanking”, please do not hesitate to PM myself. We also welcome temporary team members.


    AtC has a research Social Group; we do not recruit researchers at present. However, this social group is set up for all fans and researchers of AtC as a place for them to provide their valuable input and socialise.

    The AtC website ( is a regularly updated and invaluable source of information. The website gets in the range of 84 to 155 views a day and had over 3100 hits in the first 28 days of up time. It has a fully functioning blog and contact forms. All our previews, latest publications and up to date news are on there.

    Website Phase 2 is the second part of the website, and is a massive undertaking. The beginnings of which you can see already. WP2 is the uploading of all the many hundreds of research articles into the website, either in PDF’s ready for you to download, or as a web page.

    AtC has a TWC wiki up and running. Search for AtC. We are also looking at setting up a page on Wikipedia itself.

    A full range of our signatures is available on the AtC website and all can be used freely.

    Further Projects

    Faction Packs and AUPPs:

    Are you disappointed that there are only 4 factions? Upset your country isn’t included? Don’t worry, AtC will expand its mod after its first release and will include more factions in a series of faction packs covering a sizeable amount of the ISAF nations, including those who have withdrawn. In light of recent news, there could possibly be a Russian faction. And also there will be the AUPPs, or Additional Unit Project Patches. This, if we work on it, will give countries whose deployments are too small to warrant as a faction, representation inside a “parent faction”. Units such as Lithuanian Special Forces or Aegis PMC operatives to the UK, or, to give some factions unique units, such as Poland getting units of US 101st airborne. You may also see “fun” units, such as TF141, the Ghosts, or Rainbow Six. Please bear in mind, the AUPPs are extremely low priority and might not go ahead.

    Remember AtC is a series, and after Project Millennium we may move onto another similar project on ETW or on another platform in the TW series!

    Little Green Rep Button!

    Just a gentle reminder, when repping, if you could all be so kind to please rep the whole team, they will appreciate it!


    Will there be a campaign?

    Not likely for this project I am afraid. For a later project, maybe.

    Can I use aircraft in the battles?

    There will not be aircraft. However, some units will hopefully be able to call in airstrikes (different type of strike for each faction/unit for variety) this is why we need our visual effects people and scripters!

    Why can’t I see “British SAS” in the roster for the UK?

    You can, see the UKSF unit? UKSF is a real British unit which is a grouping of the SAS, SBS, and SRR special forces, elite units such as the pathfinders, and various support options. The units will often mix up on operations anyway. Remember Bravo Two Zero? 1 of those was SBS, and 1 Aussie SAS!

    WTH is such and such unit? I’ve never heard of it!

    Some of you may come across units you do not recognise, even inside your own military. I can assure you, all units included in the basic ISAF factions units are real.

    Will such and such country be included as a faction?

    If a country has over 250 troops deployed in Afghanistan, and there is no reason not to have it included, then the faction will be considered. Smaller deployments may be best represented by AUPPs.

    How do I join AtC?

    Easy, PM me with the role you want to be in. Do not worry if you are new to the forums or are not too good at your skill, AtC offers the chance for everyone, experienced or not, to be part of the project and team!

    Can I work on other mods if I work on AtC?

    Yes, of course you can, yet let me (Darkhorse) know and manage your time and I have absolutely no problem what so ever with it.

    You need voice models you say? What are you looking for exactly?

    Radio, other than soldier’s firearm, is probably the most important asset a unit can have. Radio chatter will hopefully be audible and fly about the battlefield. Orders will be given to units via “radio” Airstrikes will be called in by radio, as well as all the general commands, responses, and information which usually flies around between units. If we can work this, (So do not apply now!) we will need male and female voice models, from any ISAF nation to speak in English a set guide of phrases.

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