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Thread: [SANGUO AAR] - Three Kingdoms(RTW Mod)

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    Default [SANGUO AAR] - Three Kingdoms(RTW Mod)

    This is my first AAR, but I've been playing RTW for a couple years. This is an AAR about the Period of the Three Kingdoms in China, after the collapse of the Han Dynasty. It is fairly realistic, and is based on both historical accounts, and the infamous(to chinese) novel of the same name. So here are some images at the beginning of the campaign, set in China.


    After the yellow turban of heaven, many people felt that the mandate of heaven had left the imperial family in Chang'an. Civil war had broken out, with many of the warlords allying against Dong Zhuo who had occupied the capital city. However, because of bad leadership and disagreements, the coalition did not have any success. However, Lu Bu, the trusted lieutenant of Dong Zhuo, betrayed his master in a stunning act of treachery. Now the coalition fragmented, and the various factions sought to reunite china.

    Cao Cao rescued the emperor and created a new court in Xuchang. Now, with the mandate of heaven, he will seek to conquer all of china in the name of the emperor.

    The picture above shows the territory of Wei (my faction) at the beginning of 194AD. The red circle is the capital city, and the blue circle is the army my faction leader is in.

    The next pic is info about the faction leader, in case you want to know more.

    And finally, the victory conditions. Note that I have 51 family members already! I have to control 100 provinces - basically reunite china from the steppes of the north to the coastal south.

    tell me what you feel.

    Note: there are 12 turns a year. The people who made this mod made it that way, and I like it too.
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    Default Re: [SANGUO AAR] - Three Kingdoms(RTW Mod)

    Interesting overview, I've never heard of that mod. Very cool looking though.

    So you're going with a gameplay style aar?

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    Default The First Battle

    I quickly gathered my armies, pulling out all the garrisons. I advanced on Tao Qian in the east, whom I was already at war with. I wanted to deal with him before he could build up.
    So, in no time at all, I had my first battle:

    pretty even, except for the fact that his reinforcements had an iffy chance of getting to the battle on time. I also had calvary, where he had none. I also had more archers, where he had more heavy melee infantry:

    I rushed into the battle really quickly, just thinking of taking advantage of my calvary in some way. Around three to four minutes into the battle, it looked like this:

    1: my archers were being chased by the enemy infantry, so I tried to circle around the chasers and shoot them from behind.
    2. as part of one, my four units of light infantry charged the heavy infantry to stall them for a while.
    3. One of my generals and one or two units of light infantry circled around the two enemy heavy infantry units while chasing archers, enveloping them.

    My other general was chasing and harassing the enemy archers and light infantry, keeping them at bay. The enemy reinforcements have also arrived.

    In the center, I finally got my archers to circle around. They are fighting enemies both in front of and behind them, and are now also facing four units of archers shooting at them from behind:

    After that, the enemy line collapsed and I won the battle. The reinforcements arrived, but fled just as quickly:

    My generals did the heavy lifting:
    One of my general's bodyguard units was down to 5 men.


    I should've been more careful with my light infantry, and while I won the battle handily, the light infantry took bad casualties. that will be fixed once I get some better infantry trained.
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    Default Re: [SANGUO AAR] - Three Kingdoms(RTW Mod)

    yeah, since everyone likes pictures. Also, I don't know enough about the characters or history of that time period to write in a "role playing" style.

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    Default Re: [SANGUO AAR] - Three Kingdoms(RTW Mod)

    This is a good mod but Overwrites BI, in other words it's not mod foldered. It also gave me a Virus Warning so I got rid of it just on case. Good AAR as well
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    Default Re: [SANGUO AAR] - Three Kingdoms(RTW Mod)

    Yeah, I know. but I made sure to have a separate install of VanillaRTW + BI + alex in a different folder.

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    Default Re: [SANGUO AAR] - Three Kingdoms(RTW Mod)

    Darn I never though of that. Oh well busy modding and playing Napoleon Total War anyways.

