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Thread: Display / graphic issues in NTW

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    Default Display / graphic issues in NTW

    Hello all,

    Briefly, this is my issue. I bought NTW today (late to the party) and got everything up and running. When I load the battle map everything looks great, except for the fact that my user interface and map keep blinking constantly which, you can imagine, is a severe distraction. So I tinker with my settings (very high settings) and my resolution.

    When I elect to sample a new resolution, the map reloads, and the problem is gone, whether I keep a new resolution or go back to the previous one. Problem solved? no. The next time I go into a battle, the problem persists. I change resolution, etc, problem solved again. This I could live with if I had to. The problem is I can't change my settings at the start of an online match which, again, is extremely annoying.

    Is this a compatibility issue with my hardware? Is there a patch I missed to remedy this? I'm simply lost, as I'm oblivious to tech issues. In fact I'll post my hardware (which my friend built just a week ago) if that will help.

    i7-930 quad core
    X58A-UD3R motherboard
    Radeon 5670 1gb gddr5 vid card
    6gb ddr3 Crucial memory
    Monitor: View Sonic 2323wm

    Any help is greatly appreciated.


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    Default Re: Display / graphic issues in NTW

    This is vanilla NTW, btw. No DLC added.

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    Default Re: Display / graphic issues in NTW

    For future reference, technical questions should go into the 'Technical Help' sub-forum. Never heard of your specific issue, but I would suggest updating your video drivers. The latest drivers for your card are the Catalyst 10.6 drivers, which can be obtained at NTW is by default automatically updated when you log onto Steam (if there are any updates available), so it's unlikely that you've missed a patch for the game.

    Are you only running into issues with NTW? No other games are exhibiting any problems? Also, if you alt+tab out of the game then tab back in, does that 'correct' the problem as well?

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    Default Re: Display / graphic issues in NTW

    (Sub-Off Topic) Is it on steam? latest update?

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