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Thread: Missing Cossack Gunners texture

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    Default Missing Cossack Gunners texture


    I am currently starting a Kiev' Rus campaign with the July1.7z RR_RC hotfix. However, I have noticed during custom battle that I seem to be missing the Cossack Gunners texture. I have since completely reinstalled RR_RC and the latest (beta) hotfix, and the problem persists.

    My questions are:

    1) Am I the only one with this problem with the July1.7z hotfix?

    If yes,

    2) Is there a quick fix to this that doesn't include reinstalling (since I already tried this and it ended up with the same result)? Can someone perhaps upload a file that I
    seem to be missing, or such?

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    Default Re: Missing Cossack Gunners texture

    So this is the first time I've ever posted on a forum! Sorry before hand for noobness and bad online etiquette. I see this was posted ages ago but I have the same problem - also playing as Novgorod - and it is incredibly frustrating!!

    Please help me?

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