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Thread: Installing error 21FC

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    Icon1 Installing error 21FC

    When I try to install part two I get an error. Re-installing as per the error message does not work.
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    Default Re: Installing error 21FC

    I have a similar problem with part 1:

    Third Age - Total War 2.0 (Part10f2) has not been totally installed because of the following reason:

    mods\Third_Age\data\ui\northern_european\eventpics\MISSION_DESTROY_RING_FAILED.tga: This file contains invalid data. (error 21FC)

    Reinstalling does not help.

    Another error with Part 2:

    mods\Third_Age\data\fmv\event\Ithilien.bik: This file contains invalid data. (error 11FD)

    Is it possible that there was a problem at downloading the files?
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    Default Re: Installing error 21FC

    I did a new download of the files and it worked. Have to be a problem with download.

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