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Thread: CTD with Sparta/ end turn

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    Default CTD with Sparta/ end turn

    I get a ctd when playing Sparta on Romes turn. The year is 547 AUC. I have no relationship with Rome so have absolutly no idea what is going on in Italy.

    - Windows 7 64bit
    Rome Version:
    - on Alexander
    - C:\The Creative Assembly\Rome - Total War
    Launcher Option:
    - Sparta
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    Default Re: CTD with Sparta/ end turn

    Any error messages?
    Screen shots?
    The techs need this.
    also sometimes, RTW is buggy , that is why i save every 2 or 3 turns.
    And after a large battle.
    It just might be a CA thing. but we will look it over.

    I get it also ,sometimes, that is why i save.

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    Default Re: CTD with Sparta/ end turn

    I get the Alexander stopped working thing, I can post screenshots when you want dont know what it will help with tho. Even after reloading the last saved game, I get the same ctd.

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    Default Re: CTD with Sparta/ end turn

    It's probably best to attach a compressed save game to this thread. Someone may be able to load it and see what's happening. There are some errorless CTDs happening. They've been passed onto the devs.

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    Default Re: CTD with Sparta/ end turn

    here you go
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    Dont judge me on the how many turn have gone past and that I only have 2 regions .

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