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Thread: "Napoleon" (dvd)

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    Icon7 "Napoleon" (dvd)

    Small extract:
    (Austerlitz's battle)
    I highly recommand it, if you havent seen it. It covers Napoléons career from the révolution to its death.
    Available in dvd everywhere in the world I guess.

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    Napoléon meets Joséphine:
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    It's a great series, I thuroughly enjoyed it when it was on A&E and I still do several years later, I would recommend it to any Napoleonic enthusiast.

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    I remember this one.
    Besides the fact that the Russians are always in the wrong uniforms, I found Murat's glue-on sideburns highly amusing.

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    I know a little bit about the creation of this movie, and I must say I am appaled that even the French themselves are not able/willing to do their own army of the period correctly.

    National museum level experts offered to advice/instruct on uniform and drill matters, but after initial talks were turned away with the message "we got some instructors from the modern french army to do it" (and lord, does it show).

    Murat dressed in what looks like a generic theatre hussar private costume, etc etc.

    Decent depiction of Napoleons private life, and perhaps his character though. But they should just have dropped doing any battles or military scenes at all, and stuck to that, since they apparently didn't have either the money or will to do it right.

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    Saw it on TV. It's a good film. Take it
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    Ah yes, I remember this miniseries. Was lucky enough to catch the last three episodes a while ago. I have to say, other than having to endure Christian Clavier's face, I really liked it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Selahedîn View Post
    other than having to endure Christian Clavier's face
    After Les Visiteurs, it's true that seeing him as Napoléon can be quite shocking
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