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Thread: Small issue with non-phalanx units

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    Default Small issue with non-phalanx units

    Playing as Sparta, I have an issue with my regular hoplites and most other infantry units other than phalanxes, they stop short of where I order them to move, but the officers of the unit go to the correct spot.

    Kind of like this

    x <-officer in correct spot
    x <-officer in correct spot

    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx <-cowardly infantry hiding from enemy

    This happens on pretty much every battle I've been in during the campaign.

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    Default Re: Small issue with non-phalanx units


    - What OS do you use?

    Vista 64 bit

    - What version of RTW do you use?


    - Are you using steam or not?


    - Install path

    Steam folder in program files

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    Default Re: Small issue with non-phalanx units

    In a thread with a similar problem (units spreading all over the place) it has been theorized that this may have something to do with rocks on the strat map, I think this may be a similar cause because of the increase in intensity of the problem when I fight on a heavily forested map.

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