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    The Cavalry of the Napoleonic Guards

    Archive of photos from an exhibition of EuroMilitaire. A tin miniature - full images of soldiers of different epoch: from antiquity till our time.

    Bardin reglement French army in 1812 year

    Polish troops of Napoleon

    Elite cavalry of Napoleon. The French cavalry of Napoleon. Horse the huntsman, mameluks, dragoons of Empress, horse grenadiers. Tablets from Russello -- a classical masterpiece battle schedules of 19-century. Any book about uniforms a napoleonic epoch today does not leave without reproductions of figures of the remarkable French artist who has embodied images the soldier of Great Army.

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    There are a few photographs of actual soldiers from Napoleon's army available, such as these.

    Fourier Burg, who Served 1809-1815, Photographed 1858.

    Sergent Taria, who Served 1809-1815, Photographed 1858.

    These photo's give a much more accurate image of what a Napoleonic soldier looked like in uniform.

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    Too bad the camera wasn't invented 50 years earlier, cause then we could probably see pictures of complete regiments or pictures over a battlefield!

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    My best napoleonic books. Hourtoille, please. Canpagne in France 1814.

    Very good issue! More books here to see

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    Napoleon and his Guard. Histoire et Collection. Volume 1 and 2

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