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Thread: Install Help?

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    Default Install Help?

    When I tried installing the mod, I assumed it went in the "/data" folder. I've had no luck with it, and it's not clear WHERE you need to install it. Or does it just automatically fix the files for vanilla only?

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    Yes, I need help as well. It's quite ridiculous that there is not even one set of instruction or guidance on how to install this mod and it sucks that I wasted a whole day trying to get this to work instead of playing it.

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    Ah. I finally got it. I don't know if this'll help you because I've got the Steam version, but I'll put this up for anyone who might need it.

    1. Direct the UltimateAI installation setup to the medieval 2 folder.
      Generally it's: Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\medieval ii total war
    2. Once it's finished enter the "Properties" menu from the medieval 2 icon in your Steam games library
    3. Click "Set Launch Options..."
    4. Type in: @ultimateAI.cfg

    It's simple but I needed it. Hope this helps.
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    it still didn't work for me. I installed it like you said to, but when I launch it, even when clicking on "UltimateAI Launcher," the game pops up, but there is no option to select the mod from the menu.

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    I installed it in the folder C: ..... / Medieval II Total War, or C: ...... / Medieval II Total War / data?

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    Default Re: Install Help?

    Agreed. A one-line explanation (e.g. install to C:/wherever) would have been nice.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pawnathon View Post
    Agreed. A one-line explanation (e.g. install to C:/wherever) would have been nice.
    So you install it in the Sega MTW2 folder or the Steam MTW2 folder??

    Im with installation so may need help

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