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    ive noticed this mods cavalry department is somehwat lacking, while i dont care too much for cavalry it would be nice to see some Uhlans, lancers if you will.
    German Uhlans:
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    Prussian Guard Uhlans about 1912

    In 1914 the German amry included twenty-six Uhlan regiments, three of which were Guard regiments, twenty-one line and two from the autonomous Royal Bavarian Army (another thing thats missing). All German Uhlan regiments wore Polish style czapkas and tunic with plastron fronts, both in coloured parade uniformsand the field grey service dress introduced in 1910. Because German hussar, dragoon and cuirassier regiments also carried lances in 1914 there was a tendency among their French and British opponents to describe all German cavalry as "uhlans".
    The lance carried by the uhlans (and after 1889 the entire German cavalry branch) consisted of a 318 cm (ten foot and five inch) long tube made of rolled steel-plate, weighing 1.6 kg (three pound and nine ounces). The lance carried below its head a small pennant in differing colours according to the province or state from which the regiment was recruited. The four edged spear-like point of the shaft was 30 cm (12 inches) in length and made of tempered steel. The butt end of the shaft was also pointed so that (in theory) the lance could be wielded as a double ended weapon.
    After seeing mounted action during the early weeks of World War I the Uhlan regiments were either dismounted to serve as "cavalry rifles" in the trenches of the Western Front, or transferred to the Eastern Front where more primitive conditions made it possible for horse cavalry to still play a useful role. Another thing: all cavalry regiments should have rifles and be able to dismount and fire (along with firing while mounted IMO but that would be overkill because the carbines could be made as secondary weapons while laces primary, but there isnt a tertiary for the swords, sorry im rambling )

    Austrian Uhlans
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    There were eleven regiments of uhlans in the Austro-Hungarian cavalry, largely recruited in the Polish speaking parts of the Empire. They wore czapkas in regimental colours but otherwise were dressed in the light blue tunics and red breeches of the Austro-Hungarian dragoons, without Polish features. Their lances were similar in design to those of the German cavalry but had wooden shafts (of ash).
    As with other armies, the Austro-Hungarian Uhlans were forced into a largely dismounted role by the realities of trench warfare by the end of 1914. The blue and red peacetime uniforms were replaced by field grey during 1915. There was however one last opportunity for traditional glory when on 21 August 1914 the uhlans and dragoons of the 4.Kavalleriedivision clashed with their counterparts of the Imperial Russian 10th Cavalry Division in classic cavalry style at the Battle of Jaroslavice.

    Tatar Uhlans - soldiers of Polsih army in 1919

    Russian Uhlans
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    The Russian army had converted its seventeen line Uhlan regiments to dragoons in 1881, but in 1910 they had their traditional lances, titles and uniforms returned to them.

    it was more than just cavalry squadrons

    the czapkas
    British Lancer:
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    Austrian Lancer officers
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    Prussian Uhlan circa 1900:
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    Finally i do wish to reiterate a point i made earlier about dismounting. most cavalry regiments ended up serving as cavalrie a pied, the were fighting on foot mostly, especially in teh reality of trench warfare.

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    Pretty awesome! I love the second picture in the Austrian Lancer Officers, that's a really cool helmet.

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    Default Re: Uhlans

    yea, alot of the european nations still used lancers in wo1 including belgium!

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