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    I just found out that the starting French spy in NTW, Charles Schulmeister, was a real person!! I never expect CA to put too much research into spies, because it's much harder to find.
    A short biography:
    Karl Ludwig Schulmeister (17701853) (also known as Carl Schulmeister or Charles Louis Schulmeister) was an Austrian double agent for France during the reign of Napoleon I.
    Schulmeister was born in Baden and raised as a shepherd. His father was a Lutheran minister. Later in life he became a businessman and smuggler and drifted into trading information as well as goods. He was a spy for the Austrian Empire and the Holy Alliance, but was recruited by General Savary to spy for France. His information led to the French capture of Louis-Antoine-Henri de Bourbon and also contributed to the victory at Austerlitz. Schulmeister also acted as a General in Napoleon's army, undertook espionage missions that took him into England and Ireland, and was appointed commissioner of police for Vienna during Napoleon's second occupation in 1809. At the peak of his career, he was director of the French Secret Service, but he ended life as a modest tobacconist in Strasbourg after the Hundred Days ended Napoleon's rule.-Wikipedia
    And his traits also fit his character: double-agent and Infiltrator.

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    Suspect he's there as Schulmeister is mentioned in Elting's Swords Around a Throne - which should be pretty high in anyones Napoleonic reading list.

    Or alternatively they may just have googled 'French Spy Napoleonic' which brings up this

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