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Thread: Shooting range for medieval siege weapons. Anybody knows?

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    Default Shooting range for medieval siege weapons. Anybody knows?

    Hello everybody, I have a question and I would be very happy if someone could help me. I am actually changing the shooting range for the M2TW Stainless Steel 6.2 mod siege units in order to make them as much real as possible. What I want to know is what is the maximum shooting range for medieval Trebuchet, Catapult, Ballista and Mangonel according to the medieval descriptions. Maybe someone from the forum who knows well history could help me with this. Thank you very much in advance.

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    Default Re: Shooting range for medieval siege weapons. Anybody knows?

    my sources are on the Chinese side so it's probably not too reliable for medieval European purpose, but...

    Ballista (though this was referrnig to the tri bow ballista ) , roughly 800 m . very long range, out ranged just about everything pre gunpowder.

    Trebuchet (traction) , depends on the size and how many men is pulling, though generally not very impressive, best is probably something like 200+ meters, small portable versions sometimes only have the range of some 50-100m . (but they can be carried around and operated by something like a 4-8 man crew.)

    Trebuchet (counterweight) , medieval sources tend to suggest that they have an average range of some 300+ meter or so i believe, though can go upwards into the 400s .

    I do wonder how they operate those things though, I mean the numbers we get here for the trebuchets are obviously around or lower than longer ranged bows. (at least in arc shots) I could see how it could be done for counter weight Trebuchets... but for tractions onces it would be tough ... since those require a lot of men pulling from the front .

    Modern replicas of Onagers and Catapults also have something like 300-400 M .

    though the key point is that good large Trebuchets take a large amount of material and time to construct relative to their torsion counterpart, the Torsion weapons tend to fire in a higher arc which is the reason that they can match or even top the Trebuchet's range (which tend to fire in a straiter line, giving it's projectile higher speed) . also, catapults and onagers achieve their longer range using relatively smaller projectiles, where as counterweight Trebs can still maintain that range with heavier projectiles by adjusting the weights (as long as their structure can hold anyway).
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