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Thread: Problem to save a campaign

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    Default Problem to save a campaign

    Hi ! It's me again. An other friend meets a tehcnical problem when he tries to save his campaign beacause he can't. The first time, he has installed the mod in the files Programfiles. Despite he changed, the problem continues to appear.
    He installed Roma Surrectum II here: C:\Roma Surrectum II

    OS: vista pro 32 bits

    The differents files of the game:

    Thank you for your answers !

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    Default Re: Problem to save a campaign

    Do you use auto save?
    If you, don't.
    Use the ESC and save turns regular as possible.
    for two reasons. #1 the RTW engine is buggy at times.
    #2 Sometimes reloading your last save or to your backup will help you.
    Hopefully you installed the game like this if your using RTW 1.5
    Copy of RTW( rename it, like RS2) install installer into RTW not the first folder.

    Check your OS on our download release page.
    Please read carefully.
    When i test a game, i see first if can save it. Don't auto save! Manually.
    ESC, you will find it will be worth it.

    Roma Surrectum Greek/Spartan Researcher/Tester.

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    Default Re: Problem to save a campaign

    It was not the problem. He installed again Roma Surrectum II in C:\ but he can't save any campaigns. Someone have an other idea ?

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    Default Re: Problem to save a campaign

    He may be a corrupted file?!
    I've had experience with downloaded files on Deposit Files that did not install the mod correctly.
    I downloaded the files on another server, Megaupload, and there is no problem.

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