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    Default Continuing..

    also I took a shot of the loading screen. The mod has chinese quotes from confucius, Mencius, Analects, sun tzu, etc.

    So after that battle, I besieged Xiaopei. Then, I moved my next army to attack the armies defending Pencheng:

    This time I had the upper hand, outpowering him 3:2 :

    He had more elite units:

    However, I would be able to greatly out-maneuver him.

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    Default Re: [SANGUO AAR] - Three Kingdoms(RTW Mod)

    yeah I just copied after the vanilla and 2 x-packs installed. I did the same thing for europa barbarorum, RTR, and Zhanguo(waring states period)

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    Default Next battle(s) : Pengcheng

    My general charged the archers, to clear the way for my archers and light infantry, at (1.)

    Actually, this was a very hard battle, and I only won it though micromanaging my archers, and having the enemy run around in circles being shot at. The elite enemy units massacred scores of my light infantry - I could not find anything to hold the enemy line in place so I had a hard time flanking them.

    the useless light infantry:

    they didn't even gain any experience!!!

    That army was now in no shape to confront the other army still guarding pengcheng. I moved my other armies towards their capital.

    I spent my money on nation-wide markets/roads
    end turn...
    They counterattacked, I retreated, and then they also retreated.
    next turn, I had 5.7K gold, and I spent it on getting more heavy infantry units.

    I moved my armies eastward, and beseiged pengcheng. I sent my depleted army to be retrained
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    Default Re: [SANGUO AAR] - Three Kingdoms(RTW Mod)

    I assault Xiaopei

    and I take it

    but then my neighbor attacks me:

    My plan was to pin the enemy with my light infantry, and then circle around the archers o shoot from behind. My archers were hidden, but my light infantry collapsed too quickly. So I lost the battle...

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    Default Re: [SANGUO AAR] - Three Kingdoms(RTW Mod)

    I want that mod. NOW. Is it hosted here in TWC?
    Do check my AAR "The Proud Blood of Germania"
    Formerly known as JerichoOnlyFan.
    And my other AAR: "The Black Serpent"

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    Default Re: [SANGUO AAR] - Three Kingdoms(RTW Mod)

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    Default Re: [SANGUO AAR] - Three Kingdoms(RTW Mod)

    I have to try that mod... +rep chyou
    Optio, Legio I Latina

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    Default Re: [SANGUO AAR] - Three Kingdoms(RTW Mod)

    please delete, double post.
    Optio, Legio I Latina

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    Default Re: [SANGUO AAR] - Three Kingdoms(RTW Mod)

    that defeat was disastrous, but I kept pressing on. I captured Pengcheng:

    - that's the great warlord

    heavy infantry and heavy general calvary would charge in and overwhelm the defenders with sheer power and numbers:

    and I won:

    Tao Qian then attacked me with a relief army at XuZhou, where I was besieging his capital:

    The battle would've been epic, but his main army didn't arrived on time, and so I massacred his vanguard:

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    Default Battles with LuBu - 1

    I maneuvered my calvary-heavy army as to be able to attack with it.
    Very simple - charge and overrun the enemy:

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    Default Re: [SANGUO AAR] - Three Kingdoms(RTW Mod)

    Very good. I might have to re download the mod some time.

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    Default Elimination of Tao Qian

    The purple faction is eventually going to attack me, but I'm not sure when.
    You can see some of my reinforcements streaming towards the front.

    At Xuzhou, Tao Qian is again trying to break the siege, but the main army doesn't arrive, and the 1-unit vanguard is massacred by hundreds of archers:

    heavy crossfire:

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    Default Capture of Langya

    The enemy's noble last stand was crushed.

    Next, I attacked Lu Bu's army, but it retreated:

    I won the battle, but with equal losses:

    Reinforcements continue to stream in:
    They attempt to relieve the siege, but it fails:

    their main army never got there

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