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    Bribes = crash game .What to do?
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    Send error report, and if possible a saved file, a tech will help you ASP.
    Also screen shots, what kind of OS you have, and what engine are you using?
    RTW? BI? Alex? Also do you have steam?
    All this info. is very important.
    Thank you.

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    error message:The application RomeTW-Alex.exe encountered a problem and needs to close. Sorry for the inconvenience.
    I have Windows XP and play on alex engine NO STEM
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    Are you cheating?

    I dont think the game likes cheats

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    I dont use cheats modified descr_star for the money that's all

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    There have been several reports of problems with CTDs after bribing. This is being investigated.

    However, you've modded your game so it's no longer RSII.


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